25 Travel Shows On Netflix

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With international travel curtailed, watching travel shows on Netflix inspire us to dream, and there’s a huge list of excellent shows to remind us that is a world out there waiting. Netflix has some of the best content to keep our travel bug fed, from food to travel and nature. The best Netflix travel shows allow you to explore the world from our living rooms, experience new cultures, destinations and food without leaving the comfort of your chair or sofa. 

Watching travel shows will educate you about other countries and their people while introducing you to places you may have never considered visiting before. In addition, watching a travel show on Netflix can often prove just how easy it is to get around the world, and nothing is off-limits as long as you plan well. Watching a travel show on Netflix can be either inspirational or educational, with valuable information to prepare for a trip abroad as well as helpful information on a variety of topics including health and safety, how to pack, what to take and do’s and don’ts in different countries or even on cruises.

Travel shows are fun to watch as the producers often go to great lengths to make them entertaining for anyone interested in the destinations featured. So please sit back and enjoy incredible landscapes filmed with professional equipment by professionals who know what they’re doing. You’ll learn lots and soak up amazing sights and discover new places to travel abroad with the help of today’s technology.

Travel Shows on Netflix

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Top Travel Shows on Netflix

1- Magical Andes

the best travel shows on netflix torres del paine national park
Patagonia is featured in this travel show on Netflix. Enjoy!

If you love exploring the mountains and people living in between them, this Netflix travel documentary will appeal to your sense of adventure.

Travel to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina’s southern tip, a region with abundant wildlife that thrives on its temperate climate because of its isolation from other continents’ animals.

The terrain ranges from diverse forests with giant trees like Patagonian Cypress, Andean Beech tree or Southern Chilean Myrtle to white-sand beaches washed by turquoise waves as seen in Ushuaia where Magellan landed 400 years ago and named it “Great Land.”

Discover Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost point on Earth in Argentina, and Torres del Paine Park, one of South America’s most beautiful places.

Follow the Andes through Mendoza up into Bolivia, where you’ll find Uyuni – a large salt flat that holds more than 11 billion tons of sediments left by ancient lakes from 15 million years ago.

Nearby La Paz offers an aerial tram ride for views like no other as it takes off over 2,600 meters above sea level with breathtaking panoramas of The Bolivian Plateau stretching out before you below.

If this isn’t enough adventure in South America, there are the mysteries of Machu Picchu to discover.

Released in: 2019

Seasons: 2

2- Down to Earth with Zac Efron

colourful toucan in costa rica
Costa Rica is featured in this Netflix show about travel.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron is a Netflix travel documentary that follows the journeys of American actor, producer and singer-songwriter Zac Efron.

His travels to France, London, Sardinia, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Peru cover the serious issue of sustainable ways in a light and easily digestible tone.

Together with wellness expert Darin Olien, Zac searches for the secrets to long life and good health.

The series also addresses attaining a higher level of eco-consciousness, with a good dose of thrills.

Zac explores the birthplace of eco-tourism in Costa Rica and learns how a county is obtaining power from 100% renewable sources.

Another interesting activity is exploring London’s clean eating, green walls and urban beekeeping.

From Calais to Paris and Lourdes in France, the theme of water is another fascinating subject to explore through this travel series.

Released: 10 July 2020

Seasons: 1

3- Zulu Man in Japan

two women in kimonos walking through Kyoto's bamboo grove travel shows on netflix about japan
Looking for a travel show on Netflix about Japan? Love food? Here’s one for your to-watch list.

The Zulu Man in Japan is a documentary exploring Japanese culture and is a 48-minute visual experience.

The travel documentary is a collaboration between the award-winning Durbanite and some of Japan’s coolest musicians, including JP The Wavey, Ricky and Yoshi.

Zulu Man explores Japan’s food, culture, life and public transport in this contemporary cultural travel show that fans will love.

Released: 25 September 2020

4- Tales by Light

netflix shows travel
Looking for a travel show on Netflix?

Tales by Light is an Australian documentary reality television series that originally aired on National Geographic.

It follows several professional photographers worldwide as they capture images that tell a story through their eyes, and behind every powerful image lies a tale worth telling.

The photographers in Tales by Light push the limits of their craft and convey a sense of places and cultures through their art.

Each episode is focused on a different photographer, and the themes focus on protecting beautiful places and cultures around the wider world.

Released: 24 May 2015 and available on Netflix 11 November 2016

5- Dark Tourist

From a haunted forest to a nuclear lake and other places where death and tragedy occurred, if quirky and macabre travel spots attract you, make sure you watch Dark Tourist on Netflix.

The series visits Medellin and delves into the legacy of Pablo Escobar and on to Mexico City, where the followers of Santa Muerte spill their secrets.

In Japan, explore Tomioka, which was evacuated during the Fukushima nuclear disaster, a robot hotel, death worshipping cult and a suicide hotspot.

Explore murder locations in Milwaukee, where Jeffrey Dahmer did gruesome deeds, go on tours that investigate the assassination of JFK, meet vampires in New Orleans and take a tour of the Manson murders.

Dark tourism may not be mainstream but it’s an interesting show.

