20 best travel toiletry bags

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Choosing a toiletry bag might seem like a trivial task compared to the other tasks involved in organizing a trip. But any seasoned traveler will agree that, whether you’re traveling on vacation or a business trip., being organized is the key to smooth travels. In the packing department, sometimes, you do need more than your backpack or suitcase, and choosing the best toiletry bag can bring both order and tranquility to your trip. Use our guide to help you pick the best travel toiletry bag.

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Best Toiletry Bags

How To Choose A Toiletry Bag 

travel toiletry bag
Choosing a toiletry bag for traveling is fun.

Not surprisingly, there are many types of toilet bags, from small cheap ones to toiletries bag sets and designer toilet bags.

Things to consider when choosing a new toiletry bag are style, design, material and color.

There’s a huge range and, these days, there are specially designed toiletry bags for men, toiletry bags for women and even cute kids toiletry bags.

It’s easy to go for one that catches your eye and fits your budget but before you buy one that may not suit your needs, here are some things to think about:

1- Think About The Size

Best travel toiletry bags

Consider the space available and the number of compartments. Travel kits come in different sizes suitable for various needs. Do you need a big bag for all your bits and pieces? Or are you looking for small toilet bags that don’t take up too much space in your suitcase?

Whether you’re choosing a men’s toiletries bag or a ladies toiletries bag, size does matter.

The most important thing is it needs to be large enough to fit all your toiletries in an organized manner.

Ones with lots of compartments are preferable as they can help keep our bits and pieces tidy.

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2- Is It Made From Quality Material

mens toiletry bags

Toiletry bags come in a range of materials, such as canvas, PVC, cloth, water-resistant nylon fabric, and leather.

If you travel with jars of potions and bottles of liquid, you’ll want to choose a waterproof bag for your toilet items.

If it’s a gift for a family member or friend, look into the range of men’s leather toiletry kits available.

3- Select The Design and Style

toiletries bag

They come in different shapes, from the roll-up ones to hanging toiletry bags suitable when your hotel bathroom is likely to lack space.

4- Find Out Airport Requirements

If most of your travels are short trips where you would not be checking in luggage, you might need a toiletry bag that can easily be screened.

A clear toiletry pouch is perfect for those short trips. You might even want to have one anyway to tuck into your hand luggage on long international flights.

5- Decide On A Budget

There are plenty of cheap toiletry bags to choose from, but you will get what you pay for! This is the type of item that frequent flyers tend to change regularly.

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Best toiletry bags for women

best toilet bag for women

There are plenty of lovely choices for women. Many come in different colors, designs and compartments for toiletry items. Here’s our pick of the best toiletry bags for women:

#1- 7Senses Hanging 

A spacious bag with lots of compartments, 7Senses Hanging comes in cheerful jellybean colors (blue/green or red/pink) that will keep you smiling. 

This toiletry bag has plenty of space, quality, and great design. One great feature about this one is it has strong zippers and another top feature is its multiple pockets.

#2- HABE Travel Makeup Bag

Sometimes you just need a stylish case for all your makeup. Looking for the best travel makeup bag? The HABE Travel Makeup Bag is the way to go. With pockets where you can tuck in your makeup brushes and compartments to separate your lipsticks, blushes and sponges, this is a great bag to pack in all those items that make you beautiful. The mirror is a bonus.

#3- HANKCLES Designer 

Passion Peach, Beach Wave Blue Caribbean Flamingo, Animal World or Honeydew Green. Take your pick! The colors of HANKCLES Designer sound good enough to eat! These stylish designer toiletries bags are not just pretty; they’re hardy and well-constructed from waterproof nylon material. The design is versatile, with zippered pockets, and a durable hanging hook.

#4- Freegrace Premium 

Freegrace Premium has an intuitive design with hanging metal hooks, premium water-resistant nylon, and pearl cotton cushion material.

A feature of this item is it has ample space to fit all your accessories. The design is functional yet compact.

#5- Expert Travel Hanging 

Travel can be stressful and sleeping in a strange hotel room can be disorientating. The last thing you need is for your toilet bag to be a disorganized jumble of items. is designed to organize all your things in a foldable design with four distinct sections. The Expert Travel Hanging can be hung (great for tight spaces or if you’re going camping) and it also looks elegant. It comes with handles so that you can carry with ease. This sleek toiletry pouch has all the space you need for your hair products, toothbrush, mouthwash, and other toiletries.


The main feature of IQTRAVELS is its multifunctional and adjustable design, with three detachable mesh pockets. It can be used as a travel storage organizer or a shaving kit bag too. So, in essence, you’re getting more for your money and a travel kit that you can disassemble and use for storing all your bits and pieces separately.

