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the grampians 3

The Grampians – 9 Best places

We had a brilliantly coloured sky for our sunset near Dunkeld. It was about 8pm and we had had a long day working on an instagram workshop and instameet at the Royal Mail Hotel...
environmental portrait eddie camel

Environmental Portrait Photography Tips

As we travel we meet everyday people doing amazing things. It may be in their work, undertaking a hobby or simply at home: that is in their own environment. Here are my environmental portrait...
places to visit in tasmania 3

Discover Tasmania – 4 best spots for photography

As a Tasmanian, it makes me feel proud that Lonely Planet chose our island as number four on their list of “10 best regions to explore in 2015”. To me, this is an amazing...
southern lights

10 places to photograph Southern Lights

Star gazing is relaxing and peaceful. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Australia to view the stars. Australia's amazing light show in the sky, the Aurora Australis is as stunning as any night...
places to visit in argentina

Places to visit in Argentina

One of the more surprising travel adventures I have had was my trip to Argentina. With the help of Helloworld, I discovered some amazing places to visit in Argentina. I had been working with Helloworld...
bay of fires binalong bay beach sunset

4 best places near Bay of Fires

If you want to know the best locations to visit, just ask a local. In stunning northern Tasmania, on the shores of Binalong Bay, we caught up with pharmacist and keen photographer, Angela Siejka, who...
paul zizka

Photographer portfolio – Paul Zizka, Banff, Canada | Ski Canada

Award-winning photographer Paul Zizka’s bio is nothing short of impressive! Paul specializes in photographing hard-to-reach places in difficult conditions. His photos have been featured in top publications like Maclean’s, IMPACT, Alpinist, Huffington Post,...

Yellow is the colour of Montreal Quebec

A Montrealer from the tip of her toes to the top of her head, Anne McIsaac was born, raised, schooled and married in Montreal. She lives in a 100-year-old house with huge trees in...
travel photographer

Places to go in Vancouver | Through the Lens

Looking for places to go in Vancouver? One of the best ways to discover a city is through the eyes (or the lens) of a local. So with that in mind, we'd like to...
living the dream

Living the dream in the Rocky Mountains

When you have a passion for photography and a zest for outdoor activities make sure you live in one of the world’s most beautiful mountainous locations. Well, that’s what Stevin Tuchiwsky did. His home...


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Best of British Columbia

Farm to table in BC’s Okanagan Valley

Barrels of freshly picked apples, baskets piled to the brim with sweet cherries, juicy peaches, plums and vegetables. A picturesque region of vineyards, orchards,...


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