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Philippines Travel Guide and Philippines Travel Tips from where to go in the Philippines to history, culture, what to eat and where to stay.

Guyam Island Siargao is the last stop on this Philippines itinerary
The Philippines is an incredibly beautiful country and a tropical paradise in Southeast Asia with amazing beaches, stunning coastlines, islands, lagoons and coral reefs. With a huge selection of surfing spots, diving areas and tropical rain forests, planning a Philippines itinerary to an undiscovered paradise is not a simple...
philippine airlines business class
Philippine Airlines Business Class may not be as luxurious as on some other carriers but it is cheaper and offers very competitive value. With six new Airbus A321neo aircraft, consider these good reasons to fly with PAL.  Philippine Airlines Business Class Philippine Airlines (PAL) PR211 Manila to Sydney Philippine Airlines Aircraft New Airbus...
Manila may not be as well-known as Bangkok, KL or Singapore but there's no doubt the capital of the Philippines is a vibrant metropolis. With fantastic shopping and nightlife, and a treasure trove of Spanish history to discover there are plenty of things to do in Manila to keep...
bella rocca resort
The Philippines is a beautiful country, with plenty of islands and beaches. Yet, most visitors to Asia flock to Thailand and Bali. Beyond tackling popular things to do in Manila, the popular beaches in the Philippines are not that well known. This means, there are lots of undiscovered places,...

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