15 Incredible Things to do in Rome at Night

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome has no shortage of amazing sites and places to visit. We tend to plan our vacations and travels around daytime activities but, when you think about it, we spend nearly the same amount of time exploring during the nighttime. The good news is that there are plenty of things to do in Rome at night

Rome is a magical city that transforms itself when the sun goes down and it is truly something one should experience. We have compiled this list of wonderful things to do in Rome at night to help you plan your evenings in the precious city of Rome.


15 Things To Do In Rome At Night

1- Take an After-Hours Tour of the Colosseum

things to do in rome at night
A tour of the Colosseum is a wonderful thing to do in Rome at night.

One of the famous landmarks in Italy, this massive stone amphitheatre is awe-inspiring and rich in history and is undoubtedly a must-see when visiting Rome.

Did you know that you can book a specialised after-hours tour to experience the Colosseum under the night sky, with no crowds and no heat?

These specialised access tours provide evening admission to elite areas usually closed to the public.

Visit the Colosseum underground, walk the arena floor and admire the majestic beauty of this structural masterpiece.

You will see where animals and gladiators awaited their turn to battle.

The tours also include your very own gladiator moment, where you will get to step out onto the arena floor.

This is an intimate and authentic way to experience this famous ruin.

2- Visit the Trevi Fountain

what to do in rome at night
One of the classic things to do in Rome at night is to visit the Trevi Fountain.

The Trevi Fountain is the most famous and celebrated in Rome, maybe even in the world.

This iconic city symbol is incredibly popular and draws an estimated 1,200 visitors to its site every hour.

From sunrise to well past midnight, the area is packed with people trying to snap a photo or toss their coin into the fountain.

It is a bit less busy during the evening but no less impactful, and some visitors might even argue that it’s more beautiful at this time.

The evening glow, combined with the lighting effects of the fountain itself combines to create a romantic atmosphere.

An evening at the Trevi Fountain will leave you with amazing photos and memories.

3- Rome Catacomb Tour

Discovering the underground mysteries of Rome in the nighttime adds another dimension to the experience itself.

From the catacombs to bone chapels and ancient shrines these are hidden secrets you don’t want to miss.

By booking your tour in the evening, you will gain after-hours access and again avoid the crowds.

The catacombs themselves is incredibly magnified during the night.

You will descend through the layers of San Clemente Basilica, a church built on top of three ancient churches.

These catacombs are located six stories beneath the ground at points and they once held the remains of martyrs and saints.

You can expect this personal and mysterious tour to be not only informative but impactful.

4- Attend a Football Game at Olympic Stadium

This stadium is currently home to the Lazio and Roma football clubs and is primarily used for association football.

It’s the most significant sports facility in Rome and has an electrifying atmosphere, especially during an evening game.

It is also used by the national rugby team, as an athletics stadium and occasionally hosts concerts and events.

The original construction of the stadium began in 1927 and throughout its history, it has undergone multiple renovations.

It is a stadium rich in history and has hosted many famous and monumental events over the years.

If you decide to spend an evening enjoying a football match, get your tickets well in advance.

The games often sell out early as football is a national obsession in Italy.

5- Take a Guided Segway Tour

rome at night things to do
When exploring Rome at night, one of the places to see is the Spanish Steps.

There are so many stunning sights to see in Rome that taking a Segway tour and doing it in the evening is one of the best ways to take it all in.

The monuments are spread out around the city and the Segway makes it quick to navigate from one to the next.

The city truly transforms itself in the evening and offers a festive, romantic and magical atmosphere.

Segway tours include stops at the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon all while avoiding a crowded tour bus and long lines.

You’ll cover more ground than exploring the same route on foot.

The other main draw to this excursion is that the Segways are just plain fun, so during your time in Rome consider an evening Segway tour as you are sure to enjoy yourself.

6- Enjoy an Aperitivo in the Trastevere District

The Trastevere district is one of the most vibrant and lively nightlife areas of Rome.

Located right beside the Tiber River and just south of Vatican City, it has always been considered the spot to be by locals and tourists alike.

The district features narrow cobblestone streets and is filled with endless bars, restaurants and shops.

It is customary for Italians to enjoy an aperitivo to unwind from their workday with friends.

The classic beverage for an aperitivo is the spritz which combines liqueurs like Aperol or Campari with club soda.

The Trastevere district is fabulous during the warmer months when food and drinks can be enjoyed outdoors, but it is still a bustling scene year-round.

7- Take a Big Bus Night Tour

If you want to cruise around Rome at night and take in the sights, then a bus tour is definitely the way to do it.

These journeys will take you to significant landmarks including the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia and the Vatican.

You can check all the major monuments off your list without even getting out of your seat.

The tours also include commentary so you will be able to experience the rich history at the same time fully.

The city is magical in the evening, and you will be able to snap your photos without issue.

Going on a tour in a bus is an especially good way to soak up the atmosphere if you find yourself with limited time in Rome.

8- After-Hours Tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Want to experience the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel more peacefully and intimately?

