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Places to go diving around the world. Ideas on where to find the world’s best oceans and what you’ll see in these underwater worlds.

yongala dive

Yongala Dive – An Amazing Underwater World

If you're a keen diver, the Yongala dive in Queensland is a diving adventure you won't want to miss. It was 6 pm on the 23 March 1911. The weather worsened as the 3664-ton steamer,...
lady musgrave

Lady Musgrave Island | Great Barrier Reef

If you live or are staying in the south or south east of Queensland, then the Great Barrier Reef is not out of your reach, even for a day trip. Lady Musgrave Island is...
whale watching

Hervey Bay Whale Watching

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hervey Bay whale watching is a bucket list experience for wildlife lovers. The Queensland destination on the Fraser Coast is one of the best places in the...
komodo island

Komodo Island Diving Adventure Video

Morays, turtles and sharks. Flores, an island east of Komodo is home to Komodo dragons and the access point to a Komodo Island diving adventure in Komodo National Park. From a diving point of view, this...
Turtle Moment Aliwal Shoal 3

Deep sea diving – South Africa turtle moment

My turtle moment occurred at the end of a shark dive at Aliwal Shoal, seven kilometres off the KwaZulu south coast and about an hour by road to the south of Durban in South...
aquatic critters

Tasmania attractions – Cool aquatic critters

Tasmania may not be at the top of the mind as a diving destination but there is actually a marvellous and colourful biodiversity of aquatic life. There’s cold clear water, amazing kelp forests, cool...
dive scuba diving

Manta diving – North Stradbroke Island

I left the Sunshine Coast at dawn to join diving group Scuba Buddies Brisbane at the North Stradbroke Island ferry terminal. It was a perfect day and everyone was excited about the exceptional diving conditions....
snorkel snorkeling 8

Muiron Islands snorkel adventure in WA

It’s early May, whale shark season here in Exmouth, Western Australia, but today’s underwater adventure doesn’t involve swimming frantically alongside the planet’s biggest fish, trying to keep up with its effortless-looking movement. No, I’ve...
humpback whales

Swimming with whales – Sunshine Coast

As a marine conservationist, a first-hand experience with wild life is at the core of my personal mantra, which is "In the end we will conserve only what we love. We love only what...
scuba diving

Diving with sharks in Fiji

Have you ever been on a dive where they actually feed the sharks? It’s the kind of dive you have to experience at least once in your life. There are many shark feeds around the...


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