10 Amazing Tasmania Photography Spots

10 Amazing Tasmania Photography Spots


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my tasmania
Dove Lake-Cradle Mountain. Photos: Jason Stephens

As a photographer who lives in Tasmania, I’m fortunate to live in a place that has beautiful scenery to capture. Here are the places to visit in Tasmania, the amazing spots that inspire my Tasmania photography close to home.

My Tasmania images inspire me to become a better photographer.

Tasmania photography spots

1- Bridestowe Lavender Estate (Nabowla) photo 

Bridestowe Lavender
Tasmania images: Bridestowe Lavender

I photographed the sunset at Bridestowe Lavender Estate.

The estate is an amazing landscape to visit any time of the year but the best time for the stunning lavender in blossom is late December or early January.

2- Photo of Launceston in autumn  

Tasmania photography
Launceston Autumn is a great time of year to get fantastic Tasmania photography.

A storm had just passed Launceston shortly before sunset.

The sun was behind me, illuminating the tree and its autumn leaves and creating a small rainbow in the distance.

3- Binalong Bay photo

Tasmania pictures
Tasmania pictures of Binalong Bay

A very popular destination on Tasmania’s stunning East Coast, Binalong Bay is a stunning spot for sure.

The red lichen-covered rocks and white sand combined with pristine blue water is something any visitor should see.

4- Central Highlands photos

photography in Tasmania
Tasmania photography in the Highlands.

Tasmania’s Highlands is easy to get to by car from several directions.  

I love it in winter. When the snow settles it can turn the scenery into a magical wonderland.

Highland Lakes

Arthurs Lake in the Central Highlands is renowned for trout fishing but the area is equally attractive to keen photographers.

It’s such a peaceful calm sunrise this particular morning.

Tasmania photography
Ben Lomond is a mystical place to capture amazing Tasmania photography

While Tasmania doesn’t have many high mountains, Ben Lomond is a great subject to photograph.

Ben Lomond is 1200m high and has a central massif.

I snapped this scene just after sunset.

5- Cradle Mountain photography

Tasmania images
Tasmania images of Cradle Mountain, such as this one, are hard to resist.

When you first arrive at the Dove Lake carpark in the Cradle Mountain National Park, you are greeted with similar views as this Tasmania photo.

It’s no wonder people have this place on their bucket list.

photography tours tasmania
Most photography tours of Tasmania will take you to Cradle Mountain

A 60-minute walk from the Dove Lake Carpark via Marion’s Lookout gives you the higher view of the Famous Cradle Peaks.

It looks stunning at the very end of winter with the last remnants of snow.

photography tours tasmania
Photography tours Tasmania are a great way to build your portfolio.

My favourite image of Cradle Mountain was captured from Marion’s Lookout.

I love it so much as its such a natural image and taken at the time of day non-photographers can relate to.

Not often you get clear skies and light like it at Cradle.

6- East Coast Tasmania photography

photographing birds in Tasmania
Birds offer a chance to inject some character in your Tasmania pics.

One of my favourite things about Tasmania’s East Coast is the pelicans. There are so many in the area and each pelican seems to have their own personality….just like my mate Percival pictured!

Tasmania photo
Tasmania photography – St Marys

St Marys is a small township at the foot of an impressive rocky outcrop, St Patrick’s Head, located 30km north of Bicheno in Tasmania’s northeast.

There was a little bit of fog in the forest on my return from a sunrise shoot down the East Coast.

7- Horseshoe Falls photo

Tasmania gallery
Horseshoe Falls and Russell Falls are classic shots for any Tasmania gallery.


Situated in the Mt Field National Park (64km north west of Hobart), the walk to Horseshoe Falls is one of the best short walks I have experienced.

Russell and Horseshoe Falls (pictured) are the main highlights.

8- Aurora Australis photo

Tasmania aurora photo
Tasmania aurora photo

Mt Roland is situated between Sheffield and Cradle Mountain.

I call it the “forgotten rock”.

I tried my best to bring it to life under the Aurora Australis. We are so lucky to get amazing views of the Aurora in Tasmania.

9- Old Pier Beach, Bridport photo

Tasmania beach photography
Tasmania beach photography


Old Pier Beach is a stunning little beach in Tasmania. I will never forget the day this image was taken. The sight of the beach is imprinted in my mind.

10- Midlands photography

A moody photo of Tasmania's Midlands.
A moody photo of Tasmania’s Midlands.

The Midlands region, between Launceston and Hobart, is a vast open and a flat area with surrounding hills.

It’s my special place to explore before a storm.

11- Liffey Falls photos

tasmania photos

tasmania photo
Take a cool Tasmania photo of Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls is one of Tasmania’s prettiest waterfalls. It’s located in a cool rainforest among myrtle, sassafras and leatherwood.

Located near Mole Creek, the waterfall is stunning any time of the year.

Both images were captured in spring.

12- Bruny Island

Tasmania photography
Bruny Island is another great place to join a Tasmania photography tour.

This is the view of Courts Island from the South Bruny National Park on Bruny Island at sunset.

13- Sisters Beach, North West Coast

Beach photo Tasmania
Sisters Beach photo in Tasmania

I had one of the most remarkable afternoons ever behind a camera at Sisters Beach.

I shared this moment with two great friends and fellow landscape photographers Cam Wilson and Aaron Jones.

10 Amazing Tasmania Photography Spots
10 Amazing Tasmania Photography Spots


    • I personally liked the last one. The colors are awesome and the boat just stands out there with the water being more smooth. Great pictures!

  1. Wow.. This was so amazing. You are really a great photographer. I am a nature lover and I can spend my entire life, if I could, surrounded by the holy nature. These are so lively shots that you’ve taken. Thank you.


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