Where To Stay In Valencia

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Valencia is a beautiful and historic city in its nature compact, with many main attractions close to the historic centre. Working out where to stay in Valencia can be a little confusing and if you’re unfamiliar with the city but it’s worth taking the time to select the right location and hotel as choosing a hotel to suit your needs can make or break your stay. Take into account the proximity to local amenities, transportation and attractions. Everyone’s hotel budget is different, and depending on the type of stay, we have narrowed down the options to help you plan. 

Valencia is well-connected by an excellent public transport network of busses, metros and trams. And a range of neighbourhoods offers excellent hotels, easy access to attractions, and plenty of dining and entertainment options. Here are the most popular neighbourhoods in Valencia and recommendations for luxury, midscale and budget hotels to help you find the perfect place to rest your head.

Where To Stay In Valencia

Back view of traveler girl taking picture from terrace of Valencia cityscape, Spain.
Where is the best area to stay in Valencia, Spain? Read our post to find out the best neighbourhoods and hotels.


Eixample is formed from three boroughs within Valencia – Russafa, Gran Via and Play del Remei.

Eixample is a typical residential area with many Valencia’s living and working within its boundaries.

Expect to find excellent restaurants and cafes that the locals frequent and cheaper prices in comparison to the more touristy areas of the city.

Prices increase when dining in Russafa as the area is fast becoming a trendy hotspot. 

Eixample as a neighbourhood, does not have many green spaces and parks, but on its eastern side, it is very close to Valencia’s largest park and gardens, Turia Gardens.

The neighbourhood is fast becoming one of the city’s most sought-after areas for residential homes thanks to its multicultural appeal, proximity to the centre, and range of shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

Many visitors also look to Eixample to escape the typical tourist centre and discover a more authentic city area.

For the trendiest bars and restaurants, head to Russafa, where you will find some of the best examples of local Valencian food in the city.

Eixample is well connected to the rest of the city, with most attractions reachable following a short walk.

During the week, the area is relatively quiet as it is less popular with tourists, however, on a weekend, it can become much more lively and noisier as locals seek to blow off steam and relax after the working week.


  • Trendy area with lots of local restaurants
  • Close to the historic centre


  • No metro station
  • Can be expensive for dining

Best Hotels In Eixample

where is the best place to stay in valencia
When deciding where to stay in Valencia, if you need to be near green spaces, look for somewhere around Turia garden.
Luxury – Hospes Palau de La Mar 

Hospes Palau de La Mar is a luxurious 5-star hotel in Eixample.

The hotel is in a 19th-century building and features intricate wrought-iron detailing, high ceilings, and large windows with ornate frames.

Inside the hotel, the design is modern and minimal while celebrating the historical features present.

Each bedroom is spacious and airy. The interior design is minimal, with crisp and clean white walls contrasting with deep dark hardwood floors and elegant black furnishings.

The hotel has an interior patio area, perfect for enjoying a drink and relaxing in, and a gourmet restaurant and bar.

Guests also have access to the hotel’s spa, where various treatments are available in the massage rooms, including aromatherapy and hot stone massages. There is also a sauna, Turkish bath and small gym.

Hospes Palau de La Mar is at Avenida Navarro Reverter, 14-16, Eixample, 46004 Valencia.

Midscale – One Shot Colón 46 

One Shot Colón 46 is the perfect midscale hotel in Eixample.

The hotel is on the edge of the neighbourhood and is within a 10-minute walk of the historic centre of Valencia.

Every room in the hotel has air conditioning, which is particularly welcoming during the summer, and some bedrooms have private balconies offering great views over the neighbourhood.

Bathrooms are spacious and have a range of toiletries and towels included.

The hotel is modern and simple in its design and incorporates carefully selected lighting, furniture and artwork to give it a vibrant and trendy feel.

There are plenty of spaces to relax in the hotel, including at their bar and restaurant.

One Shot Colón 46 is at Calle Colón, 46, Eixample, 46004 Valencia.

Budget – Hi Valencia Canovas 

Hi Valencia Canovas is an excellent hotel to stay at in Eixample for its price, levels of comfort, and closeness to attractions.

Turia Gardens is only a few minutes walk away.

The bedrooms are designed to be comfortable and homely, with delicately printed linens, muted colour palettes and soothing lighting.

Some rooms have shared restrooms and shower facilities, but upgrades to private bathrooms are reasonable.

Private parking at the hotel is available and airport shuttles can also transfer you from the airport to the door.

The hotel is close to Turia Gardens and is only a short walk to the historic centre and major attractions such as the cathedral.

Malvarossa Beach and its promenade are only a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Hi Valencia Canovas is at Cirilo Amorós, 82, Eixample, 46004 Valencia.

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Young female backpacker visits the city of Valencia
There are several areas with low-cost hotels when deciding where to stay in Valencia on a budget.

