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Mention the world island and most people immediately think of beaches, trees and a relaxing holiday. The best tropical island? Hmm, maybe that’s somewhere in French Polynesia or the South Pacific?

You’ll have to admit that most of us have a fascination with islands. Just looking at aerial photos of a mass of land surrounded by the ocean makes us want to pack our bags and go on a holiday.

We cover islands around the world and have visited hundreds of islands. From tropical islands of the South Pacific and the Caribbean to ecotourism islands in the Americas and Oceania. There are luxury islands, small islands, massive islands and regions with thousands of tiny islands. The world is full of amazing islands to visit.

For a luxurious treat, try sleeping in an overwater bungalow in French Polynesia or Fiji. Our favourite kind of island is a tropical one and the best tropical island is pretty tough to pick.

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