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fairytale castles in Germany (Hohenzollern Castle)
Like many parts of Europe, Germany has a rich history dating back thousands of years. While there are countless relics and sites dotted throughout the continent for current generations to learn about the country's past, none are as impressive or abundant as Germany's collection of castles. Said to have as...
Italian Castles Aragonese Castle
Europe is filled with incredible castles, and while you might immediately think of English fortresses or fairytale German palaces, you might be surprised to learn that castles in Italy are some of the most beautiful in Europe. Each region of the country has its own unique history which is...
French castles (chambord)

20 Castles in France

French castles, or chateaus, are filled with the romance of old European fairytales. While many were designed as a fortress and stronghold for military purposes, some chateaux were built simply for pleasure or luxury homes. Castles in France constructed for military purposes often sit high atop cliffs with strategic...

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