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Don’t you just hate it when your feet swell and ache after long flight hours? While this is most likely to happen to seniors and pregnant women, it can also happen to everyone. So what should you do to solve it? Should you go through surgery, swallow some pills or apply ointments before, during or after traveling? Absolutely not. What you really need is the best compression socks you can find.

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Compression Socks: What Are They?

They can be socks, stocking, or sleeves that are worn to enhance the flow of blood in the legs and feet.

They will slightly squeeze the veins and muscles of the leg so that blood is pushed upwards towards the heart.

As blood will freely flow around the leg and feet, you will less-likely experience swollen feet.

If you have diabetes, lack of proper blood flow can lead to blood clots. For that, the compression socks help to prevent this from happening.

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Uses For Compression Socks

compression socks for runners

Compression socks are not just used by marathon runners and grandmas. They are used for many other reasons too. Here are some of them.

1- They reduce swelling

We did mention this point earlier.

If you will be on your next flight and take many hours on air, your legs will be prone to swelling.

Blood will not be pushed upwards, which means that most of it will be accumulated on the lower part of the leg.

Compression socks help to solve this.

2- Quick recovery

Athletes use the compression socks to promote the recovery of damaged muscles.

3- They promote comfort throughout the day

Good quality compression socks feel comfortable on your feet, and they stay in place no matter what you do.

4- Free flow of blood

Runners use them to promote a free flow of blood through the legs.

Why do you need compression socks when flying?

The first reason for wearing compression socks or stockings when flying is to reduce swelling of the feet. Here are other reasons you should wear compression socks when flying:

1- They minimize the chance of developing DVT

Deep vein thrombosis {DVT} develops when blood flows slowly via the veins.

As a result, the blood will pool and form a clot, which will block the deep veins in the legs.

Compression socks help to prevent this condition from developing.

2- Compression socks keep you warm during the flight

These socks/stockings are developed with an extra layer of fabric compared to the regular socks.

For that, they will keep your legs warm throughout your flight.

3- They can prevent jetlag or flight fatigue

This is a condition that causes insomnia after long hours of flight.

A blood clot is one of the causes of jetlag (remember compression socks prevent blood clotting in the leg).

For that, these socks can help to prevent jetlag.

4- They also prevent the development of swollen ankles

Compression socks help you to have a comfortable flight and maintain your energy levels even after the journey.

Who Should Use Compression Socks?

Well, there isn’t a restriction to who can wear these socks and who shouldn’t.

Anyone can wear them if they want to enjoy their benefits.

Nonetheless, specific people are encouraged to wear them, especially because of their condition.

That said, compression socks are recommended for people that are affected by spider veins and varicose veins, those that just came out of surgery, or those with diabetes.

These socks will benefit anyone that wants to prevent swollen feet due to long hours of immobility like during a flight.

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What Are the Proven Medical Benefits?

Compression socks have been medically proven to benefit the wearer. As of now, you know what you will benefit from wearing these socks. Here are other medical benefits of the compression socks:

• They enhance venous blood flow

• They improve symptoms of vein disorders; so that you can take early precaution

• Minimizes the risks of blood clots

• They prevent venous blood from pooling in the legs

• They minimize/prevent leg swelling

Best Compression Socks Comparison Chart

A-Swift20 - 30 mmHGGraduated compression ]
SB Sox20 - 30 mmHGGraduated compression]
Blitzu20 - 30 mmHGGraduated compression with Blitzu Kinesiology Taping Design
Mojo Sports Recovery Compression Thigh Sleeve20 - 30 mmHGGraduated compression
VitalSoxVitalsox uses compression for maximum circulationGraduated Starting at the mid foot. Compression patent. Made in Italy.
EvoNation15-20 mmHg Moderate Pressure Proprietary gradient compression zone technology. Toeless compression socks.
Wanderlust Air Travel25-30 mmHG at the foot and ankle, 15-20 mmHG at the middle of the leg and calf, 10-15 under the knee. Medical Grade Graduated Compression
Blitzu Air Travel Compression Socks20-30mmHg80% premium brush cotton. Power+ Premium Performance Fabric.

So yes, these socks are important during your flight. However, it doesn’t mean that you should go out and pick any pair of compression socks you find. Not all socks will deliver as you expect.

Also, you should know that these socks come in different types (we will discuss that later, just keep on reading). That said, here are the tips to consider when choosing a pair of compression socks.

