Ingrid Piper

Ingrid Piper

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ingrid piper

Ingrid Piper is a Hong Kong based freelance writer and journalist who’s fascinated by the amazing stories, places and people living in the South East Asia region.


Recent assignments include an insiders guide to Hong Kong, a series of articles about Nepal’s recovery post earthquake and biking, hiking and kayaking in Vietnam.

Her work has appeared in CNN, Al Jazeera, the South China Morning Post, Correspondent Magazine, Escape Magazine, the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph and The Australian.

Before relocating to Wanchai, Hong Kong, she worked for NewsCorp Sydney, Australia frequently writing about baroque and classical music, ballet, contemporary dance and opera.

Ingrid’s greatest travel moments to date include getting way to close and personal with a lion while horse riding across the Maasai Mara, summiting her first mountain and meeting Zanzibar’s endearing and endangered red colobus monkeys in the wild



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