Released: 20 July 2018

Seasons: 1

6- Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

best travel shows on netflix streaming
If you’re looking for the best travel shows on Netflix, grab some popcorn and check out this list.

Travels with My Father is a series that follows comedian Jack Whitehall and his father across southeast Asia.

Father and son start off by exploring Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and move to Eastern Europe in the second series, while the third series is in the American West and the fourth series discovers Australia.

It’s a must-see for Jack Whitehall fams as this travel documentary series is a funny and heartwarming take on life.

Released: 22 September 2017

Seasons: 4

7- Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World

This documentary explores the rich landscape and culture of Guatemala, featuring the mysteries of ancient Mayan cities.

Guatemala is the heart of the 2000-year-old Mayan civilisation, which mysteriously collapsed.

This Netflix travel series starts in Petén, which has over 50 Mayan archaeological sites.

Maya culture continues to influence contemporary Guatemala, where four million people speak 24 Maya languages and traditions like weaving and counting the days in the Maya calendar still exist.

Watch this show on Netflix, and you’ll be itching to visit Guatemala’s museums, archaeological sites and towns.

Released: 11 December 2019

Seasons: 1

8- Untamed Romania

good travel shows on netflix about nature in Romania
There are plenty of excellent travel shows on Netflix for nature lovers.

Untamed Romania is a feature-length film that celebrates the natural beauty of Romania, featuring its wildlife.

The show is narrated by Victor Rebengiuc and was produced through 12 months of his travels around the country.

From the Danube Delta to the Făgăraș mountains, this beautiful travel diary showcases the different seasons in Romania and is a must-see for nature lovers.

If you’re interested in exploring Romania, this series is worth watching.

Released: 18 March 2018.

Food Travel Documentaries on Netflix

9- Street Food Asia

Some of the best travel shows are to do with food.

Street Food Asia is a relatable show on Netflix that takes viewers into the kitchens in the backstreets of Asia’s best food cities.

From Bangkok to Singapore, Delhi to Osaka, the American Netflix documentary by David Gelb and Brian McGinn will take you on an exciting exploration of popular dishes.

The show splices in archival footage with interviews and follows street cooks and how street food has played a part in the culture of each country.

It’s one of the best travel documentary series to discover Asian delights.

Released: 26 April 2019

Seasons: 2

10- Somebody Feed Phil

This Netflix original follows the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond worldwide, visiting cities like Dublin, Bangkok, Mexico City, New Orleans, Buenos Aires and Cape Town.

The fourth season goes from Rio de Janeiro to the Mississippi Delta to Hawaii.

Experiences include eating street food in Chinatown and exploring Bangkok’s floating market.

From slurping pho in Saigon and drinking Vietnamese coffee to eating shakshuka and visiting a synagogue-themed hummus shop in Tel Aviv, readers go on a fascinating discovery of delicious recipes

Released: 12 January 2018.

Seasons: 4

11- Salt Fat Acid Heat

food travel shows on netflix cheese in italy
Discover the joys of cheese in Italy on this famous travel show on Netflix

New York Times Magazine columnist Samin Nosrat is the brainchild behind the docuseries, based on the award-winning book.

Salt Fat Acid Heat explores the ingredients at the heart of dishes around the world.

From olive oil and cheese in Italy to soy and miso in Japan, watching this travel show on Netflix is a great way for foodies to experience the world.

Released: 2018

Seasons: 1

12- Chef’s Table

colourful buildings in Stockholm featured on Netflix
Sweden is a charming city to discover on this Netflix travel show.

Another famous travel show on Netflix is Chef’s Table, which follows the best chefs in the world, an episode at a time.

From the tranquillity of rural Sweden to the mountains of Peru and temples in South Korea, watching this chef show is a fantastic way to explore the world through its food culture.

Each episode follows a different chef and features each chef’s philosophies to cooking.

Released: 26 April 2015

Seasons: 6

Awards: 2018 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Nonfiction Program and many other awards since 2015.

13- Ugly Delicious

Another popular chef show follows award-winning chef David Chang on a culinary journey of the popular hotspots.

Accompanied by a bevy of interesting characters, including artists, writers, activists and famous chefs, they use food to break down cultural barriers.

From top-notch kitchens to local eateries, the show is a showcase of food in some of the globe’s best foodie cities, including Copenhagen, Tokyo and Houston.

Released: 23 February 2018.

14- High on the Hog

African-American soul food is the star of High on the Hog, a travel show on Netflix based on the eponymous book.

A culmination of years of work showcases the history of African American cuisine, tracing the journey from cultivating and harvesting to processing and cooking.

It’s a celebration of food that African slaves brought to America, including blackeyed peas, watermelon and okra.

This is one of the best travel shows to help you delve into this aspect of America’s history.

Released: 26 May 2021.

Road Trip Travel Shows On Netflix

15- Expedition Happiness

woman in bed watching travel shows on netflix
Love travel? These Netflix documentaries will feed your wanderlust!

Expedition Happiness follows a young German couple, Felix and Mogli, who take off on a road journey in a refurbished school bus.

From Alaska to Mexico, this travel show is about the couple’s search for happiness.

They leave city life in Berlin to feed their souls with their mountain dog.

