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6 hilltop towns in Puglia Italy

Lanes to get lost in, like stepping back in time, timeless in lifestyle and (other than Alberobello and Ostuni) relatively undiscovered. These towns are located in the central region of Puglia Italy. These places...
what to do in turin italy

What to do in Turin Italy

From capital of Italy’s first king to World Design Capital, Turin is a city on the move. If you’ve had enough of Venice’s waterways, Rome’s history or Florence’s delights, then head for Turin. Italy’s...
portofino 3

Italian Riviera seaside towns

The Italian Riviera is beckons with picturesque bays, suntanned bodies, rocky alcoves and colourful towns. You'll find beaches and coves packed with beach chairs. So where exactly is the Italian Riviera? It's also known as...
museo del cinema

Thrilled to explore Museo Del Cinema Torino in Italy

Soak up celluloid bliss at Museo del Cinema Torino in Turin, Italy. The museum is an Italian temple to cinema. Museo del Cinema After a long flight, I'm tempted to lie down in a bright red...
Things to do in Florence

Things to do in Florence

Florence is home of the Renaissance and is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Situated in Tuscany, she rests in the shadows of tourism heavyweight – Rome, who...
things to do in turin 8

10 things to do in Turin Italy

Grand Palaces, Egyptian mummies and the Holy Shroud, Turin is a majestic baroque city. Located at the top of the Italian boot, and bordered by France to the west and Switzerland to the north, Turin...
venice italy 8

Things to do in Venice – Torcello, Murano and Burano

The islands of Torcello, Murano and Burano offer hidden charms and plenty of things to do in Venice away from the main sights. Nothing prepared me for my first sight of Venice. I stood on...
gobino ingots

Chocolates Turin | Italy’s sweet city

Chocolates Turin Turin is a city of pastry shops and historic cafes. It's also the capital of the Slow Food movement. And visitors will also be delighted by pralines, chocolate and the city's hot-chocolate-and-espresso drink...
places to visit in italy

Places to visit in Italy – Varallo

The last glimpse of Milan fades away in the rear vision mirror of our rented Fiat. Cars zip by and trucks hurtle past along the highway. Of all the places to visit Italy, our...
slow food movement

Slow Food Movement | Turin

Eating your way through the northern Italian province of Piedmont is one of life’s great pleasures. Aperitif, chocolate and coffee have long been a tradition in northern Italy. The province of Piedmont produces 36%...


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Farm to table in BC’s Okanagan Valley

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