10 Things to do in London

10 Things to do in London

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how to travel in london
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Double decker buses, Buckingham Palace and London Bridge. London’s attractions are straight of a Monopoly board. London can be exciting and overwhelming. England’s dynamic capital is jam-packed with historic and modern-day attractions, from churches and cathedrals to castles and mansions to theatres, museums, quirky streets and markets. So if you’ve never been, here are 10 things to do in London.

1-Buckingham Palace

how to travel in london

The hub of the British Royal Empire, Buckingham Palace is a drawcard for sure.

From its grand architecture to the colourful palace guards parading through the grounds, Buckingham Palace is a drawcard for royal watchers.

For a bit of action, make sure to go during the Changing of the Guards.

2-Palace of Westminster

You’ve probably seen Westminster Abbey, the coronation church since 1066, countless times on TV.

The Abbey is the final resting spot of 17 monarchs. The Abbey, the House of Parliament and its famous Big Ben, the biggest and highest clock tower in the whole of the United Kingdom, is an iconic London landmark.

3-Eye of London

things to do in london

For a birds-eye view of London, take a ride on London’s famous Ferris wheel. The Eye of London offers a view from the sky of all of London’s famous landmarks.

4-Tower of London

things to do in london

Take a step back into British history by visiting the Tower of London. It was a royal palace, an arsenal and garrison, a zoo for the royal family and a jewel house.

Don’t miss the Crown Jewels exhibition. A Yeoman Warder tour will reveal gruesome tales of intrigue, execution and torture.

5-Royal Museums Greenwich

things to do in london

Visit the Royal Museums Greenwich, the world’s largest maritime museum. The four museums, including the Queen’s House and Royal Observatory, are a reminder of Britain’s supremacy during the prime of the British Empire.

6-Piccadilly Circus

things to do in london

Piccadilly Circus is the entertainment district of the London and has enough giant electronic advertisements boards to rival New York’s Time Square. There are cinemas, theaters, bars, clubs and restaurants.


how to travel in london

Looking for fancy and fashionable attire? Want to learn how to dress like an English gent or lady? Head to Harrods, which is near Piccadilly Circus.

The famous department store is a showcase of quality British fashion, from coats and jackets to custom-tailored suits, silk ties to leather shoes.

Indeed, it showcases English-style fashion that ranges from traditional get up to modern clothing.

8-Tower Bridge

how to travel in london

The bridge in the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down”, is the place to capture a panoramic photo.

Capture beautiful London, with cars and red double-decker buses as they zoom along the bridge. For a panoramic shot with a higher vantage point with the London skylines, visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

9-Wembley Stadium

Football fans won’t want to miss Wembley Stadium. The stadium is the biggest stadium in Great Britain and is where most major sporting events are held.

It has hosted the FIFA championship games, Summer Olympics and the English Cup. Get into the spirit and buy an English beer, paint yourself with your favorite team color, and wave the team’s banner.

10-St. Paul’s Cathedral

things to do in london

St Paul’s Cathedral, with its grand dome is an imposing structure in London’s towering skylines.

The beautiful interior of the cathedral and its view of the Thames River is worth a visit.

Climb 528 steps to capture another panoramic picture of riverside London. Once you’re satisfied with your pictures at the top, pay a visit to The Crypt below.

Discover London

Looking for more ideas on things to do in London? Visit London’s official guide is a good source. Once you’ve taken a spin around the Monopoly board, there are plenty of other things to do. A favourite spot of mine is the Borough Market London for great food and a bit of local buzz.

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