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Did you know that the Earth’s largest continent is Asia? It’s also the continent with the largest population and enormous growth. Many say that the 21st century is the century of Asian growth. Indeed, many countries in Asia are breaking out of its shell and is developing at a rapid rate.

Asian destinations we cover include both Northern Asia, especially Japan, China (especially Macao, which is a Special Administrative Region of China) and South Korea. Some of our favourite spots are in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Where is Asia?

Asia’s footprint extends to the Eastern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere. Asia shares part of its landmass with Europe and Africa. The Pacific Ocean is to the east while the Indian Ocean makes up the southern boundary of Asia and the Arctic Ocean is the northern boundary.

How large is Asia?

44,579,000 sqkm (17,212,000 sq mi) is the size of Asia. This continent covers around one-third of the Earth’s area on land. Asia has the largest population on earth of all the continents and is home to many ancient civilisations.

What are the largest countries in Asia?

The two largest countries in Asia are China and India. Both have many amazing places to explore. Historically, the main trading route in Asia was The Silk Road while the major sea route was the Straits of Malacca.

best time to visit in summer in india young hindu couple on their wedding day
India is a peninsula with remarkably different climates. South India is flanked by the Arabian Sea to the west, the Bay of Bengal to the east and the Indian Ocean in the south. Southern India has a more tropical climate, while Northern India has more pronounced winters. The Himalayan...
bandipur national park india
India has some of the world's most scenic and diverse national parks, from the Hemis and Valley of Flowers in the north to the Namdapha in the East, Ranthambore and Gir in the west to the Periyar in the south. These national parks in India safeguard the natural habitats...
thai alcoholic drinks Couple celebration in restaurant with soft drink beer and mai tai or mai thai
Thailand is famous for its spicy food, energetic Bangkok nightlife, and picturesque beaches and villages. Millions of visitors flock to this Southeast Asian nation every year to soak up its unique culture and vibrant atmosphere. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand has so much to wow visitors around every...
two day trips from seoul at night
Seoul is usually the starting point for most visitors to South Korea, but many people never venture beyond the city. There are good reasons to travel beyond Seoul to see the provinces and other parts of the country. Fortunately, there are many places you can visit on a day...
beaches India Indian woman in red sari holding a red scarf above her head on the beach
India is a land of beaches. It has over 7500 kilometres of sun-soaked coastline lined with many beautiful, lively and unique beaches. Being a tropical country, all the beaches in India have a moderate to cool climate throughout the year, and the water is never too cold for a...
Indian drinks
When you're travelling through India, the two things you'll experience as soon as you land are the food and the weather. India mainly has three seasons – summer, monsoon season and winter. And every season has food and drinks that match the weather. There are drinks for every climate and...

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