Heron Island Resort Holiday | Queensland

Heron Island Resort Holiday | Queensland

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southern great barrier reef
The Maheno and The Jetty at Sunset . Photos by Irene and Tony Isaacson

As an animal lover and ‘bunny hugger’, I like to combine a relaxing vacation with some form of animal interaction to add interest to our memoirs. For me, Heron Island has it all – fabulous nature experiences and a relaxing stay at Heron Island Resort. 

southern great barrier reef
Turtle heading out to sea



Heron Island is 72km from mainland Australia but it is not actually an island. It is a coral cay built from coral over hundreds of years.

It is surrounded by a shallow coral reef exposed at low tide which extends for 100m to where it drops off into deep ocean.

southern great barrier reef
The Maheno Wreck

A channel and jetty were created years ago to allow access by ferry from Gladstone (about two hours). Or you can arrive in style by seaplane (honeymooners usually!)

southern great barrier reef
The Jetty and Heron Island Ferry

Heron Island is a National Park and a Marine Park. As such everything on the island and in the water is protected.

This means as humans, we are very much secondary to life on the land or in the water. We are merely voyeurs of nature, so sit back, indulge and enjoy the view.

southern great barrier reef
Arrive in style by Seaplane


Every season is different on Heron Island.  

In December we enjoyed thousands of White Capped Noddy Terns nesting and chicks hatching. Remember Hitchcock’s “The Birds”?   

southern great barrier reef
Noddy Tern with chick

Every tree and bush was full of little black and white noddies. Their chattering call could be heard through the night.

southern great barrier reef
Noddy tern nests in trees

And watch out when they fly around during the day.

They will fly straight at you, disconcerting in the least and which requires a good awareness of your environment and well honed ‘duck and weave’ skills.

herron island
Nesting Shearwaters under our deck

Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters had just started to arrive and burrow, often right next to our room or under our deck.

Their distinctive call is very much like a human baby crying, and can be very hard to distinguish.

herron island
Chicks everywhere

If you travel with a small baby you may end up constantly looking for your child until you realise the crying is just a nesting shearwater outside your room.

Also, be very careful if wandering off the main paths as the ground can collapse. You could be accidentally standing on a burrow up to  two metres long.

herron island
Sea Eagles in flight

A pair of White Crested Sea Eagles nest regularly on the island but we were not lucky enough to spot them on this visit.  

herron island
Bridled Tern with egg

But we did find a group of Bridled Terns who all seemed to be defending one mum and her single nest egg, hidden under a bush right next to the heli pad.

Thank god there were very few helicopter visits to the island, if only for the sake of that one egg to survive.


herron island
Reef Sharks in the shallows

The water was full of marine life. It was not uncommon to hear a child in the shallows crying “Its chasing me!”, only to view a baby White or Blacktip Reef Shark cruising the ankle deep water, curious around the humans paddling in their territory.  

herron island
Curious Black Tipped Reef Shark

In fact, it was amazing to see. At times, we counted a dozen or so metre-long sharks and rays in the shallow aqua and crystal clear water along the shore line or near the jetty.  

herron island
Reef Walk activities

Snorkelling here is a dream.  The waters are shallow and being a no-take zone, fish are plentiful and grow to large sizes. There are colourful clams are everywhere.  

Rays are in large numbers, including the Spotted Eagle Ray and Cowtail String Ray. But I adored the Giant Shovel-Nosed Rays, which I have rarely seen anywhere else.

heron island resort
Snorkeler heading out to The Maheno

I love the fact they rest on the sandy sea floor trying to camouflage themselves under the sand, only to have their three Christmas tree-like dorsal fins sticking up like beacons!

heron island resort
The Maheno Wreck makes for a spectular snorkel

There were too many Black and Whitetip Reef Sharks to count. We even saw a few large Lemon Sharks in the shallows, again a personal first.


heron island resort
Looking for nesting turtles at sunrise

And let’s not forget the Green and rarer Loggerhead Turtles nesting at night, laying their eggs.

After attending a formal turtle information talk about the rules of engagement, you are allowed to experience turtles coming onto the beaches at night and during high tides.

heron island resort
Turtle at sunrise

If you are still awake after all that fresh air and day time activities and you have never seen it before, I would encourage you to do this just once during your stay.  

Never use a white light torch at night. A red, faint yellow or better still no torch at all, are best for fear of disturbing them from laying.

heron island resort
The Research Station

So, is Heron Island worth a visit? You bet it is!

heron island resort
Lunch at Heron Island Resort

And I haven’t even mentioned the no phone, no television and no internet distraction. Or the great food and lovely, helpful and obliging young staff at Heron Island Resort.

heron island resort
The Jetty and The Maheno at Sunset

Or the complimentary reef, island and bird walks. Or the tour of the largest Research Station in the Southern hemisphere. Or the most amazing sunsets?

Need I go on?

heron island resort
Sunset on Heron Island

Irene Isaacson ducked, weaved and swam at her own safety and expense.

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heron island resort holiday


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