1- Compression level

You first need to consider the level of compression your feet needs or what you prefer. Generally, there are four levels of graduated compression socks. The compression level is measured in millimeters of mercury {mmHg}. Let’s look at the common levels of compression:

• Light Support (10-15mmHg). These socks will enhance blood circulation without too much pressure on your leg. Most runners prefer this level of compression since they leave the legs feeling fresh.

• Mild Support (15-20mmHg). This compression level offers light support to the legs but with more pressure than the Light Support socks. They are firm enough to promote circulation but still comfortable without causing restlessness.

• Moderate Support (20-30mmHg). Most compression socks are of this level, and they are perfect for recovery, pregnancy, running, and even long flights. Most people that work for long hours prefer this type of compression level.

• Firm Support (30-40mmHg). This compression level comes with extra pressure while still leaving you feeling comfortable. Since they are too tight on the legs, they are only used for recovery. Most people wear them for only 30 minutes. For that, they are not the best choice for flying.

As we have mentioned, the best traveling compression socks should have a firmness level of between 12-30mmHg.

2- The Fit

Even if the compression socks have the right firmness level, you want to choose a pair that fits perfectly on your feet. These socks can be stretchy, but you still have to pick the right size for the best delivery. Avoid picking a pair of socks that hang loosely on your legs; they will not perform as you expect.

3- The Height

Compression socks come with different heights. They can be full-leg, thigh-high, sleeves, or knee-high. Most people pick the knee-high compression socks for flying. You can also pick the thigh-high length, which would still be beneficial. Knee-high compression socks look like the regular versions, which will not look awkward on your feet.

4- Material

The material of the socks will determine its comfort and durability. These socks should be made from a strong and stretchy material. This will offer a balanced compression on your feet and around your calves as well. Most socks will be made of lycra, nylon, spandex, and polyester. Ensure that you choose a comfortable and durable material.

5- Price

You need to pick a pair of compression socks that you can afford whenever you need them. Even if the socks are durable, they need to be affordable. If you will be using them on a daily basis, you should pick a pair that is durable and affordable as well. Other minor factors to consider include the color of the socks, as well as the thickness. All in all, choose a pair that suits you accordingly.

Types of compressions socks

Basically, there are two types of compression socks;

Thrombo-Embolic Deterrent (TED) or Anti-Embolism Hose

These are also called the uniform compression socks since they offer a balanced pressure throughout the leg. They are mostly used post-surgery to promote blood flow due to long hours of immobility. The compression levels of these socks are relatively lower.

Graduated Compression Socks

These are the most common types of compression socks and they are used for traveling, running, day-to-day working or treating the common leg veins disorders. They are designed to hug tightly to the ankle and reduce the pressure level upwards.

Remember to pick a pair of socks based on your condition and needs.

Word of caution! Some conditions like skin infections, massive swelling, peripheral artery disease, peripheral neuropathy, fragile skin, and dermatitis don’t go well with compression socks. If you have such disorders, consult your doctor.

Top Compression Socks For Traveling

Now that you have enough information, here are eight best compression socks you should buy for flying;

1- A-Swift

These socks offer quick muscle recovery, and they relive the pain from swollen calves, ankles, and feet. They come with a compression level of 20-30mmHg, and you can pick from multiple styles as well.

These A-Swift socks have been made from anti-bacterial-silver yarn fabric to kill the germs and bacteria in your feet. They will also deodorize your feet to reduce bad smell after the long flight.

You can be sure of feeling comfortable when you wear these socks, and they will also fit perfectly on your legs. They do come with braces that hold them firmly on your legs. Even though the material used promotes freshness during your flight, it tends to be somewhat delicate. The socks can be easily damaged when you put them in the dryer.

The best part is that they come at an affordable price, and you will also get to pick any style or color that meets your preference.

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One incredible fact about these SB compression socks is that they are long-lasting since they are made of high-quality material. They are also unisex; so you don’t have to worry about looking awkward when you wear them.

If you travel too often, these socks would be the right choice for you. The material is strong but still soft and comfortable enough.

These graduated compression socks come with a compression level of 20-30mmHg. It is highly elastic, which will balance the pressure level perfectly. You can be sure of enjoying your long flight hours when you have these socks.

You’ll also love the reinforced toe and heel that enhance the cushioning and comfort. The socks also enhance joint stability, and they have perfect ventilation.

Furthermore, they are stretch and odor-resistant. Unfortunately, they are not ideal for daily wear, which is why they are the best choice for those occasional long flights. The socks are also affordable enough.

