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places to go in amsterdam at night spiral roofs of the waag
Amsterdam is the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, famous for its canals, history and other cultural aspects. You will find many incredible things to do in Amsterdam throughout the day, but the city comes alive, and it's much more beautiful in Amsterdam at night. So make sure to go outside...
landmarks in netherlands
Known for its intertwining canals, mostly flat landscape, stunning fields of colourful tulips and of course, windmills, The Netherlands is an incredible country to visit. From its bustling, trendy capital Amsterdam boasting a history filled with artists, to Rotterdam, with its stunning modern architecture, The Netherlands is a fascinating...
best free things to do in amsterdam
Amsterdam is more than just stunning canals, cobblestone streets and quirky houses. It's a place that has something for all types of travellers. Whether you love adventure, budget, luxury or cultural travel, there are a ton of attractions and plenty of free things to do in Amsterdam too. This...

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