10 reasons to visit the Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

10 reasons to visit the Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

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There’s something grounding about going to the markets on a weekend. It’s relaxing to wander around aimlessly, looking at plants, books, clothes and knick knacks. The concept of the local market has gained momentum throughout the Sunshine Coast, from the famous Eumundi Market (best for crafts and things that are hand-made) to local suburban markets, there are plenty of weekend markets to choose from. My current favourite is the Sunday markets at Fisherman’s Road near Maroochydore. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit the Sunday markets Sunshine Coast.

1-It’s fun to buy from local producers


sunshine coast markets

Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

The veges may not always be much cheaper than in the supermarket but sometimes you can find some great bargains.

A great reason to pack your granny trolley and head for the piles of pumpkin and pineapple is that there’s definitely a grounding feeling when you support local growers.

Some stallholders travel for hours to sell their produce in these markets. And if you take your time to look around there’s plenty of organic produce on sale along with fresh fish prawns and other seafood.

2-You can taste local fruit

sunshine coast markets

Passionfruit, lemons, mandarins and oranges. You can top of your fruit bowl or just taste and talk. I’ve struck up plenty of conversations over a plate of sweet mandarins!

3-The coffee and pretzels are delish

sunshine coast markets

Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

One of our favourite things to do on a Sunday is to grab a German-style pretzel from the German Bakery.

Sometimes when we’re feeling naughty we’ll succumb to the call of a Berliner, which is a round hole less doughnut filled with sweet jam, or a sour cherry pastry.

We recently discovered the chimney roll man (who comes from Prague), who sells delicious chimney rolls sprinkled with sugar.

Then we head to the only coffee stall in the market, nibble our pastries and drink coffee.

4-There are toys for the boys

sunshine markets sunshine coast

If you’re visiting with hubby, point him towards the tool shed or the fishing stall and he’ll be a happy man.

The tools are good value and the second hand ones are a bargain!

5-Grab a bargain at the Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

Speaking about bargains, if you take the time to look, you’ll find plenty of things you can buy for under $10 or even under $5. Some of these treasures are pre-loved and totally unique.

6-It’s fun for the kids

maroochydore markets

There’s a jumping castle to keep the little ones occupied and a few toy stalls the young ones will love.

Fancy a Dalek anyone? I’m thinking of getting one of those for my desk. Who would have thought to look for a Dalek at the Sunday markets Sunshine Coast.

7-Your garden will look good

Sunday markets sunshine coast

Confession time: the main reason we’ve become fans of this market is we’ve been redesigning and massively replanting our garden.

The Sunday markets Sunshine Coast and the Yandina Market (on Saturdays) is where we buy most of our plants.

So far, all the plants I’ve planted in my garden are doing well and we’re looking for more.

8-Meet local characters

Sunday markets sunshine coast

If it’s a friendly chat you’re after, you’ll find it really easy to strike up a conversation over a coffee or a juice or a chimney cake or while pondering whether to plant lilly pillies or heliconias.

9-Your family will love you

markets sunshine coast

maroochydore markets

From hand-woven baskets to hand-made pants to crystal jewellery and goldfish bowl sets, the market is a fun spot to stumble upon a cool gift.

You’ll most probably end up buying something for yourself or your kids or other family members.

10-Second hand books

Sunday markets Sunshine Coast

Myself – I’m a bit of a bookworm. I can’t resist checking out the second hand books

Christina Pfeiffer lives on the Sunshine Coast and has spent a small fortune buying plants at the Sunday markets Sunshine Coast.

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