An after-hours guided tour offers a more customised and enjoyable experience where you can take it all in.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the best of the museums, from the Sistine Chapel to the Raphael Room by visiting at night.

These tours are led by expert guides who share the Church’s fascinating history with you.

You will be able to get up close and personal with ancient sculptures, Renaissance art and world-famous pieces!

This evening tour is highly recommended if you are looking for a hassle-free and peaceful way to enjoy the Vatican. Skip the lines and book your tickets to the Vatican here.

9- Dinner Cruise on the Tiber River

things to do rome at night
Seeing the Vatican is one of the enchanting things to do in Rome at night.

If you want to spend an exquisite and relaxing evening wining and dining yourself, then a luxurious dinner cruise on the Tiber River is a must.

Most cruises run for about two and a half hours and allow you to admire the magnificent views of Rome during the twilight and evening hours.

The sights and monuments of Rome are impressive from any angle, but it is something special to see them from the water.

The cruises typically include a 4-course Italian meal which is accompanied by live music. Enjoy a cocktail and some after-dinner dancing before disembarking to end your evening.

10- Attend an Evening Concert at All Saints Church

All Saints Church is a gothic cathedral located between the Piazza del Popolo and the Piazza di Spagna.

Here you can enjoy classical concerts performed by international ensembles.

The acoustics of the Church draw some of the world’s most renowned talent, so you have a great chance to witness something extraordinary here.

Past performers include the Filarmonica d’Opera di Roma, The Three Tenors and various other opera events.

Attending an evening concert is a beautiful and authentic way to enjoy the arts and culture during an evening in Rome.

11- Enjoy a Romantic Italian Dinner

The architecture, mood and unique charm of Rome make it one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Italian cuisine is also amongst the best on the planet and what better way to enjoy delicious Italian food than in the magical city of Rome with your loved one.

There are honestly so many quality restaurants in Rome that choosing one can be difficult, but it also assures you that whatever place you are attracted to is sure to deliver.

Evening stars, candlelight and wine all add to the atmosphere making dinner in Rome truly unforgettable.

If you love Italian food, another city to visit is Turin, where the slow food movement was born.

12- Summer Festival of Lungo Il Tevere

The Festival of Lungo II Tevere is a famous summer-long festival that takes place on the banks of the Tiber River and is well-attended by families and young people.

It includes live music, bars, exhibitions, craft stalls, sports activities, film screenings and more.

The festival typically runs from the first Friday in June through to 1 September.

Each evening usually kicks off at about 5 pm with theatre and dance performances generally starting around 9 pm.

The Tiber River turns into a river of culture during this festival, so if you are in Rome during this time, you must explore Lungo Il Tevere.

13- Hit Up Rome’s Rooftop Bars

An evening spent doing aperitivo and dinner in Rome is not something to be skipped.

Rome’s rooftop bars are the perfect place to start your night enjoying a glass of prosecco and soaking up the panoramic views of the city.

This is an especially fantastic experience if you can get up there for sunset during the summer months.

You will find an assortment of vibes offered by Rome’s rooftop establishments.

With everything from elegant, to funky, modern and rustic, there is a place that caters to everyone.

14- Enjoy a Gelato in Piazza Navona

things to do in rome at night piazza navona
Wandering around Piazza Navona is another fun thing to do in Rome at night.

There’s nothing as satisfying as a refreshing cup of gelato on a hot summer’s day in Rome.

Roman gelato is terrific any day of the year and Piazza Navona is the best place to enjoy one.

It’s one of the largest and most beautiful piazza squares in Rome and is home to three impressive fountains.

The square is surrounded by restaurants, shops, artists, painters and musicians who give the scene its lively mood.

For both locals and tourists, Piazza Navona is a popular place to hang out and have a gelato.

15- Explore the food vendors at Mercato Centrale

Located right within the Roma Termini train station Mercato Centrale is a must-see for all the foodies out there.

The market is brimming with authentic and traditional food in the most fantastic setting.

Visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and do your grocery shopping at the same time.

You will find pasta, wines, pastries, truffles, gelato, coffee and pizza.

Every stall is top-notch, the food is legit fresh and your biggest problem will be deciding what to try next.

Mercato Centrale is open daily from about 8 am to midnight.

Helpful Tips for Exploring Rome in the Evening

Check the Metro Hours

For such a large city Rome’s metro service ends surprisingly early at 11.30 pm on weekdays and 1.30 am on weekends.

Take the Usual Precautions

Rome is generally a very safe city but like with anywhere you visit, stay alert of your surroundings and stick to populated and well-lit areas.

Make sure you plan your route home as getting lost in Rome at night isn’t an experience you want.

In crowded areas such as the Colosseum or Trevi Fountain be aware of pickpockets.

Don’t Expect an Early Dinner

The best restaurants are not open at the typical early dinner hour and most begin their service between 7.30 pm and 8 pm.

If you are especially keen on a particular restaurant, reservations are recommended as the popular spots tend to fill up quickly.

Rome at Night
Rome at Night