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makapipi fals maui

20 Maui Waterfalls

Maui is abundant with stunning waterfalls due to its geography and climate. The waterfalls on Maui are in the East and Upcountry regions of...

20 Towns and Cities in Wyoming

Wyoming is known for its stunning ecological beauty and is home to many of the United States’ most iconic national parks and natural attractions....
girl wearing blue mask and snorkel in the water

Best Snorkeling In Florida

Being a peninsula, Florida has 1,350 miles (2172 km) of coastline with beautiful beaches, natural springs, rivers, lakes and bays. The Sunshine State is...
aerial view of Queenstown at sunset

20 Towns and Cities in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for lush green forests, beautiful beaches, lord of the rings, and the flightless Kiwi bird, but another side to the...
Luzern riverfront and rooftops

20 Towns And Cities In Switzerland

Switzerland has many incredibly beautiful cities and towns in mountainous and alpine surroundings. Many of these Swiss cities and towns also benefit from being...
aerial view of Helena

20 Towns and Cities in Montana

Montana is famous for its stunning natural beauty as the state includes Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, two of the best outdoor...

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20 Fairytale Castles In Wales

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