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British Columbia is a stunning province on Canada's west coast. From vibrant Vancouver to the mountains and Vancouver Island, discover the breathtaking wonder of British Columbia Canada. British Columbia offers diverse experiences, from food and wine of the Thompson Okanagan region to sailing around the islands of Vancouver Island. Love skiing? Whistler, Sun Peaks, Big White, Silverstar and a host of other world-class ski resorts are in British Columbia.

What is British Columbia famous for?

British Columbia is a known for its stunning mountains, Vancouver Island and the lovely city of Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the largest and certainly one of the most beautiful urban centers in Canada.

Why do they call it British Columbia?

The name British Columbia was chosen by Queen Victoria when it became a British colony in 1858. The name British Columbia is a reflection of the province's origins as the British remainder of the Columbia District of the Hudson's Bay Company.

How many cities are there in British Columbia?

There are 51 cities in British Columbia. The largest city is Vancouver while the smallest city is Greenwood.

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The mead bar at Planet Bee Honey Farm in Vernon, British Columbia, is buzzing with activity. In this wine region of Canada, visitors can...

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If there's anyone who knows everything about food and wine in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, it's Jennifer Schell. Author of three international award-winning cookbooks...

How to make Okanagan Apple Dumpling Bombs

Jennifer Schell, author of The Butcher, The Baker, The Wine and Cheese Maker in the Okanagan (a recipe book that celebrates culinary culture in British...

How To Make Rhubarb Tiramisu

Rhubarb is a seasonal treat in British Columbia's Thompson Okanagan. Grown in local gardens, prime time for rhubarb is April to June, however, Okanagan...

10 Amazing Vancouver Island Resorts You Will Fall In Love With

Vancouver Island, simply put, is paradise. It’s the Land of the Mighty Yellow Cedars and Giant Sequoias and stands of ancient Douglas Firs in...


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Best of British Columbia

Camping Vancouver Island – Why You Will Love It

Picture an island with forests and meadows, lakes and snow-capped mountains, with rivers full of salmon and trout. Large swathes of the island are...


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