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El Calafate Perito Moreno Glacier
Patagonia is a land of epic natural wonder at the end of the world. Sprawled across a giant region straddling Chile and Argentina, at the southernmost tip of South America, it’s a maze of peaks, glaciers and fjords that will make you fall in love with the outdoors all...
santiago chile at dusk with Andes in the background
Santiago's greatest asset is its perfect location, with ski slopes to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and wineries in every direction. As one of the safest cities in South America to visit, Santiago is a great place to start exploring this part of the world.  Chile's vibrant...
Patagonia cruise on Stella Australia.
The sky changes from violet to black, as it swallows the Martial mountain range. At the start of our Patagonia cruise, Ushuaia’s lights are dots in the distance, as our ship, Stella Australis, cruises over Ushuaia Bay. As we power towards the Beagle Channel, up on deck, I shiver but...

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