Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island

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I am on a sand island. The biggest sand island in the world, to be exact. If this brings the image of a desert island to your mind with one lonely palm tree for shade and nothing else you will be surprised to learn Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is a rich haven of wildlife and the waters around Fraser Island are famous for humpback whale watching.

Fraser Island has 250 km of sandy beaches; spectacular rainforests; dune lakes (clear water and ‘black water’), coloured sand cliffs and an eco-resort to blow your mind.

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Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Tony Gwynn-Jones

Kingfisher Bay Resort

There are so many activities to choose from at the Kingfisher Bay Resort, it could take you a few days to do them all.

Waking up to the sound of birdsong is something to treasure.

My room at the resort feels like a treehouse.

To access it I walk on an elevated boardwalk amongst thick vegetation.

Glimpses of blue ocean sparkle through the leaves. It is shady, cool and inviting.

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Photo: Darren Jew / Tourism and Events Queensland

It is not only birdsong everywhere but rustles down below indicate some creatures are about.

There are 48 species of mammals on the island including dingoes, swamp wallabies, possums and sugar gliders with dolphins, dugongs, turtles, rays and humpback whales swimming nearby.

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Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Peter Lik
Fraser Island accommodation 1
Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Murray Waite
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Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Peter Lik

There’s plenty to do while staying at Kingfisher Bay Resort. Taking a guided tour of the inland lakes is a treat.

A 4×4 ride through forests delivers you to the centre where a big dune sandscape opens up in front of you.

It’s the kind of space where I imagine desert scenes might be filmed. Sparkling blue lakes sit amongst the dunes where a lonely dingo patrols the area.

In contrast to this sandy environment, Eli Creek on the western coast, flowing into the Seventy-Five Mile Beach, is a shady haven for freshwater swimming.

North of Eli Creek the Pinnacles Coloured Sands has 72 colours, mostly reds and yellows, in striking horizontal bands.

The eastern beaches are also used for small aircraft landing, so watch out for them.

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Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Peter Lik

Fraser Island activities

Kingfisher Bay Resort is on the western side of the island and has miles of beach you can explore on foot or by taking a Segway tour.

Be mindful of these machines though, as they are sensitive to sudden shifts of weight.

A ride along the beach at sunset is a good way to effortlessly cover terrain.

Finish your adventure with Sunset drinks and a choice of prawn, cheese or antipasto platters at the Jetty Hut (2 pm to 5.30 pm).

You can pre-order to make sure you get your choice.

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Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Ezra Patchett

Meals at Kingfisher Bay Resort are spectacular. Dinner is my favourite time with chef choices that are hard to beat.

Of course, seafood features in the menu and being surrounded by water cravings to eat fish are unavoidable.

Accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort comes as spacious hotel rooms linked by an elevated boardwalk; self-contained villas and wilderness lodges.

Fraser Island accomodation 7
Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland & Peter Lik

Guided walks; canoe paddling; fishing lessons; night guided tours; bush tucker tours and tastings, are some activities offered at Kingfisher Bay Resort and don’t forget the Spa where I had the most relaxing deep tissue massage before dinner one night.

Dedicated bush guides, experienced chefs and certified therapists make Kingfisher Bay Resort a unique one in a unique environment.

Just think: you will be on a giant sandbar enjoying all the mod-cons an eco-resort can offer.

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