Andy Yee

Andy Yee


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Andy Yee

The Design Photographer

I’m a freelance travel, design and event photographer based in Sydney.

My design photography has been featured in Habitus, Broadsheet and Design Quarterly. I’ve worked with some of Australia’s most talented industrial and interior designers as well as the Design Institute of Australia.

My work has taken me on assignment to festivals, such as Clockenflap, which is Hong Kong’s music and arts festival.

As a traveller I became tired of the poor postcard selections from the amazing places I was visiting. So I decided to get a bit more serious about my photography along the way.

I believe my role as a photographer is to engage, educate and entertain an audience.

I’m comfortable capturing sunrises and landscapes as much as people and events. My goal is to positively influence people’s perceptions of the world through capturing beautiful landscapes, design and the harmony between people of different cultures.

I love to travel because the experiences on the road push me to grow. And the challenges and humbling experiences make me thankful of home.

I recently participated in a fundraiser to help the aged in Cambodia using some of my images photographed during a trip to that country. Using my photography to promote awareness and to assist those in need is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

When I’m not behind the lens, I’m a cyclist who loves coffee, a former DJ who will never get rid of his old vinyl, and a Tennessee Titans fan who hopes his team will get their act together one day.

I recently visited Cuba and spent six weeks on a road trip driving across the USA. It was an adventure with a starting point and an end destination.

See my photography portfolio at and follow my travel updates on social media.


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