20 Things To Do In Stockholm At Night

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Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is spread over 14 islands connected by a series of bridges. Its old town dates back to the 13th century when Sweden was a powerful trading nation during the times of the Hanseatic League. The League covered states bordering the Baltic, among others, and thrived up until the 15th century. Around 20% of the national population lives in Stockholm, a city with just under a million residents and 2.5 million in the greater metropolitan area.

Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is the highlight for visitors but Stockholm is also known for its many museums, with several essential for first-time visitors. It is important to remember that daylight is brief in the winter months. Conversely, in summer in Stockholm, the night can be as bright as day. That is a factor to remember when planning your itinerary. Here are some ideas for you, with indoor options extremely popular when there’s limited daylight.

Stockholm At Night

Top 3 Tours

20 Things To Do In Stockholm At Night

1- Visit Stockholm City Museum

is stockholm safe at night
The National Museum of Stockholm during the night.

The Stockholm City Museum is the place to learn about the city’s history.

It is the largest municipal museum in the country and opened in 1942 in a 17th-century building.

There are more than 300,000 exhibits, works of art, and photographs.

It has multiple roles, one of which is to oversee new planning and intended demolitions within the city, which may impact Stockholm’s history and culture.

There are two permanent exhibitions, one concentrating on the city architecture and its development over the centuries.

Not surprisingly, the other tells the story of Stockholm from the first settlement in the 10th century to the present day.

2- Enjoy An Evening Safari

Wildlife tends to be most active very early in the day and at sundown.

There is a tour that offers you the chance to see the local fauna that children will especially enjoy.

You can get a guide to take you to the countryside just outside the city, meadow and forest, where you can see the impressive moose, deer species, and even wild boar though they tend to be reclusive until the dead of night.

In the summer, although the clocks will suggest its night, it will be light enough to enjoy a traditional camp meal during which your guide will tell you more about the local wildlife.

You will also have the chance to see typical rural homes, cottages and even some mansions.

3- Learn About Stockholm’s Ghosts

stockholm safety at night
Go on a walking tour of Gamla Stan Old Town in Stockholm at night.

Most historic cities have their stories of ghosts and legends.

Stockholm is one of them and walking around with lanterns, you can hear these stories, some relating to murders and executions.

Tours start in the Old Town, where these events occurred.

Narrow streets and courtyards feature as you are told about the ghosts and poltergeists that supposedly occupy these places by night.

If you have a vivid imagination, this tour will take you back centuries and you may get a shiver down your spine. Find out more here. You may also enjoy this paranormal show, ‘The Spirit in the Glass’.

4- Walk Around Gamla Stan

stockholm at night city hd wallpaper
Explore Gamla Stan Old Town in Stockholm at night.

Gamla Stan is a fascinating neighbourhood to walk around as guides bring history alive in what was once the entire city.

The main landmark is the Royal Palace from the 17th Century in Baroque style.

An experienced guide will be full of information for you and will be able to answer any questions.

These streets were where Swedish nobility walked in days gone by but also where the lower classes lived their lives.

Among the stories you will hear are the Stockholm Blood Bath in 1520, when the new king, Christian II, executed around 100 noblemen in the city.

The St. George and the Dragon legend is another popular tale.

5- Go To The Mamma Mia Party

stockholm things to do at night
A panoramic view of Stockholm at night.

One of the most popular indoor events is named after the film Mamma Mia, one of the numerous hits of the Swedish band Abba.

The evening is one big party with plenty of Abba songs, dancing, daredevil acts, Zorba the Greek and more.

The food and drinks are very much international in flavour and the venue is an exotic Greek taverna, hence the inclusion of Zorba the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

This is a really fun night and you should book your tickets in advance of your visit to Stockholm. Of course, die-hard Abba fans should not miss the Abba Museum

6- Eat Dinner On The SS Stockholm

sightseeing things to do at night in stockholm
Going on a cruise is one of the relaxing ways to admire the Stockholm skyline at night.

Your cruise on the SS Stockholm to Vaxholm and back allows you to see the archipelago while enjoying dinner.

