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Central Queensland

Central Queensland is the Queensland region around the Tropic of Capricorn. From the Capricorn Coast to the Central Highlands to Mackay and Gladstone.

Rockhampton is the region’s main city. WIth charming historic architecture, the Beef Capital of Australia has a laid-back country vibe. Rockhampton’s rich heritage dates back to the 1880s when prospectors found gold on Mount Morgan.

What are some things to do in Rockhampton?

The top things to see when visiting Rockhampton are:

1- Capricorn Caves
The Capricorn Caves near Rockhampton is a visual treat and a delight to explore.

2- Heritage Village
Heritage Village is a historical park that is enchanting to visit. It has replicas of historic buildings and is a portal into the region’s history.

3- Rockhampton Art Gallery
The Rockhampton Art Gallery is home to a fine art collection, especially 20th-century Australian art. Admire the talent of Albert Tucker, Arthur Boyd, Russell Drysdale, Sidney Nolan and Margaret Olley.

Capricorn caves

Capricorn Caves

I am in the Capricorn Caves, some 50 metres under the earth’s surface, sitting in total darkness. It’s a cool but comfortable 24 degrees C. The air is silent and still. But a sense of slight panic stirs in my body as the darkness begins to permeate my soul. Then, music begins. Beautiful...
Mackay beaches
Mackay in Queensland may not be as well-known as Cairns or Palm Cove but if you happen to be heading this way, take the time to explore. You'd be surprised at the fun things to do in Mackay. Mackay is one of the lesser-known places to visit in Queensland and...
Finch Hatton Gorge
Time moves so fast, the years disappear; everything changes… or does it? I first came to these parts, Finch Hatton Gorge, in the autumn of 2004, and truth be told, I can’t recall all that much except I remembered I liked it… a lot. It reminded me of my childhood...
fraser island
A Fraser Coast vacation will take you to Hervey Bay, Maryborough and World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. As one of the best places in the world to watch the migration of the humpback whale and the gateway to two World Heritage areas - Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef...
Kingfisher Bay Resort sunset
I am on a sand island. The biggest sand island in the world, to be exact. If this brings the image of a desert island to your mind with one lonely palm tree for shade and nothing else you will be surprised to learn Fraser Island, off the coast...
fraser island catamaran
With friendly whales, and intriguing coves and bays, self-skippering a catamaran on the Great Sandy Straits is a lot of fun, even if you have no experience on the water. Even though I have had some water-borne experiences on catamarans, yachts and even a sleek Sydney-to-Hobart racing vessel, I don’t know...