20 Things To Do In Idaho Falls

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Sitting along the Snake River in eastern Idaho is Idaho Falls, a charming city with approximately 65,000 residents. Previously named one of the best places to raise kids and one of the top 100 most livable places in the U.S, there are plenty of reasons that Idaho Falls has such a good reputation.

Agricultural fields of wheat surround the city and, of course, Idahoan potatoes. Besides offering a peek into rural Idahoan life, it has endless hiking, walking, fishing, biking, skiing and nature viewing opportunities. Its location is ideal for visiting popular destinations nearby. Two U.S. National Parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, make for great day trips from Idaho Falls. So let’s jump into the top 20 things to do in Idaho Falls.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

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20 Things To Do In Idaho Falls

things to do in idaho falls Mormon Temple in Idaho Falls and dam in the foreground
Looking for things to do in Idaho Falls? Here are 20 of the best.

1- Check Out Snake River Landing

Snake River Landing is a 450-acre (182 ha) multi-use development home to several businesses, shops, and restaurants.

The space offers so much for visitors to do beyond shopping and eating, though.

It has extensive water features, including a large pond and water fountains. Snake River Landing includes Milligan Park, which features a pier overlooking the snake river.

Walk, bike or jog along the versatile space’s 6 miles (10 km) of trails.

So whether you prefer shopping at trendy stores or getting outdoors, spending at least a day at Snake River Landing is easy.

Snake River Landing is at 2194 Snake River Pkwy Suite 300, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

2- Explore And Hike At Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field

Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field is a fascinating destination, covering a massive land area of 162,000 acres (65,559 ha).

According to the Bureau of Land Management, the lava field mimics a Hawaiian landscape with its fragmented and sharp rock, caves and tubes.

Hell’s Half Acre is covered in colourful wildflowers during the spring and early summer, making the scenery even more stunning.

There is an established trail system, with the most notable Hell’s Half Acre Trail 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Idaho Falls.

To get there, take the “Blackfoot Rest Area” exit off Interstate 15 and find the trail near the designated parking area.

3- Check Out Pirate Treasure At The Museum Of Idaho

indoor things to do in idaho falls Closeup of human skull near ancient coins on sand.
Visiting the Museum Of Idaho is one of the interesting things to do in Idaho Falls.

The Museum of Idaho is great for passing time while learning fascinating history and science facts.

The museum exhibits permanent and temporary displays, so there’s always something new to learn.

There is a plethora of Lewis and Clark memorabilia and general Idahoan artefacts.

Recent travelling exhibits include its highly praised Genghis Khan exhibit and a Titanic exhibit.

If you’re feeling daring, you can even crawl through a bear cave.

The Museum of Idaho is at 200 N Eastern Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

4- Golf At Sage Lakes Golf Course

If you love to golf or want to learn, going to Sage Lakes Golf Course is a must.

It’s an 18-hole course with generous greens and fairways, making it a challenge for experienced golfers yet a forgiving activity for beginners.

Coniferous trees line the fairways, and ponds are speckled throughout Sage Lakes, making it a relaxing and pleasant outdoor space to spend time when you’re in town.

Sage Lakes Golf Course is at 100 E 65th N, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.

5- Day Trip To Yellowstone National Park

things to do in idaho falls this weekend
Yellowstone National Park straddles Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It was the first national park established in America.

Yellowstone National Park is one of the USA’s most visited national parks and although the park is in the neighbouring state of Montana, Idaho Falls is a great gateway to enter the park for a day or two.

Nature is gorgeous in Yellowstone; not only are there surreal landscapes, but the wildlife includes delicate and unique flora and fauna.

During the summer, you can explore thermal geysers and hot springs, look for bison and bears, hike and ride horses, among other activities.

Winter activities include snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and, for experienced individuals, winter camping in the backcountry.

From Idaho Falls, the West Entrance of Yellowstone is the most accessible way to enter the park.

To get there, head northeast for roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes via US-20 until you reach the entrance.

6- Visit The Bonneville County Fair

things to do in idaho falls with kids
Attending the country fair is one of the fun things to do in Idaho Falls for kids.

The Bonneville County Fair is an annual event in August in Idaho Falls.

The fair represents rural Idaho life, but instead of featuring carnival rides and cotton candy, this fair focuses more on community.

The fair puts on community events such as bingo for the elderly, outdoor movie nights in the grass, crafts for the kids and a pancake breakfast.

There’s even a dutch oven cook-off.

The fair also emphasises the importance of animals and agriculture in the area.

Besides the livestock auction, there’s bull riding and a petting zoo.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build friendships with locals and better understand life in eastern Idaho.

The Bonneville County Fairgrounds are at 1542 E 73rd S, Idaho Falls, ID 83404.

7- Watch A Show At Colonial Theater

best things to do in idaho falls
Going to a show is another interesting thing to do in Idaho Falls.

Colonial Theater is a historic building originally built in 1919.

