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Queensland holidays – the big list

What is it, exactly, that captures the essence of exemplary Queensland? Is it the 200-plus days of sunshine every year, the smorgasbord of tourism...

North Queensland – swimming with sea turtles

A snorkelling tour around the Low Isles in Tropical North Queensland’ is a chance to swim with sea turtles.It’s a glorious day with perfect...

Helicopter Tours in Queensland Australia

Experience the wonder of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland from the sky. If you're the kind of traveller who loves seeing the world from...

Things to do in Townsville

Townsville is a Pandora’s Box of mysterious shipwrecks and colourful marine life, cuddly wildlife and tropical forests, wild rodeos and outback towns. Here are classic...

5 things to do along the Adventure Way | Queensland

The Adventure Way in Queensland, Australia, stretches almost directly west from Brisbane’s city light-filled streets to across the South Australian border into the heart...

10 adrenaline rush adventures in Queensland

‘You’re not living, if you’re not on the edge’ is a quote many adrenaline junkies live life by. I guess it’s a case of...

Queensland’s Finch Hatton Gorge

Time moves so fast, the years disappear; everything changes… or does it? I first came to these parts, Finch Hatton Gorge, in the autumn...

Whitsundays Reef Sleep

STRANDED…“OMG, we are trapped on a pontoon in the middle of the ocean!!!!” – reads my email to my concerned family after three days...

Whitsundays Reef Sleep adventure

It’s nearly 3pm, and my husband and I have already had about three hours exploring Hardy Reef, one of over 3000 separate coral reefs...

10 Cairns things to do

Escape to Cairns and Tropical North Queensland this winter. Here are 10 things to do in Cairns and places to visit in the tropical north. 1-Great...


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14,000-year-old tools to light fires, fish hooks and spears are some of the discoveries unearthed on Triquet Island in British Columbia. Anthropologists believe the...