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likuliku lagoon resort
Have you ever dreamt about swooping in by helicopter to a romantic South Pacific island hideaway? To a place where the sunsets pop out of the sky in technicolour splendour and the lagoon is so blue it looks better than the brochure? Well, get on a Fiji Airways flight...
Tonga Whale Swim
“Get in, get in, get in, NOW!” Michael cried as pandemonium ensued on board our little seven-metre whale spotting boat. Fins, snorkels and bums went everywhere. Some over the sides, some over the back. This was not the time for an elegant water entry. We had to get in...
Munda is our destination, the largest settlement on the island of New Georgia in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. And a top Solomon Islands diving spot. Solomon Airlines joyrideThe flight from Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands, can easily be classified as a joyride.Solomon Airlines’...
norfolk island
The sea shimmers over a rainbow-coloured reef; tufts of cotton-candy clouds drift across the bright blue sky. Plunging cliffs and soaring Norfolk pines hug the rugged coastline. 1600km of ocean separates Australia from Norfolk Island and although it is not that far in physical distance, a Norfolk Island holiday...
solomon islands people at Fatboys
I am going to break protocol and let you in an email exchange between two professional travel writers with years of experience and travel between them commenting on a photo of reef fishing: ‘Gold! Where was this?’ travel writer 1 asks. ‘Just near Munda on the Vona Vona Lagoon,...
solomon islands
From my hammock at Fatboys Resort in the Solomon Islands, I watch a rainbow forming over the turquoise waters where one of my friends is engaging in a solitary paddle over the reef. Fatboys’ name was inspired by Charles Dickens’ ‘Joe’ (The Pickwick Papers), the ‘fat boy’ who consumes...


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