Danielle Stynes

Danielle Stynes


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Danielle Stynes

I’m a ski and snowboard instructor and an Alpine expert specialising in organising tailor-made mountain adventures. Whether on ski, snowboard, snowshoe, by helicopter, on foot, or all of these combined, I make it happen.


A picnic on a private mountain peak overlooking France, Switzerland and Italy is a favourite, a cross-border ski safari or a hike up to an ancient Alpine monastery to meet monks are all part of my day job.

I grew up in the country, in Albury/Wodonga, in Australia and have lived in Switzerland for 23 years. I’ve worked on bespoke itineraries for 17 years. I tap into a team of knowledgeable mountain experts in the Alps (such as the “snow doctor” who has a PhD in snow forecasting) to organise trips with a difference, such as heli skiing, climbing mountains or re-enacting the ski scene from the James Bond film the Spy Who Loved Me.

My specialty is crafting these trips from scratch, including picking unique places to stay, including design hotels, traditional cosy apartments, private chalets and intrepid mountain retreats.

It’s a full time job and then some. Because I love what I do, with my free time I am looking for new ski routes, villages hikes etc. I will soon be renovating an old traditional grange in the middle of the mountains to transform it into a luxury refuge for Swisskisafari clients so that will take up any free time that I like to imagine that I have….. I am passionate about renovations and architecture so it will keep me busy. Australia 🙂

I speak fluent French and some Italian and English, of course, although not so well anymore as it gets a bit mixed up with the other languages!

My dream destination is anywhere in nature away from civilisation!


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