Famous Landmarks Around The World

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a landmark is “a building or place that is easily recognised, especially one that you can use to judge where you are”. The Merriam Webster Dictionary takes a broader approach to defining the meaning of “landmark” and describes a landmark as “an object (such as a stone or tree) that marks the boundary of land”.

The word ‘landmark’ not only refers to a tangible thing such as a conspicuous object on land that might serve as a location marker for travellers on the road or on the ocean but it can also be an intangible concept such as a landmark event that changed the course of history. 

It doesn’t matter which dictionary you consult, they all agree that a landmark is something that is easily noticed, instantly recognisable and stands out from the landscape. If you love to travel, there are plenty of famous landmarks around the world to tick off your bucket list. 

Landmarks Around The World

Our list of the most famous landmarks and monuments around the world. All landmarks on these lists are distinctive and easily recognised from afar. These worldwide landmarks are either natural or manmade and may are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

World Landmarks
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