Ronan O’Connell

I’m an award-winning freelance travel journalist and photographer with 12 years' experience as a reporter.I have written more than 100 travel features and contributed...

Mike Yardley

Clocking up 25 years in the media industry, my primary career for 20 years was as a full-time talk radio host. I guided my hometown...

Richard Asher

I am a freelance travel and sport writer. I've been to nearly 70 countries and am always on the move, trusty MacBook and camera...

Ingrid Piper

Ingrid Piper is a Hong Kong based freelance writer and journalist who's fascinated by the amazing stories, places and people living in the South...

Heather Udy

I'm a photographer with a passion for landscapes, wildlife and nature. I specialise in sunsets, sunrises, animals and all that is naturally beautiful.I’ve been interested...

Brad Reynolds

Tripadvisor’s most prolific reviewer I am a travel enthusiast. When I’m not traveling, I’m travel planning or writing on TripAdvisor where I post under the...

Beth Reiber

Before I could even read, I couldn’t wait to go to my grandparents’ house so I could pour through their latest National Geographic. Today,...

Megan Eileen McDonough

I’m a writer and blogger currently based in San Francisco, California. I grew up just outside of Washington, DC and previously lived in London,...

Marie Barbieri

I’m a freelance travel writer and photographer that moved from London to Adelaide, though at times feel I’m not from anywhere. At other times...

Tim Cotroneo

Tim Cotroneo - Travel Writer and Golf WriterI’m a Minneapolis-based writer specializing in travel, business, and golf. My passion for writing was sparked by...


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Brahmaputra River Cruise in Assam India

River cruising has emerged as a popular style of holidaying for luxury travellers. In Europe, cruising the Danube or Rhine has been popular for...