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Murwillumbah is that town with a funny name. The name might be a tongue twister, but you’ll always remember it, not just for its distinctive name but for the place and the people.

Located in far north-eastern New South Wales, on the Tweed River, Murwillumbah is closer to Brisbane than it is to Sydney. Murwillumbah is 848km from Sydney and only 132km from Brisbane! The Queensland border is only 13km away.

A popular destination in the Tweed region of NSW, Murwillumbah’s hippy background makes it an attractive destination for those looking to chill out.

Pair Murwillumbah with a stay in Byron Bay and you have a perfect Australian coastal getaway.

This charming country town sits on the banks of the Tweed River in the crater of an extinct volcano. The land is fertile for farming and covered in rainforests.

A great time to visit the Tweed region is during the Tweedie Foodie Fest and Foodie Friday Food Trail. Any other time of the year, just pop into the Murwillumbah Farmers Market to sample produce from the region’s farms.

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