An a la carte menu in a beautiful dining room is rich and varied, including vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

You can pre-order your choices from three set menus before your three-hour cruise to ensure you get the food you want.

Sweden is committed to environmental sustainability, which applies to every element of SS Stockholm, including the sourcing of the ingredients it uses to prepare the dishes.

Everyone has a window seat to enjoy the views of the archipelago at the same time as the food. Find out more about a cruise.

7- See The Vasa Museum’s Stunning Ship

what tours are at night in stockholm two people in front of the Vasa
Seeing the Vasa ship is one of the top things to do in Stockholm night or day.

The rich maritime history of Stockholm and Sweden is demonstrated in the museum that takes its name from its most famous exhibit, the Vasa.

The Vasa is a 17th-century ship that sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage.

It was a gun warship and its recovery and subsequent displaying in the museum has resulted in its being the most popular exhibit in Sweden.

As you will see if you visit, it is almost completely intact.

The museum, which opened in 1990, attracts huge numbers of visitors who visit to see the Vasa and other exhibits. Skip the line and reserve your tickets here.

8- Go On A Pub Crawl

Stockholm is an expensive city by international standards.

Although average salaries allow Swedes to live well but the cost of alcohol suggests that successive governments want to discourage excess consumption.

You can take a pub crawl to enjoy a drink without getting drunk.

This pub crawl is also a walk through history with those who participate able to sample the most popular drink from years ago, mead.

Today, there are microbreweries, and at subsequent stops, you will get the chance to sample today’s popular beers and lagers.

Sweden is also famous for its vodka, including the Absolut brand, which is famous around the world.

8- Go To The Opera

stockholm screaming at night
Evening time at Stockholm Royal Opera.

Sweden’s tradition of enjoying opera dates back to the 18th century.

Late in the following century, the present-day opera house was opened by Oscar II with a performance of Franz Berwald’s Estrella de Soria.

It is in the heart of Stockholm, a district rich in architecture.

The Royal Swedish Opera offers opera, ballet and classical music, first performed by the Royal Swedish Orchestra in 1526, making it the oldest orchestra in Europe.

The programme of events is published well in advance so you can do your research before you travel to Stockholm.

9- Attend A Concert At The Tele2 Arena

The Stockholmsarenan, sponsored by Tele2, is a multi-purpose stadium with a retractable roof. It hosts both soccer and concerts.

Its capacity for a concert is 45,000, so there is an excellent chance of getting tickets for any performance.

It is possible to use artificially frozen ice to form a floor.

The famous Swedish performer Avicii played there twice to capacity audiences in 2014 but even more famous performers have played there, including the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Adele and Madonna.

You should check on the events being scheduled during your time in Stockholm and book tickets.

10- Shiver At Icebar

A unique experience awaits you in a central Stockholm hotel, Hotel C.

The Icebar in Icehotel is set at -7C all year around.

Clear ice from the Torne River in the north of Sweden has made its construction possible, and even your glass is made from the river’s ice.

The bar has a capacity of 60 patrons at any time and everyone is given gloves and a cape as they enter.

There is an entrance fee but that includes your first drink in this ice glass.

Your visit is limited to 40 minutes and you can book online.

A fun experience is to try ice-sculpturing yourself on the roof terrace with help provided by a skilled local employed by the hotel.

11- Dance in The Tradgarden Club

free things to do in stockholm at night
Södermalm island is an atmospheric destination to explore in Stockholm at night time.

Trädgården has a festival feel but is an outdoor club under the Skanstull bridge in Södermalm.

Drinks come in plastic cups, as it’s an outdoor venue with live performances to entertain.

It is a summer venue only and offers activities other than music and dance.

Expect to stand in a line to get in because Tradgarden is very popular.

There are several bars and small terraces, so there is plenty of room.

Entry is free before 8 pm, and you can go by day, but the real experience is to head here at night.

12- Watch A Match At Avicii Arena

This indoor arena is an ice hockey arena that can cater for other sports and events.

