20 Things To Do In Casper, Wyoming

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A town right at the heart of Wyoming’s striking landscapes, Casper is an oft overlooked gem of the American west’s pioneering heritage. The modern city seamlessly blends the contemporary convenience with Old West charm. Downtown is packed with local businesses, little galleries, and an abundance of welcoming hospitality. And with the Casper Mountain looming over the city, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to escape into nature, too.

You can easily dive into exploring the town’s history and heritage by browsing the array of museums, from those connected to Casper College to those exploring more niche sections of the area’s past, such as Fort Caspar Museum. Alternatively, get an introduction to Casper’s creative scene by paying a visit to the Artist’s Guild or the Stage III theatre. The community boasts some fantastic local talents for you to discover.

Casper is also ideal for those looking for a more rural retreat with plenty of time outdoors. The North Platte River winds through the town, providing a convenient haven for anglers and ramblers alike. Or, for a more elevated adventure, head up to the hiking and mountain biking trails weaving around the peaks and valleys of Casper Mountain. In the winter, the area bursts into its second life as a bustling ski resort.

In this article we’ll be exploring Casper together to find all the best ways to spend your time when you visit. I’ll take you through the top twenty best things to see and do in Casper, Wyoming, so you can pick out the ones that best suit you. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’re sure to have plenty of new activities to add to your Casper bucket list.

Casper, Wyoming

20 Things To Do In Casper

casper wyoming
Looking for things to do in Casper?

1- Browse The Tate Geological Museum at Casper College

Dig into science at the Tate Geological Museum, where you can get hands on with learning about all the fascinating artefacts that could be laying beneath your feet.

Peruse the huge collection of bones and rock samples and learn about the college’s fascinating research.


The museum is home to a huge array of specimens, from ancient dinosaurs to modern mammals and fossilised plants to sparkling minerals, so there’s certain to be something to pique your interests.

The museum is open weekdays from 10am to 4pm, and 10am to 3pm on Saturdays.

Go to 2332 Lisco Dr, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

2- Explore The Fort Caspar Museum

If human history is more your speed, then head over to the Fort Caspar Museum instead.

This open-air museum depicts the lives of the various peoples that have lived in this area through a collection of reconstructed dwellings and staged displays.

You can learn about the pioneers who founded the town, the native cultures who lived in the area, and even the prehistoric people who long predate them.

The museum is open daily throughout the summer from 8am to 5pm.

Hours are reduced over winter, but so are ticket prices.

Head to 4001 Fort Caspar Rd, Casper, WY 82604, United States.

3- Look Around The Nicolaysen Art Museum

Lovers of western art will definitely want to pay a visit to the Nicolaysen Art Museum.

Displaying a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, and other installations depicting and honouring life in the American west, the Nicolaysen Art Museum is a great way to learn about the culture while also appreciating the artistry and creativity of the area’s people.

Go into 400 E Collins Dr, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

4- Appreciate the Works Of ART 321 – Casper Artists’ Guild

Art 321 is another must visit for any art aficionados visiting Casper.

With a new exhibition presented every month, there’s always something worth seeing, even for return visitors.

The Artist’s Guild focuses on promoting and celebrating local talent, so it’s perfect if you love taking a look at the grassroots creative community.

Exhibits range from traditional painting to photography and more, so there’s plenty to admire.

The gallery is open from 10-am-6pm Tuesday through Friday, and until 4pm on Saturday.

ART 321 is located at 321 W Midwest Ave, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

5- Catch A Show At Stage III Community Theatre

Maybe the performing arts are more your style, in which case you should check out what productions are being held at Stage III, Casper’s local community theatre.

The theatre puts on a variety of shows and performances throughout the year and it’s a super fun way for you to get involved with supporting the local community while enjoying some top entertainment.

Head along to 904 N Center St, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

6- Stroll Along The North Platte River

One of the defining features of Casper is the beautiful river that winds its way right through the city.

If you’re looking for a lovely place to take a walk without having to head out into the countryside, then the trails leading along the riverside are perfect for you.

The river is lined by trees on both sides, helping it feel a little removed from the bustling city, so you can enjoy some relative peace and tranquillity.

The trail leads through several parks as it follows alongside the river, providing you with plenty of opportunities to stop for a break along the way.

Alternatively, set up a spot on one of the riverbanks and spend an afternoon fishing.

The North Platte River is an ever-popular location for local anglers to while away the hours.

Start the trek at 123 W E St, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

7- Hang Out In Amoco Park

If you just want to relax by the waterside instead of committing to a lengthy walk, you can spend some time relaxing in Amoco Park instead.

Stretching along the north bank of the North Platte River, you can stretch out on the comfortable lawns and enjoy gazing over the water to the city on the opposite side.

It’s particularly lovely at night, when you can enjoy the view of the city lights.

Go over to 1007 W 1st St, Casper, WY 82604, United States.

8- Learn Something New At The National Historic Trails Interpretive Centre

Close to the Oregon Trail, Casper is bursting with pioneering history.

