Outback Australia – Characters

Outback Australia – Characters

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baker in outback queensland
Photo: Danielle Lancaster

The characters you meet along the roads and tracks through Australia during any trip into the outback forge memories and reminiscences to be recalled over BBQ’s and dinner parties time and time again for many years afterwards. Here are some tips on how to capture great photographs of Outback Australia.

Character outback Australia
Meet Wicksy as he is formally known as Stan Wicks but all the locals call him Wicksy who lives in the town of Hungerford with a population of 11 and of those ten are males.

Outback Australia


Why is this so? Because the people of Outback Australia are special. Each is an ordinary person that does extraordinary things within a very small, isolated yet large and distanced community and they ask for no thanks.

Character outback Australia 02
Meet Jimmie Crombie – he was born alongside the mighty Georgina River and spent his day’s droving. He now lives in Birdsville.

Take the time to stop and meet them on your next trip west……it could be the lady pumping your fuel, the backpacker behind the bar with a rich Irish accent or the bloke painting the council seat in the local park who also does the mail run: each has a story to tell.

Character outback Australia
Meet Merv and Bub at Windorah. They ran the service station for many years. Merv became blind but could tell you exactly how much fuel you’d bought by listening to the clicks of the bowser.

Without a doubt, the rugged and vast outback has inspired many a story, and myth, and helped to define Australia’s identity as a harsh continent with those that survive being the toughest of the toughest.

It is claimed that in 2009, a mere 5 years ago, that the arid zone of Australia supported ‘180,000 people, about one per cent of the population. (and) The semi-arid zone supports 394,000 people, about two per cent of the total population.’

Character outback Australia 04

Most of those are in regional towns such as Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, Mount Isa in Queensland and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, where industries such as mining boom. And many are now well entrenched third, fourth and going into fifth generation outback families. They know the top spots for everything if you just take the time to listen and ask a few questions.

Some of the best places to meet the locals are:

1. Pubs (are always top of the list)

2. Events such as races, sports days, cattle sales and shows etc

3. By shopping local in the little towns

4. Doing a tour with a local operator

5. Knowing when and what is happening in the region you are visiting.

Character outback Australia 04

Character outback Australia

Character outback Australia 06

Character outback Australia

Character outback Australia 09
Taking it easier – the gentleman of the western racing circuit, KJ Costelo, Quilpie, character, outback.

Our top photo tip: more often than not the camera is a ‘secondary’ thing when we meet a ‘local’ in the outback. Fist say g’day then try and get to know the person by asking them questions.

They see the camera – how could they miss it – that big black DSLR – it always draws attention. Give it time and when they are ready pick up the camera, ask politely with a big smile and have fun with them.

None of us like our photograph being taken so remember what it is like for you if you were the subject on the other side another ‘ordinary’ person.

Character outback Australia 10

For more tips on capturing images of people in the work environment please visit our Environmental Portrait Photography post.

Character outback Australia 11

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