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Choosing the right kind of trip is the key to an unforgettable holiday for travelling seniors. Here are some top ideas that appeal to seniors who love to travel.

Seniors Travel

Canada and Alaska

Visiting Canada and Alaska is a life-long dream for many retirees and a popular way to travel is on an escorted tour of the Rocky Mountains visiting Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper.

Some tours include a two-day train journey in the glass-domed GoldLeaf carriage on the Rocky Mountaineer followed by a cruise to Alaska.

European river cruising

european cruise expirience 2

The idea of unpacking once and waking up in a different port each day is irresistible to mature travellers.

River cruising offers the camaraderie of group travel with plenty of opportunities for independent travellers to explore freely.

The all-inclusive price tag for the stateroom, meals, drinks, sightseeing and tipping makes it easy to keep check on the budget.

Some companies offer the best discounts and free flights to customers who book well in advance.

Asian river cruising

the irrawaddy river 16
Photo: Maria Visconti

Luxury river cruising in Asia is going from strength to strength.

Cruise the Mekong River between Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Riep in Cambodia. 

Pandaw ships allow travellers to explore difficult-to-reach villages along the Rajang River in Borneo and the Brahmaputra River in India.

Off the beaten track


One of the best travel quotes came from the creative mind of Sir Richard Burton, who once said “The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” Feeling inspired? Here are 100 travellers quotes to inspire your wanderlust and more quotes about travelling with friends

Perhaps this is why soft adventure cruising is a rapidly growing trend among active baby boomers who want to do more than laze around a pool.

Destinations such as the Galapagos, Arctic and Antarctica offer amazing scenery, wildlife and the thrill of setting foot in remote pristine destinations.

Slowing down

First-time visitors to Europe often try to cram in as many countries as possible but spend only a short time in each place.

Travellers with more time are returning to visit those places that appealed most in a more leisurely way.

They are renting farm houses in Provence and villas in Tuscany; cooking, walking and making friends with the locals.

Most senior bookings are in small groups of three couples or more, friends exploring together.

Connoisseur travel

Combining travel with a hobby or passion such as cooking in Italy, a literary tour of England, learning to paint in the Sunshine Coast hinterland or a sporting trip to the Australian Open Tennis is a stimulating way to experience the world and make new like-minded friends.

Whether it is gardening, art, writing or wine, there are more and more ways to plan a holiday around specific interests.

Solo travel

falkland islands

An increasing number of over-55s are travelling solo and many companies offer solo traveller-friendly options such as reductions in the single supplement or matching up singles to avoid the single supplement.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see people in the 65 to 75 age group travelling on their own.

There are also tour companies that cater to solo women travellers who are single, divorced, widowed or married to someone who would rather stay at home.

Inspirational travel

massai mara

From planting trees in Borneo to digging wells in Cambodia and teaching children

in Kenya, many people who have been around long enough to experience the ups and downs of life are combining travel with the opportunity to save the environment and help those who are less fortunate.

Getting involved with volunteer projects that are aligned to caring are a becoming a popular way to see the world.

Grey nomads

Driving around Australia in a caravan, motor-home or campervan is a retirement dream for many Australians.

Grey nomads are returning to the caravanning lifestyle in droves. Here are some Australian road trip tips.

Holidays for Seniors

There’s a whole world of experiences and best vacation spots that are especially perfect for boomers and seniors. 

Australia’s over 55’s are a well-travelled lot.

Mature travellers are out there experiencing the world in force.

They are cruising Europe’s waterways, gazing at breathtaking views from the Rocky Mountaineer or driving around Australia in a caravan.

Italy, Alaska, Tasmania and UK. Tick, tick, tick, tick.

rocky mountaineer
Cheers, GoldLeaf Service. Photos: Rocky Mountaineer
caravan and camping
Photo: Christina Pfeiffer
tourism tasmania
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Supplied Courtesy of Wineglass Bay Cruises

Here are some more ideas for those of you who love exploring the world.

1- Australia

Been there

Driving around Australia or New Zealand in a caravan, motor-home or campervan has long been the great Australian dream and generations of grey nomads have embraced the caravanning lifestyle with relish.

campervan hire australia
Photo: Christina Pfeiffer

You’ll love

If you love caravanning why not try cruising.

