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Did you know that the Earth’s largest continent is Asia? It’s also the continent with the largest population and enormous growth. Many say that the 21st century is the century of Asian growth. Indeed, many countries in Asia are breaking out of its shell and is developing at a rapid rate.

Asian destinations we cover include both Northern Asia, especially Japan, China (especially Macao, which is a Special Administrative Region of China) and South Korea. Some of our favourite spots are in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Where is Asia?

Asia’s footprint extends to the Eastern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere. Asia shares part of its landmass with Europe and Africa. The Pacific Ocean is to the east while the Indian Ocean makes up the southern boundary of Asia and the Arctic Ocean is the northern boundary.

How large is Asia?

44,579,000 sqkm (17,212,000 sq mi) is the size of Asia. This continent covers around one-third of the Earth’s area on land. Asia has the largest population on earth of all the continents and is home to many ancient civilisations.

What are the largest countries in Asia?

The two largest countries in Asia are China and India. Both have many amazing places to explore. Historically, the main trading route in Asia was The Silk Road while the major sea route was the Straits of Malacca.

Wat Phra Singh Temple In Chiang Mai
Welcome to the heart of Northern Thailand, a place that has stolen my own heart each and every time I've visited. The city of Chiang Mai sits nestled among the luscious jungle of the North, offering visitors a variety of experiences and landscapes right on their doorstep. It really...
Happy family tourists on the background of Nha Trang city. Travel to Vietnam with kids.
Nha Trang is one of Vietnam’s most vibrant coastal resort cities. Sitting on the southeastern coast, the city has become a hugely popular holiday destination for Vietnamese locals and international tourists. It is now packed with luxury hotels, shopping centres, casinos and attractions. Nha Trang also has stunning beaches...
balinese beach resorts
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Downtown Kuala Lumpur Skyline At Twilight

20 Cities in Malaysia

Blending progress and tradition, you'll find skyscrapers and historic buildings side by side in Malaysia. Although Malaysia shares a border with Thailand and Indonesia, it has a unique British legacy that has influenced its architecture, language, culture and legal system. It might surprise you to discover that this Southeast...
Man Standing In Meditation, Yoga On Rock At Waterfall
Bali is chock full of excitement for all age groups and there really is something for everyone. You can spend your trip there enjoying the pristine beaches and plethora of water activities, or go on adventures of exploration and discovery. Maybe you prefer to have a more relaxed and...
Aerial View Of The Resort Coast Of Vietnam, Phu Quoc
When people visit Vietnam, they often start in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, working their way up or down the country without visiting some of its lesser-known gems. Phu Quoc lies off Vietnam’s southern coast, so far over that it’s underneath Cambodia, meaning many don’t make the effort to visit. However,...

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