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Austria is small and beautiful, with alpine scenery, the world’s best museums and cobblestone streets. Think Sound of Music and Wiener schnitzel. The former capital of one of Europe’s grandest empires, home of Mozart, culture and good food.

20 Famous Landmarks In Austria

Austria is the land of snow, world-famous composers, alpine ski slopes and strudel. For many years, Austria has typically been a go-to location for...

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A Danube river cruise is a relaxing way to enjoy the charms of Europe. You can leave behind the seasick bags, crumpled maps and...

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As a centre for culture, there is no doubt that Vienna’s impressive credentials deliver a rich variety of amazing things to do in Vienna....

Living in Vienna Austria – a regal city

I met a pretty girl at a bus-stop on Oxford Street. We spent 24 hours together, then she flew home to Vienna, and I...

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