Jocelyn Pride

Jocelyn Pride


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Jocelyn Pride

I always seem to be the person stuff happens to. Like randomly coming face to face with a black bear on a hike in Alaska, having a dingo jump on my back in the Kimberley or being stuck on a rocky outcrop in New Zealand when the tide came in. My friends call it the ‘Joce Factor’.

So, when people started suggesting I should share my words and pictures to a larger audience than around the table at dinner parties, I enrolled in a couple of travel writing courses (Australian Writers’ Centre and Rob McFarland’s course) and as the cliché goes – I haven’t looked back.

My background is in photography and education. I’m a life-long learner with a passion for wildlife, history, cultural experiences (especially if they involve food and wine), quirky places and I prefer my adventure medium to rare.

Jocelyn Pride

Although I’m Melbourne city born and bred, I’m equally as comfortable in the country, particularly on horseback or fossicking around an historical site. Married to a news cameraman, we’ve travelled to many countries and were lucky enough to have a two-year stint in London during the 1990’s.

Beyond Australia, I seem to be drawn to places starting with ‘A’. Africa and Alaska are my heart stealers (and Antarctica is high on the bucket list).  It’s all about the animals. I love them.

Since launching my travel writing career in 2012, my stories and images have been published in a variety of magazines including, International Traveller, Luxury Travel, Selector, Signature, Get Up & Go, SMH Traveller, USA Today and Australian Traveller.

A member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW), I was thrilled to be a finalist in the ASTW awards for the Best Food Travel Story in 2014.

When I’m not on the move, I enjoy cooking, reading, keeping fit, watching movies and looking after other people’s dogs.

You can find me online at


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