Burj Al Arab and other luxury hotels in Dubai

Burj Al Arab and other luxury hotels in Dubai


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Burj Al Arab Photos: Jewels Lynch

Dubai it is so over-the-top opulent and luxurious. To me, luxury is pretty much anything with a king-size bed and an ensuite. As a mother of two teenage daughters, I live a very simple life. My priority is to provide my daughters the best that they deserve but, don’t get me wrong, I’m a luxury lover as much as the next girl. So imagine how I felt when visiting Burj Al Arab.

I was in Dubai for seven days and although the luxury I experienced didn’t fit my normal lifestyle, I felt totally comfortable with it. Maybe others thought I was out of place but that doesn’t really bother me as I’m comfortable with who I am.

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Burj al Arab

The most luxurious experience of all the things we did in Dubai was our last night in the royal suite of the Burj Al Arab. We were served canapes and lots of bubbles. This was amazing.

We were given Hermes perfumes as gifts at the end of the night and I even wore a cocktail dress that Lauren Bath gifted me for my 40th birthday and heels.

We ate everything from Mexican to traditional food and drank lots of espresso martinis.

burj al arab 2

My first impression of Burj Al Arab is that it looked so surreal sitting out on the water on its own. It almost didn’t look real.

I had one of those moments, you know, when you’ve seen something in pictures or on TV, and suddenly it becomes real and then it becomes even more amazing than you ever imagined it to be.

burj al arab 15

Madinat Jumeirah

We stayed at the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah for our entire trip and had our own butlers. My room was super luxurious.


We saw this fireworks display on the beach at the front of Madinat Jumeirah while setting up for the 15th birthday of the Burj al Arab.

It was the most mind-blowing fireworks display I’ve ever seen and it went on forever.

I was repeatedly told this was a small show of fireworks compared to New Year’s Eve (celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai is now on my bucket list!).

burj al arab 11

Madinat Jumeirah is a city within the city. We caught boats to our rooms and golf buggies to the restaurants. Our every whim was catered to. The service was first class; everything was perfect.

burj al arab 17

The beachfront of Madinat Jumeirah is out of a movie scene. I didn’t expect such a gorgeous beach in Dubai. It is beautifully groomed. Watching the sunset behind the famous Atlantis Palm was a wonderous sight.

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Off the beach at Al Qasar in Madinet Jumeirah, the beautiful wooden pier leads to a fine-dining seafood restaurant called Pierchic.

burj al arab 8


The swimming pools in Dubai are amazing. The first pool is one of the main pools at Madinat Jumeirah; the second is a landscape feature at the front entrance of the luxury accommodation we stayed; the third is part of a huge feature fountain lake outside the front of the Burj Khalifa.

So only one was actually for swimming in. The other two were purely for decoration. Unfortunately, we were too busy to swim at all.

burj al arab 10

The Desert

I found the desert very romantic, especially our second visit to capture the sunrise. The quiet of the desert lends to the softness and serenity.

Watching my friends and Maxime Coquard in their own quiet moment across the sand dunes as the sun came up was a romantic moment I just had to capture.

burj al arab 9

If I had the opportunity to return to Dubai, I’d love to see it from the air. Perhaps a scenic flight in a small aircraft or helicopter or maybe I’d even try sky diving.

burj al arab 6 Jewels Lynch was a guest of Dubai Tourism


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