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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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scandi noir
A new genre has recently captured the imaginations of world viewers on Netflix. It's called Nordic noir and is a genre that tends to focus on dark themes such as crime, corruption, murder and revenge. The Nordic noir genre features characters who struggle against their inner demons. In most...
woman in bed watching travel shows on netflix
With international travel curtailed, watching travel shows on Netflix inspire us to dream, and there's a huge list of excellent shows to remind us that is a world out there waiting. Netflix has some of the best content to keep our travel bug fed, from food to travel and...
australian shows on netflix usa
Netflix has become a common household name in Australia and has opened up the world to Australian viewers. It has also provided a way for Australian TV shows to reach new audiences around the world. Australian shows on Netflix range from gritty crime drama and edge-of-your-seat thrillers to romance...
spanish shows netflix money heist
In an era when it's challenging to travel and Netflix consistently releases quality content, you could quickly get a case of wanderlust by watching a foreign series. From crime dramas to romantic chick flicks, it's not difficult to get hooked on dreaming of visiting the filming locations. Whether you...

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