things to do in hanoi vietnam
30 years ago you couldn’t visit Hanoi without being trailed by a government agent. The locals were too afraid to mingle with foreigners in case the government thought they were a spy. These days, the people in Hanoi are much friendlier and Vietnam is fast becoming a hotspot with plenty...
whale watching hervey bay
During their annual migration of up to 10,000 km, humpback whales attract thousands of visitors to towns along Australia’s east coast. You can see whales right along the coast but the place that has earned the moniker of Whale Watching Capital of the World is Hervey Bay on the...
things to do in macau for kids
Macau may not immediately come to mind as a family holiday destination, but you might be surprised to discover that there are plenty of things to do in Macau for kids. Well-known as a playground for wealthy punters looking for excitement at the newest glitzy resort, Macau is also...
Japan itinerary 10 days
Have you always dreamed about visiting Japan? The Land of the Rising Sun is a unique fusion of old traditions and futuristic ideas. With so many exciting attractions as well as traditional and contemporary cultural experiences to put on your Japan itinerary, you’ll need at least 10 days in...
macao maritime museum photo
As the last European colony in Asia, Macau is a mesmerising blend of old and new. Of the many interesting places to visit in Macau, exploring its museums will reward you with visual and cultural treasures. These Macau museums are a showcase of the former Portuguese colony’s history. The cultural offspring of Portugal...
what to do in niagara falls canada
Most visitors to Canada or Toronto usually have Niagara Falls on their bucket list. This I know from personal experience as whenever I tell anyone Niagara Falls is my birthplace, there’s an immediate and obviously positive reaction. That initial “Wow you were born in Niagara Falls?” response is often...


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Juneau Whale Watching Cruise in Alaska

If you're visiting Alaska and thinking of a wildlife adventure or if you're looking for a Juneau shore excursion, then book yourself a Juneau...