Extramurs is formed of Arrancapins, el Botanic, la Petunia and la Roqueta.

This neighbourhood is close to the historic centre and has excellent access to the city’s train stations and good public transport links.

The neighbourhood lies outside the walls of the old city. As the neighbourhood is quite large, where you stay within it truly varies in terms of its benefits and drawbacks.

Much of Extramurs lacks green open spaces and is predominately built up with residential housing as you move further away from the tourist centre.

There are, however, plenty of shops, bars and restaurants throughout the area to explore.

To get closer to green spaces, book your Extramurs hotel in el Botanic, as this area gets its name from its proximity to the botanical gardens.

It is close to the Museum of Natural History and a short walk from Turia Garden.

The largest shopping centre in the neighbourhood is also within el Botanic.

La Petxina is closer to the historic centre and a stone’s throw away from Mercat Central and the cathedral.

It is also close to Turia Gardens, with a small portion of the area crossing this vital green space.

fresh fruit on display
If you can’t decide where to stay in Valencia, pick somewhere near a market for easy access to fresh food and fruit.


  • Often quiet as it is predominately a residential area
  • Reasonable prices for food and drinks at both shops and restaurants
  • Close to the train station


  • Lacking in open green spaces
  • Limited nightlife

Hotels in Extramus

Luxury – L&H Gran Vía Valencia

L&H Gran Vía Valencia is an excellent luxury hotel within Extramurs.

The 4-star hotel’s rooms are fully air-conditioned with private bathrooms, desks and excellent views. 

Looking out of your window, you will either have a view across towards Turia Gardens or the city.

It is excellently located and is close to the Church of Saint Nicolas.

Transportation links to and from the hotel are also of a high standard, with Valencia North train station only a short walk away and public transport stops close by.

The hotel features a rooftop bar and terrace with beautiful views over the city.

The restaurant and bar areas are immaculately designed with an Art Deco twist.

The bedrooms are airy, clean and bright, with muted colours throughout. The bathrooms are pristine and include a small set of The Ritual of Karma by Rituals for toiletries.

Should you wish to book breakfast as part of your stay, the standard of the food is high.

Choose from a fresh and varied continental breakfast, or choose the American, which includes eggs, bacon and pancakes.

L&H Gran Vía Valencia is at 63 Gran Via de Ferran el Catòlic, Extramurs.

Midscale – YOU & CO. J. Botánico Boutique 

This trendy hotel is ideal for those visiting the city for the weekend who are prioritising time in the centre over time in the hotel room but are still seeking a little comfort during the evenings. 

The hotel is modernly decorated and is filled with greenery.

From its plant motif wallpaper to large bird of paradise plants and living plant walls in the entrance and dining areas, the hotel is light, airy and filled with life.

It is also a short walk away from Turia Gardens.

The hotel is ideally placed for exploring the historic centre, the IVAM Modern Art Museum, and the old town, without being too close to the tourist centre.

This allows for quieter evenings in the surrounding area.

Each bedroom in the hotel is bright and spacious, with warm touches of natural wood.

The bedrooms include traditional Spanish touches through the detailed tilework displayed on the floors and in the shower.

The tiles are in muted colours adding to the fresh and clean ambience.

It is possible to rent bicycles from reception, and there is an onsite tourist information desk to help you find your way around the city.

YOU & CO. J. Botánico Boutique is at Doctor Peset Cervera, 6, Extramurs, 46008 Valencia.

Budget – Hotel 19-30 Valencia 

Hotel 19-30 Valencia is a well-placed budget hotel in Extramurs.

The hotel is close to the main tourist centre of the city and its historic landmarks and is only a 411m (1348ft) walk from Norte train station.

Each room has a private bathroom with a shower, and toiletries and fresh towels are provided.

Within the rooms are air conditioning, tea and coffee-making facilities and flat-screen TVs.

Some bedrooms benefit from a balcony offering views of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The rooms are simple in design but do feature brightly coloured tiled floors and touches of natural wood throughout.

This hotel is ideal for getting a good night’s rest before heading back out to explore the city.

The hotel is within walking distance of several churches, Plaza Ayuntamiento and local museums.

Hotel 19-30 Valencia is at Carrer del Convent de Jerusalem 30, Extramurs.

Poblats Marítims

where to stay in valencia port
When deciding where to stay in Valencia, you might want to consider the port area.

Poblats Marítims covers Valencia’s port area and a large section of its beaches.

Due to its seaside location, there are many excellent restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes and paella with fish or shellfish.

This beach neighbourhood is popular with locals and tourists in the summer as they head towards the sand for sunshine and relaxation.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants, and its nightlife scene is lively.

The area is also close to the university, with many students living within the neighbourhood.

The warmer weather can cause Poblats Marítims to be quite noisy in the evening, with bars, restaurants and clubs all open later than out of this season.

