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lady musgrave

Lady Musgrave Island | Great Barrier Reef

If you live or are staying in the south or south east of Queensland, then the Great Barrier Reef is not out of your reach, even for a day trip. Lady Musgrave Island is...
leave only footprints

Leave Only Footprints | Heron Island Turtles

Heron Island has a history not to be proud of. In the 1920’s, Heron Island housed a turtle canning factory and in the 1950’s turtle riding was a popular event with Heron Island Resort...
southern great barrier reef

Heron Island Resort Holiday | Queensland

As an animal lover and ‘bunny hugger’, I like to combine a relaxing vacation with some form of animal interaction to add interest to our memoirs. For me, Heron Island has it all -...
bundaberg queensland

Mon Repos | Sea Turtle Conservancy

Mon Repos is famous for turtles and possibly one of the best places in Queensland to see turtles. Mon Repos is four hours north of Brisbane and 15 minutes east of Bundaberg (home to...
great barrier reef facts

Great Barrier Reef facts

The Great Barrier Reef is the jewel in Queensland's tiara. It's one of the seven wonders of the natural world, a beautiful living thing stretching 3000km along the Queensland coast. When visiting Queensland, experiencing the...
Turtle magic

North Queensland – swimming with sea turtles

A snorkelling tour around the Low Isles in Tropical North Queensland’ is a chance to swim with sea turtles. It’s a glorious day with perfect blue skies and glistening aquamarine waters. We’re sailing from Port...
things to do in sunshine coast

8 cool things you should know about sea turtles

Did you know that there are plenty of turtles around the Sunshine Coast? If you’re looking for Green turtles, Loggerheads or Hawksbill turtles there are a few ways to experience a turtle moment. Here are...
Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island turtles diving photos

I have a terrible travel habit. Wherever I go to peek under the water, I can’t help but compare that place to Lady Elliot Island, a coral cay on Queensland’s Southern Great Barrier Reef....
Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island – swimming with turtles

Turtle soup! I love turtle soup! First time and I am a fan. Conservationists relax, I am not eating turtle soup, I am swimming in it. It could also be a bouillabaisse, as there...


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Farm to table in BC’s Okanagan Valley

Barrels of freshly picked apples, baskets piled to the brim with sweet cherries, juicy peaches, plums and vegetables. A picturesque region of vineyards, orchards,...


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