Plaza Premium Lounge Delhi

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Have you ever felt jealous of Business Class passengers who have access to Airport Lounges where they can relax, have drinks and taste special morsels prepared just for them? Dreading the long waits at the airport to board your international flight? Due to increased security measures passengers around the world now have to check in earlier than ever. Those three or four long hours can be very tiring unless you are travelling Business Class and have access to your airline’s Business Class Lounge. If you’re flying Economy, that problem has been solved by booking into a pay-as-you-go airline lounge, such as Plaza Premium Lounge Delhi and others spread over major airport hubs worldwide.

Plaza Premium Lounge Delhi

My experience at the International Delhi Airport this time was special.

After a month of touring around the Indian Himalayas on a motorbike along with some Delhi sightseeing I was pretty tired and in need of some pampering, so you can imagine the stressful moments I had on reaching the entrance to the airport and discovering I had lost my printed ticket.

Security will not let me pass despite me showing them my online ticket details.

I don’t blame them for the extra tight security but I could see no way of getting in (make sure you print and carry the paper ticket in your hand luggage before arriving at the airport).

Thankfully I had pre-booked my Lounge stay and the meet-and-greet team was there to help.

A member of the team went inside to the airline counter, requested a print out of my ticket and came back to lead me in.

You can request assistance for check-in by pre-booking your visit. It could prove essential.

delhi airport lounge

plaza premium lounge delhi

Plaza Premium Delhi Spa

The low-lit space of the Lounge was comforting and soothing enough but when I spotted the Spa I made a beeline for it.

I was in need of pampering, and pampering I got at the hands of an expert therapist.

The back, neck and head massage relaxed me to the point of falling asleep.

Here they use an ergonomically designed chair where you actually sort of kneel and recline your upper body onto a frame. Very relaxing.

Inspecting the premises I found the passengers enjoying the quiet, soothingly lit space and I happily plonked myself into a leather armchair with a cappuccino in hand, a well-deserved treat after an exhilarating tour of the Indian Himalayas. But that is a different story…

lounge in delhi

Plaza Premium Delhi refreshments

A light refreshment meal sealed the well-being feeling and in no time (too short a time) my flight was called in. I could have stayed there for a few more hours. This was the first time ever I wished my flight had been delayed.

How to book Plaza Premium Lounge Delhi

The walk-in, pay at reception, Plaza Premium Lounges are a welcomed relief for weary travellers. Tariffs can be found under the Service Menu. At the time of writing the current tariffs were:

Lounge Use Package (INR)
2 hours 1200
5 hours 2400
10 hours 3600
*Local taxes apply

The Lounges can also be booked online, especially if you would like assistance with check-in.

Plaza Premium Lounge

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