If noise is likely to disturb you, seek a hotel with soundproof rooms, or one more towards the city centre than the beach.

This area is further away from the historic centre and many of Valencia’s must-visit landmarks and attractions.

Public transport is reliable here with access to busses and the tram network.


  • Good access to public transportation
  • Relaxed vibe
  • Variety of bars and restaurants


  • Extremely busy during the summer
  • Can be very noisy in the evening
  • Further away from the centre and its attractions

Hotels in Poblats Marítims

pan of paella
When choosing where to stay in Valencia, you’ll never be far away from excellent food.
Luxury – Las Arenas Balneario Resort

Las Arenas Balneario Resort is the ideal luxury hotel by the sea.

The 5-star hotel has several rooms with sea views, spacious balconies, two outdoor pools, plenty of sun loungers, and an excellent spa.

Each bedroom is thoughtfully designed to reflect the hotel’s overall luxury vibe.

Each room has a private bathroom, is spacious, and is finished with muted colours and white walls to further encourage the feeling of space and air.

An onsite restaurant serves a range of delicious dishes and offers a substantial and varied breakfast option.

The hotel is right on the beach, with easy access to the sands.

After you have relaxed on the beach, dip in the pool, or want to unwind after a day exploring the city, head to the spa.

The spa has a heated indoor swimming pool and a wide range of massage and beauty treatments.

This hotel truly is the epitome of seaside luxe.

Las Arenas Balneario Resort is at Eugina Viñes, 22-24, Poblats Maritims, 46011, Valencia.

Midscale – El Coso 

El Coso is ideally placed for access to the beach and the marina.

El Coso is a new hotel in the area and is part of the city of Valencia’s ongoing regeneration of its port area.

The hotel is within walking distance of Playa de las Arenas and is next to Jardins de Neptu, a small and pleasant park.

It is also close to both the tram and local bus services.

The hotel is simple yet offers everything you may need. It is clean and bright inside, with teal touches throughout.

There are two excellent onsite restaurants serving a range of Mediterranean dishes, including local specialty paella.

Additional facilities at the hotel include access to hot tubs and hydromassage baths.

The bedrooms are designed but, again, are clean and bright, while the bathrooms are all ensuite and have toiletries and fresh towels provided.

Air conditioning is also present in all rooms, which is great in summer. 

El Coso is at Paseo Neptune, 12, Poblats Maritims, 46011, Valencia.

Budget – Sol Playa 

Sol Playa is the perfect beachside budget hotel that is a short walk from Playa de las Arenas and well-placed for access to the neighbourhood’s bars, restaurants and nightlife.

Each room in the hotel is spacious and features all the necessities needed, including access to wifi, a desk, toiletries, towels and fresh linen, and private bathrooms.

Public transport links via bus and tram are within a five-minute walk of the hotel. It is also possible to hire bicycles from the hotel’s reception.

Sol Playa is at Paseo de Neptuno 56, Poblats Maritims, 46011.

Ciutat Vella

aerial view of old town
The old town is a popular choice when planning where to stay in Valencia.

Ciutat Vella is in the centre of Valencia and is considered the Old Town.

This beautiful neighbourhood has interesting attractions such as the cathedral, Mercat Central, and Silk Exchange.

Its central location also means you’ll find plenty of things to do in the evening.

Several excellent restaurants are only a short walk from this hotel, and there are plenty of bars for after-dinner drinks.

The neighbourhood can get very busy with tourists as it is home to some of the city’s biggest and most important landmarks.

It is also a little further away from public transport links due to its pedestrian-friendly nature, however, it is still accessible following a few minutes walk.

Booking a hotel in Ciutat Vella is perfect if you need to be very central during your stay or want to be right in the centre of Valencia’s historic district.


  • The perfect location for many of Valencia’s landmarks
  • Everything within walking distance
  • Excellent range of bars and restaurants


  • It can be very busy during peak holiday periods and festivals
  • Sometimes noisy in the evening

Hotels in Ciutat Vella

Luxury – Palacio Vallier 5* 

This beautiful 5-star hotel is located in the city’s heart and is within walking distance to many of Valencia’s main attractions, including Turia Gardens and Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados.

The hotel is a former 19th-century mansion that has been exquisitely converted into luxury accommodation.

Only 31 rooms and suites are available, making it feel cosy and intimate.

The discovery of Roman perfumery from the 3rd century adds to the luxurious vibe.

The hotel’s excellent restaurant is named after this discovery.

Each room has been carefully designed to reflect the region and the building’s history.

You will find inviting colours and textures in your room, Art Deco touches and plenty of natural light.

Be sure to visit the hotel’s rooftop terrace for stunning views over the city, particularly at night when it is illuminated.

Palacio Vallier 5* is at Plaza Manises, 7, Ciutat Vella, 46003, Valencia.