#7- B&C Large 

If you’re looking for a large bag to fit all your items, B&C Large Bag might suit you. Features include a sturdy hanger, waterproof lining, stylish polka-dot style, and bright pink zippers.

It’s a bag that will allow you to have large bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash, actually, all your toiletries in one place when you travel.

#8- SLEEKO TSA Approved 

Looking for a hassle-free airport experience? SLEEKO TSA Approved is a stylish travel bag for all your items that has a detachable TSA approved (for US travel) clear bag that will help you pack liquids to carry through airport security. The product is waterproof, durable, comes with multiple compartments and strong double-end zippers.

#9- True-Wear Hanging 

With True-Wear Hanging, you have multiple compartments to help you stay organized. It can accommodate cosmetics and large bottles in their upright position. The bag is easy to hang so that you can have easy access to retrieve your contents whenever you need. It comes in a variety of bright colours to cheer up your day.

#10- Travel R Hanging 

Travel R Hanging comes with a quality zipper, side mesh pockets and straps. A great feature about the Travel R is its compact shape is great for quickly stuffing it into your suitcase or backpack. With the 360-degrees sturdy metal hook, you can hang it anywhere you need.

Men’s Toiletry Bags

mens toiletry bags

Throw your shaver cream and aftershave into one of these toilet bags designed for men and you’ll be ready to hit the road.

#11- Zero Grid Dopp Kit

Zero Grid is durable and versatile. Another worth noting feature is that this dopp kit is TSA approved and you can fly with it without hassles.

Zero Grid Dopp Toiletry Kit is one of the lightest and compact choices that you can easily pack in your suitcase.

#12- Vetelli Leather Case For Men (Dopp Kit)

This stylish toiletry kit for men has a waterproof lining and a water-resistant bottom. Vetelli Leather For Men (Dopp Kit) has two compartments, comes with two 2oz (60ml) silicon travel bottles and a lifetime guarantee. How can you go wrong?

#13- Alpine Swiss Sedona Genuine Leather

Looking for a special gift? Here’s a vintage toiletry kit made from leather with a design that has stood the test of time.

The Alpine Swiss Sedona comes with two large compartments, two inner zipped pockets and two travel bottle mesh pouches.

#14- Vetelli Gio 

The Vetelli Gio leather toiletry kit has an inner lining is water-resistant and is constructed with a reinforced weaving technique used in yacht sails, hot air balloons and parachutes!

It makes a quality gift, is a perfect travel size and is an item that’s likely to last.

#15- 42 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

With 17 compartments, dividers and pockets, the 42 Travel Hanging has a well thought out design perfect for travelers who need to be really organized.

The special ‘O type’ zippers open from top to bottom and will stop your belongings from falling out. It’s super useful for longer trips as full-sized bottles will fit into the main compartment and large side pockets. The hanging hook is a bonus. 

Toiletry bags for kids

Traveling with the family? Here are the best travel toiletry cases for when you’re traveling with the boys and girls too.

#16- Dot & Dot 

The Dot & Dot is a travel-sized kit that comes with the capacity to keep your baby items organized.

It is lightweight and is a great travel size with a decent amount of room to pack your kids or infants toiletries.

It’s easy to see why this travel kit is perfect for kids!

#17- Intimom Cute Kids 

With multiple compartments, this is Intimom monster bag will enchant kids to all ages. Kids ToiletBag by Intimom has carry straps so for kids to sling the toilet bag over the shoulders like a backpack and is waterproof, resistant to wear, and odor free. There’s a convenient hook for hanging it and the zipper is top quality. Just pop it into your kids backpack and go!

#18- Reisenthel Toiletbag For Kids

It’s a simple design but all that you need to keep your kids’ travel kit organized for easy access and retrieval. You don’t have to unpack it to access its contents as the suspension hook has been incorporated to make that easy for you. Reisenthel Toiletbag For Kids has a fun, attractive, and colorful design is what makes this kids’ toilet bag stand out. The bag also comes with one spacious compartment, three additional pockets, and a zippered compartment.

#20- SunKni Portable 

Travel with a peace of mind with this brand choice that comes with an attractive and awe-inspiring bag. SunKni Portable is antibacterial, odor free, tear-resistant, and easy to clean. It has a sturdy zipper and is an all-round bag for all types of travel. 

If you haven’t changed your toiletry bag for a while, now’s the time to do it. Getting organized will help make packing for your vacation less stressful.

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