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3- Blitzu

If you normally experience cramps in the lower legs, these socks should be the right choice for you. They have been made with premium material that enhances foot support and pain relief.

The socks come with the Blitzu Kinesiology Taping Design to maximize your comfort. They are the best choice if you have varicose veins or you commonly suffer from leg swelling.

It has a moderate compression level that recovers your legs and restores the energy as well.

The socks optimize your comfort and work at recovering any muscle damage. Furthermore, it is designed with a circular knit structure that offers a 360-degree stretch. In other words, it will offer high flexibility and last for long enough.

These Blitzu socks have been designed for compression therapy technology.

They come with a stylish design that lets you wear them as your regular pair of socks. You can also wear them on your long flights without experiencing the common leg veins issues.

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4- Mojo

These Mojo compression socks are perfect for pregnant women on a flight. You can also pick them if you prefer thigh-high socks. The thigh-high socks should be helpful for a person that had injuries to the leg.

They come with a 20-30mmHg compression level, which will take care of your quad and hamstring pain.

These socks are made of Lycra {polyurethane fiber} and nylon. You can also pick from a variety of sizes that fits you perfectly. They are black in color, which makes them unisex.

They stop at the feet, which offers proper airflow on your feet. The socks are stylish and very much comfortable.

If you are a fan of colorful socks, you might not like these socks. Regardless of the range of colors, the socks are still a great choice if you will be flying for long hours. They will hug comfortably on your leg (from the thighs to the ankles).

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5- VitalSox VT1211

VitalSox VT1211 compression socks are made in Italy, and they come with quality material that is comfortable and durable as well. These socks are a blend of silver drystat, lycra, nylon, and spandex. Silver drystat is known for its ability to wick away moisture quickly.

Also, this material inhibits fungal and bacterial growth. For that, you will wear the socks without worrying about having smelly feet after the long flight.

They have a compression level of 12-20mmHg, which gives you comfort and promotes blood circulation as well. Furthermore, the socks will offer proper ventilation around the calves, as well as cushion the toes, arches, plantar ligaments, and ankles.

The design is super impressive as it comes with an elegantly padded toe and heel area. The thin mesh strip along the back and front makes it look and feel nice. However, they are somewhat pricier than most of the compression socks on this list.

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6- EvoNation

These socks are ideal if you will be wearing them with sandals. They are open-toed, which are also a good choice if your toes sweat too much. The socks come with 15-20mmHg compression.

These EvoNation socks will hug tightly and comfortably on your feet.

They have been designed to massage your legs as they relieve stiffness and pain, as well as eliminate soreness, blood clots, and plantar fasciitis.

The micro-scaled knit pattern of the fabric helps to prevent swelling during the long flights. They are latex-free and are best suited for women. These nylon-spandex socks have been made to offer comfort to you as you travel. Of course, they also promote blood flow and circulation.

You can pick either the nude or black color, depending on your style. Many users choose it due to its incredible fit and comfort; you might even forget that you have these socks on your feet.

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7- Wanderlust Air Travel

You don’t have to think twice when you see the name of these socks. Wanderlust Air Travel compression socks have been specifically designed for air travel.

Also, the design makes them ideal for the youthful travelers. When it comes to compression level, these socks offer a moderate pressure, which is comfortable and effective enough.

Even though these socks are designed for air travel, they can also be used for sports or daily activities. They have a mixed compression level, which makes them one of the best. At the foot and ankle, they have a 25-30mmHg compression level, while the middle of the leg and calf have 15-20mmHg. Under the knee area has a 10-15mmHg compression level.

They also come with a seamless toe box that enhances comfort and arch support. You will enjoy a comfortable fit with these socks. Usually, most compression socks don’t contain cotton. However, these socks will give you a unique cotton feel that enhances the comfort.

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8- Blitzu Air Travel

These Blitzu Air Travel compression stockings have been designed for air travel, and they come with a 20-30mmHg compression level.

These are unisex and anyone can wear them. The socks are made of 80% premium brushed cotton. It is the perfect choice for solving varicose veins as well as other leg swelling problems.

They have been designed to support the heel, ankles, arch, calf, shin, and the whole leg. You can use it every day without any problem. These socks will prevent blood clots after surgery, and they will also fit comfortably on your legs.

The high-grade materials used help to boost the performance of the socks as well as boost its support. The socks have been made to offer a 360-degree stretch; so you will enjoy a durable pair of socks that are also strong and durable enough. You will not experience any feet soreness or fatigue even after a long flight; thanks to the design of these compression socks.

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