Midscale – Cosmo Hotel Boutique 

Cosmo Hotel Boutique is the perfect midscale hotel for your Valencia stay in Ciutat Vella.

The hotel is in a central location and is within walking distance to Norte train station and several attractions, including Turia Gardens, the cathedral and Mercat Central.

Rooms in Cosmo Hotel Boutique are airy and spacious, with thoughtful design touches included. Bathrooms are private, and breakfast is available at their restaurant.

Despite its central location on a busy street, expect a good night’s sleep. The rooms are soundproofed, ensuring you feel refreshed and ready for your day.

Cosmo Hotel Boutique is at Avinguda de María Cristina 8, Ciutat Vella, 46001 Valencia.

Budget – Hi Valencia Boutique 

Hi Valencia Boutique is an attractive and comfortable hotel at a great low price per night.

The hotel, despite being only a 1-star, is filled with elegantly furnished bedrooms that are spacious and are filled with everything you need for your stay.

Every bedroom has a private bathroom, access to streaming services, and typical hotel amenities such as tea and coffee-making facilities and toiletries.

Each room varies in style. Book a queen room for colourful and patterned feature walls and colourful pops of furniture contrasting against crisp white linens and drapes.

The hotel is a short walk away from the cathedral and markets, and has excellent links to public transport.

Hi Valencia Boutique is at Plaza Alfonso El Magnánimo, 1 Puerta 2, Ciutat Vella, 46003 Valencia.

Quatre Carreres

where to stay valencia Quatre Carreres
Where to stay in Valencia to feel as if you’re in a futuristic city? Check into a hotel near Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Sciences).

Quatre Carrers is famous for housing the imposing, impressive and infinitely creative architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Book a stay here if you plan to visit the attractions of this complex for more than one day.

The neighbourhood also borders part of Turia Gardens, which is perfect for relaxing in, having a picnic, or simply taking a gentle stroll.

There is a large shopping centre within the neighbourhood.

El Saler has a range of shops and restaurants and is worth exploring for souvenirs or a window shop.

The area is part of an ongoing modernisation project, with great efforts being put into regenerating the area.

Some sections of Quatre Carreres are still building sites or farmland waiting to be converted.

There are some shops, bars and restaurants, with more appearing as you head closer to the city centre.


  • Good access to public transport
  • Perfectly placed for the City of Arts and Sciences
  • Up-and-coming neighbourhood


  • Lots of redevelopment in the area results in building noise on a morning
  • Limited options for dining

Hotels in Quatre Carrers

where to stay in valencia near beach
The Oceanografic in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.
Luxury – Hotel Medium Valencia 

Hotel Medium Valencia is a welcome luxury hotel in Quatre Carreras and one of the few in the city offering an outdoor swimming pool.

The hotel is a short walk from the architectural masterpiece of the City of Arts and Sciences.

Bedrooms in the hotel are fully air-conditioned and spacious. The rooms are modern in design and feature warm colours, fresh white linens, and large windows.

Views from the rooms look out over the pool and grounds or across to the City of Arts and Sciences.

There is an excellent onsite restaurant serving traditional Mediterranean dishes. Breakfast is of a high standard and offers a diverse menu.

Hotel Medium Valencia is at General Urrutia, 48, Quatre Carreres, 46013 Valencia.

Midscale – NH Valencia Las Ciencias 

A stone’s through from the City of Arts and Sciences is NH Valencia Las Ciencias. This excellent hotel has everything you need for an enjoyable stay.

The bedrooms are bright and airy, featuring warming wooden floors and furniture against fresh, bright white walls.

Each bedroom has an ensuite bathroom with toiletries and towels provided. Air conditioning is also a feature of all bedrooms.

The hotel is well-connected to the rest of the city, with bus stops immediately outside.

The City of Arts and Sciences and Turia Gardens are within walking distance.

The hotel does not have a restaurant but does offer a continental and buffet breakfast. There is a cafe bar for drinks and snacks open throughout the day.

NH Valencia Las Ciencias is at Instituto Obrero de Valencia, 26, Quatre Carreres, 46013 Valencia.

Budget – B&B Hotel Valencia Ciudad de las Ciencias 

Located 0.9 miles (1.45 kilometres) from the City of Arts and Sciences is B&B Hotel Valencia Ciudad de las Ciencias.

This hotel is bright, airy and clean, with a modern design.

The hotel is a little further away from the historic centre of Valencia, its beaches and other attractions, however, it is well linked through public transport.

Each room has an ensuite bathroom and views across the city or the gardens.

Bedrooms include typical hotel amenities, including towels and toiletries.

Breakfast is optional and is served in the hotel’s bar area. There is no onsite restaurant however, there are a number within walking distance.

B&B Hotel Valencia Ciudad de las Ciencias is at Avenida de Ausias March, 99, Quatre Carreres, 46013 Valencia.

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