Cruising is a relaxing way of seeing Australia and a comfortable way to explore the world.

A large proportion of passengers booked on Australia and New Zealand itineraries are aged over 55 and are new to cruising.

Rather than hooking up the caravan and taking months to drive around, these circumnavigation voyages allow you to explore our diverse countryside in comfort. You’ll also get the chance to visit spectacular natural wonders that are not accessible by road.

2- Canada

Been there

The stunning landscapes of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper in the Canadian Rockies are a magnet to Aussies.

Winding through the Rocky Mountains in a glass-domed GoldLeaf carriage on the Rocky Mountaineer is a life-long dream for many retirees.

Canadian Rockies
Photo: Parks Canada/Ryan Bray. Canadian Rockies
You’ll love

Seeing Canada’s mountainous landscapes from the air is simply breathtaking.

In Alberta, helicopter flights offer birds’-eye views of stunning panoramas.

Adventurous travellers can arrange to be dropped off in the wilderness with an experienced hiking guide.

There are hikes to suit all fitness levels.

British Columbia is famous for heli-fishing lodges such as Nimmo Bay Resort where nine cosy two-bedroom cottages are linked by a floating boardwalk to a floating main lodge.

Helicopter excursions from the lodge are memorable; choose a salmon fishing trip in remote river or land on a glacier for jaw-dropping views and a spot of lunch.

Train trips

Been there

For many mature travellers, a train journey is a romantic and leisurely way to see the world.

In recent years, over 55’s have hit the tracks with gusto on legendary train journeys like the Rocky Mountaineer and The Ghan.

GoldLeaf Service Dome Coach on board the Rocky Mountaineer Train in Canada.
GoldLeaf Service Dome Coach on board the Rocky Mountaineer Train in Canada.

You’ll love

Explore India aboard the Maharajah’s Express, where you’ll be treated like a maharajah.

Think turbaned butlers, plush interiors and polo books strewn round the colonial-chic Safari Bar.

Routes criss-cross the Indian subcontinent transporting guests in style to see Hindu temples, forests, forts and the Taj Mahal.

The luxury train has 23 coaches, two-fine dining restaurants and a lounge.

Super high-rollers should book the ultra lavish Presidential Suite, which occupies an entire car.

best places to visit in India

River cruising

Been there

For the last few years, European river cruising has been riding a wave of popularity.

The cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest is a favourite among over 55’s but if you’ve done that there are plenty of other options in Europe such as cruising in Russia, between Moscow and St Petersburg, and cruising in France and Portugal.

europe waterways 2

You’ll love

As the idea of unpacking once and exploring a different place each day is irresistible to mature travellers, the demand for new river cruising destinations is sky high.

The Mekong River is a hot favourite with luxury vessels such as The Jayavarman and RV Amalotus cruising in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Cruising in India is also becoming popular along the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers.


Been there

Cheap flights, tasty food, the lure of untouched beaches and fascinating war history have enticed many Aussies to visit Vietnam in recent times.

ho chi minh city 4
Cyclo around Hanoi’s historic centre

You’ll love

Vietnam is a destination that draws visitors back again and again. And over 55’s can’t seem to get enough of the country.

New hotels and improvements to the country’s infrastructure are attracting travellers who want to see treasures in Hanoi, Halong Bay, historic Hue, Ho Chi Minh City and UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hoi An in comfort.

Not all travellers are veterans returning to the battlegrounds of the seventies war. 

Many are newcomers wanting to experience the different cultures and traditions and generally see how local people lead their everyday lives.

If you’re interested in Vietnam here are some things to do in Hanoi


Been there

Mention Italy and many baby boomers reminisce about good times renting villas, attending cooking classes and soaking up art, culture, music and history.

You’ll love

Exotic destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean such as Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Turkey are in demand. Most people who are well-travelled continue to seek more exotic and unique destinations for their getaways.

And Turkey’s fascinating culture, history, ancient ruins and local cuisine are a magnet to those who are well-travelled.

Places to visit in Istanbul


Been there

Whether you’re an experienced skier or a first-timer, as we grow older and our reflexes become slower balance and speed control can be harder to maintain.

You’ll love

Skiing in Canada is fun for all ages and not as expensive as you may think.

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