Various setbacks make this show a riveting watch, and the characters are real people who have fears and hopes.

From worrying about whether soldiers have framed them by planting drugs under their bus to drinking tequila with a drug dealer, you’ll want to know whether they do find happiness in their travels.

Released: 4 May 2017.

16- Paul Holywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

Baker and actor Paul Hollywood, a fan of sleek sports cars, discovers how popular cars in Europe are connected with culture and identity.

In Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip, Paul visits France, Italy and Germany to drive popular cars such as the £2 million Italian Huayra, a 2CV in France and a German VW Kombi Camper Van.

Released: 28 May 2017

Seasons: 1

17- Pedal the World

silhouette of cyclist
Cycling adventure travel shows are popular on Netflix these days.

Follow a young millennial as he bicycles around the globe through 22 countries, searching for the meaning in life.

The 20,000 km journey is a year-long bicycle tour through multiple countries, visiting some of the most famous landmarks around the world.

From Germany to Turkey to South east Asia to New Zealand and the USA, Felix Starck has an adventure like no other, documenting his personal experience.

It’s a bucket list journey for cycling fans to watch.

Released: 29 October 2015

18- Biking Borders

Some of the best travel shows are about exploring places while doing something good for humanity.

A 15,000 km bicycle tour around the world raising funds to build a school in Guatemala is a worthy cause to follow.

Follow the adventures of Max and Nono from Berlin to Beijing and be inspired by their Beijing to Berlin.

Released: 2019

19- The Kindness Diaries

The Kindness Diaries is a social experiment that puts the spotlight on generosity and selflessness.

Leon Logothetis goes on a road tour to find compassion from strangers.

This unique travel show is one of the best travel documentaries for an uplifting watch that brings hope in a world where greed is rampant.

Released: 21 February 2017

Seasons: 2

Nature Travel Shows On Netflix

20- Magical Land of Oz

Discover the magic of Australia while watching the Magical Land of Oz.

Australia is a beautiful country with many natural surprises, from the wild ocean to the highest peaks, from tropical savannahs to lush rainforests.

From wild numbats to giant cuttlefish, there is a myriad of wild creatures to meet.

Barry Humphries is the narrator of this popular show that reveals the challenges animals face in this land of extremes.

Released in: 17 February 2019

Seasons: 1

21- Planet Earth I and II

Sir David Attenborough narrates both Planet Earth and its sequel.

Both are the best travel shows for lovers of nature to devour.

From learning about flora and fauna to South east Asia’s smooth-coated otters, from Tibetan foxes to endangered Ethiopian ibex, leopards in Mumbai, Jaipur’s monkeys and Southern France’s catfish, these two nature travel documentaries on Netflix are sure to delight.

Released in: 2006 and 2016


22- Cabins in the Wild

Two men follow a competition to create a portable hotel in the wilderness consisting of eight cabins, each with its style and décor.

Competition rounds are based on themes, such as the battle of the dragon where a cabin built to look like the eye of the dragon competes against one that looks like a dragon’s claw.

Cabin designs are creative and watching the show will inspire you to pack your bags and head out into the wilderness.

A luxurious cabin inspired by a Welsh coal pit fights it out with a contemporary slate cabin. Other fantastic creations are a cabin inspired by the legend of King Arthur and a double-storey tepee.

Released: 2017

Seasons: 3

23- The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

woman in a red bikini on a beach featured in a travel show in netflix
Netflix travel shows are a diverse bunch and there’s something to entertain everyone.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals helps viewers discover unique vacation rentals covering a wide range of budgets.

The show highlights unique options such as a treehouse in Atlanta, a cabin in Hawaii with its own waterfall and a snake-shaped apartment in Mexico City.

There are plenty of luxury escapes to swoon over and some amazing experiences, such as waking up in a bed of marshmallow pillows in a room that costs $15,000 a night and sleeping in a bamboo pod in Bali.

From a private Bahamas island to the Yellow Ferry, which is the oldest surviving wooden ferry on the West Coast, to a cave in the Ozark Mountains, this travel show will wow you with a world of delightful accommodation choices.

Released: 2021

Seasons: 1

24- Instant Hotel

Instant Hotel is a reality show where teams of Australian homeowners stay in one another’s rentals and rate their experiences.

Each team and a judge scores each other based on a set of criteria including the property, location, attractions, value and a good night’s sleep.

The highest-scoring team moves to the Grand Final, and the prizes are impressive, such as $100,000 in cash and a stay at a Californian Instant Hotel.

Released: 7 November 2017

Seasons: 2

25- Travel Man

Travel Man follows the comic and his British celebrity guests as they explore cities like Hong Kong, Helsinki and Miami.

Fancy spending 48 hours in Athens with Dawn French or 48 hours in Florence with Rebel Wilson, or 48 hours in Istanbul with Adam Hills?

The programme a 48-hour itinerary in a format that moves fast with plenty of tips and a dash of humour.

The two-times nominated BAFTA show also won Best Factual Programme three years in a row at the RTS Midlands awards.

You can watch Travel Man on Amazon Prime.

Released: 30 March 2015

Seasons: 9

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