Its name changed in 2021 from the Globe to recognise a Swedish superstar, Avicii, who died in 2018.

The annual national music competition Melodifestivalen has been held here over the years and it was also Sweden’s choice for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions, in 2000 and 2016.

The building is stunning, a representation of the solar system on the Stockholm skyline, the largest scale model of the solar system in the world.

Its dimensions are 110 metres (360 feet) in diameter, with floor-to-ceiling 85 metres (279 feet). Its capacity increases to 16,000 for shows and concerts.

Check on its programme for when you are in Stockholm. You may even fancy going to an ice hockey game.

14- Play In The Hey Sthlm Arcade

If you like video games, this is the place for you.

It is a museum with regular exhibitions and a Japanese arcade in the pool hall.

There are around 20 arcade machines and several flipper machines, as big a collection as any in northern Europe.

Such a collection is rare anywhere outside Japan.

You can imagine you are actually in Japan because of the sounds and lighting.

Much is written in the Japanese language but you ought to be able to work out how to play if you regularly enjoy video games.

You will need to buy tokens to play, and Swedish law demands that only those over 18 can play.

15- Learn More At Fotografiska Museum

Fotografiska is an important photography museum in central Stockholm.

Originally, the building was a warehouse on the waterfront and you can enjoy refreshments in the quality restaurant on the site.

Famous photographers’ work like that of Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle and Robert Mapplethorpe are on display, as well as the work of emerging local talent.

It seems the museum never closes, open 364 days a year until late at night and there are regular poetry readings, classes and special exhibits. Find out more here.

16- Grab Your Camera for an Evening Photography Tour

stockholm at night
This city is a lovely city to photograph and you will enjoy capturing images at night in Stockholm.

Whether you go to Fotografiska or not, you can join an Instagram tour or a photography tour on a trip around Stockholm, picking up tips along the way.

One of the challenges in photography is taking good shots at night and on this tour, you will learn how to do that from a professional.

Even other professionals will enjoy this tour, a chance to find the best angles with a fellow pro who knows Stockholm well.

Bring your smartphone, tripod and warm clothing if you visit anytime except in summer.

17- Take The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Tour

stockholm image at night
The lights of the Stockholm skyline at night.

Stieg Larson’s trio of best-selling books were published after his death.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest are both books and films, and a tour for fans is run by the Stockholm City Museum.

Visit famous locations along the way that are featured in both.

While public tours are held during the day, the same tour is available by night for private parties so if you are travelling as a group, check on the availability.

18- Attend A Concert At Grona Lund

When famous international performers head to Stockholm, the chosen venue is often Grona Lund, a small amusement park in Djurgården.

Elton John, Patti Smith and Marilyn Manson have performed there over the years.

You pay to enter the park rather than to see the concert, and as there are 60 concerts each year, there should be something on if you are in Stockholm for a week.

Concerts usually start at 8 pm but do arrive much earlier to get a good seat.

One alternative to enjoy art other than in a gallery is to ride the subway.

Around half of the 100 T-bana stations are decorated with themes depicting important events in Swedish history or elements of the city itself.

As an essential means of travelling around the Swedish capital, the subway is open for long hours, especially on weekdays when demand seems to be at its highest.

The artists use lighting, sculptures, paintings, sketches and tiles to create eye-catching décor.

20- Enjoy An Evening Dining Experience

what is opened in stockholm at night
Joining a food tour is one of the top things to do in Stockholm at night. Pictured here are Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce in a frying pan.

While Swedish cuisine may not be the most well-known around the world, some ingredients you can get in Stockholm are as good as it gets.

A daytime food tour is fun and informative, but you can also do food shopping in early weekday evenings in places with a good reputation.

Östermalm’s Saluhall has established a reputation as one of the best food halls you will find anywhere.

Jamie Oliver has identified it as one of his favourite places in the Swedish capital. So look for fresh salmon, top quality, reindeer and wild boar. It only reopened a couple of years ago after renovation; it had first opened in 1888.

This evening dining experience will give you a taste of the best of Nordic cuisine.

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