The National Historic Trails Interpretive Centre dives into that cornerstone of the city’s heritage with a collection of exhibitions and displays detailing the lives of the migrating pioneers and early settlers of the town.

The detailed reconstructions offer visitors insights into various aspects of their lives, with plenty of interactive exhibits and activities to keep the whole family entertained and enlightened.

Find it at 1501 N Poplar St, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

9- Seek Out The Oregon Trail Historical Markers

things to do in casper
One of the top things to do in Casper, Wyoming is to visit the Devil’s Gate.

If you really want to get up close to the history of the region, then head out to locate some of the Oregon Trail Historical Markers located just outside of the city.

You can find maps, both online and around the area, leading you to various locations that are significant to the pioneers’ route through Wyoming.

Look for them around Casper, WY 82604, United States.

10- Visit The Werner Wildlife Museum at Casper College

If you prefer appreciating nature and wildlife from the shelter of an indoor exhibition, then the Werner Wildlife Museum is for you.

Another offering of Casper College, the museum shows off a range of staged taxidermy specimens, mostly of animals native to the local area, but also from all across the globe.

Head over to 405 E 15th St, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

11- Relax In Rotary Park

Aside from its pioneering heritage, Casper is known for its stunning natural landscapes, and Rotary Park is one of the first stops in appreciating the scenic beauty of the area.

Located right at the base of Casper Mountain, Rotary Park is perfect for those who don’t have the energy to conquer the mountain trails.

Visitors to the park will still be rewarded with some incredible sights, like the lovely Garden Creek Waterfall.

Go to Casper, WY 82601, United States.

12- Take In The View From Casper Mountain Lookout

Directly above Rotary Park, is the Casper Mountain Lookout.

Just off the main road winding around the mountain, the lookout is easily reachable by car, but also makes a great reward for a short hike up into the hills.

From the lookout you can enjoy a great vantage point to gaze out across the entire city of Casper and beyond.

Look out from QM7C+RR, Bar Nunn, WY 82601, United States.

13- Trek Through Casper Mountain County Park

For those of you who are more adventurous and outdoorsy, the Casper Mountain County Park offers plenty of opportunities for exploring the local wilderness.

Routes riddle the mountain, winding through the trees and around the peaks.

With so many trails to follow and natural landmarks to seek out, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy over multiple days, if you’re so inclined.
Start the adventure at Casper, WY 82601, United States.

14- Look Around Crimson Dawn Park and Museum

Nestled deep within the woods of Casper Mountain, the Crimson Dawn Park and Museum provides a unique look into the heritage of the local community.

The museum is housed within a cabin which was once home to local artist and homesteader, Neil Forsling.

Visitors can take a look at some of Neil’s paintings, as well as various artefacts from the bygone days when the cabin was a thriving homestead.

Head up to 1620 Crimson Dawn Rd, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

15- Have Some Fun At Hogadon Basin Ski Area

During the winter, the mountain takes on a second life as a bustling ski resort.

Visitors can take on runs of various levels, or explore the cross-country tracks winding out around the mountain.

Just a couple of miles out from the city centre, you can enjoy a thrilling day on the slopes and be back home in time for dinner.

Slide along to 2500 Hogadon Rd, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

16- Go For A Spin At Wagon Wheel Roller Skating

Head over to Wagon Wheel Roller Skating for a couple of hours of retro fun.

The venue has all the bright lights, neon colours, and vintage arcade machines to transport you back to decades past.

It’s the perfect slice of nostalgia for older visitors, and classic entertainment for younger kids, so it’s ideal for a fun filled family afternoon.

Start the party at 305 Van Horn Ave, Mills, WY 82604, United States.

17- Take The Kids To The Science Zone

When you need something fun and easy to keep the kids entertained for a few hours, take them over to the Science Zone, where they can explore the huge range of displays, games, and activities.

There’s no better way to learn than through play, so you can enjoy knowing your kids are enriching their minds and having a blast at the same time.

Go to 222 E Collins Dr, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

18- Challenge Yourself At Escape 307 Casper

It’s not just children that need some mental stimulation every now and then.

Older kids and adults of all ages can test their wits against the puzzles and challenges at Escape 307.

This thrilling escape room experience has multiple themed rooms for you to immerse yourself in.

From ghost hunting to finding your way into an ancient lost city, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from to make sure you all have tons of fun.

Find the escape rooms at 1400 E Yellowstone Hwy, Casper, WY 82601, United States.

19- Explore North Platte Park

When you want to get out in the fresh air and explore the local landscape without trekking too far out of the city, you can just hop across the river to North Platte Park.

Multiple walking trails wind through the trees of the expansive park, tucked into a curve of the river.

And, if you do feel like going on a longer walk, the trails link up to the North Platte River Walk.
Head into Casper, WY 82601, United States.

20- Play A Round At Casper Disc Golf Course

North Platte Park is also home to the Casper Disc Golf Course.

Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer, or looking to give the quirky sport a try for the first time, the Casper course comes well recommended with ‘holes’ suitable for multiple levels.

Take your frisbees to Casper, WY 82601, United States.

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