The theatre, with its elegant red velvet curtains and seats, can host an audience of nearly 1,000.

Historic art deco details, such as the proscenium style stage and white and black tiles, have been preserved in the theatre and lobby.

Catch a live show at the Colonial Theatre, where you can watch live acrobats, musicians, plays, and more.

Colonial Theater is at 450 A St, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

8- See Animals At The Camas National Wildlife Refuge

cool things to do in idaho falls
An American bald eagle perched in a tree.

Located in southeastern Idaho, the Camas National Wildlife Refuge is home to thousands of species of animals, insects, and fish.

Bald eagles, elk and swans are only some of the animals you can spot in the area.

Composed of meadows, marshlands, ponds, lakes, and sagebrush uplands, it’s no surprise that the refuge has so much wildlife.

The refuge’s mission is to promote the conservation and management of wildlife and the ecosystems vital to their survival.

So, when exploring the extensive trails of the refuge, remember to leave no trace and respect the wildlife.

The Camas National Wildlife Refuge is at 2150 E 2350 Rd N, Hamer, ID 83425.

9- Go For A Stroll On The Snake River Greenbelt

The Snake River Greenbelt is a path system that lines both sides of the river with a pavement ideal for biking and walking.

Both residents and visitors regularly take advantage of the trails, which are accessible all year round.

The Snake River’s natural beauty is easily seen between the trees on the path.

Several park benches, drinking fountains, restrooms, and picnic tables along the Snake River Greenbelt make it popular for quick walks and long strolls.

Get on the Snake River Greenbelt at 525 River Pkwy, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

10- Fish At Becker Pond

Stop by Becker Pond with your fishing rod if you’re an angler. The pond is stocked frequently from April to October, making catch rates high and anglers happy.

Becker Pond is mostly full of rainbow trout and catfish, so bring the right fishing gear.

The pond is handicap accessible, includes a bathroom, and is an excellent spot for kids.

Becker Pond is in Ryder Park at 2001 W Sunnyside Road, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

11- Spend An Autumn Afternoon At New Sweden Farms

If you’re in Idaho Falls during autumn, stop by New Sweden Farms for a true autumn experience.

The main highlights of the farm are its corn maze, which varies every year, and its pumpkin patch, which allows visitors to take home pumpkins of their choosing.

Stop by the Sweet Shoppe after navigating the corn maze or the pumpkin patch if you want a sweet fall treat to warm up in the chilly weather.

New Sweden Farms is at 3512 17th S, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

12- Bike Or Volunteer At Ryder Bike Park

fun things to do in idaho falls
Going BMX bike riding is another active thing to do in Idaho Falls.

Ryder Bike Park is a non-profit park designed for BMX biking.

Although it’s only a few acres, it features jumps and ramps for skilled bikers, making it popular in Idaho Falls.

The park is unique because it was built entirely by volunteers, many of whom bike themselves.

If you aren’t into biking but want to contribute to the Idaho Falls community, you can always volunteer to help build or maintain the space.

Ryder Bike Park is at 1599 W Sunnyside Rd, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

13- Check Out The Marine Life At The East Idaho Aquarium

best things to do in twin falls idaho A young woman in the oceanarium looks at the marine life. The girl looks at the swimming fish.
Checking out marine life in the East Idaho Aquarium is one of the educational things to do in Idaho Falls.

The East Idaho Aquarium is an interactive aquarium that seeks to inspire and educate people of all ages about aquatic ecosystems worldwide.

Visitors can check out exotic fish and other aquatic creatures while learning something new.

For an even more memorable experience, book an animal encounter for opportunities to interact directly with lizards, snakes, porcupines, sharks, sloths, rays, bugs and parrots.

You can meet and even feed the animals through this experience.

The East Idaho Aquarium is at 570 E Anderson St, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.

14- Picnic At Tautphaus Park

things to do in idaho falls in summer Picnic basket with food on green sunny lawn.
Going on a picnic is one of the lovely things to do in Idaho Falls in summer.

One of the largest and oldest Idaho Falls parks, Tautphaus Park is a fantastic destination for a picnic, among other activities.

The park features tennis courts, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, a skateboard park, a playground, and an ice arena during the winter.

Several picnic areas have tables, so you can bring food and supplies for a lovely picnic before enjoying the public activity spaces.

Tautphaus Park is at 2800 S Boulevard, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

15- Witness The Beauty Of Old Butte Park

things to do in idaho falls today Soft focus sunlight on a park bench.
Enjoying the fresh air and space in a park is one of the things to do in Idaho Falls.

Old Butte Park is a small yet charming outdoor park in western Idaho Falls.

It covers 76.5 acres (31 ha) of land, which includes a playground, restrooms, and soccer fields.

There is lovely green grass for picnics, reading books and playing frisbee.

Furthermore, the trees that line the park turn spectacular shades of yellow and orange during the autumn.

Old Butte Park is next to Old Butte Soccer Complex #4 at 1107 N 26th W, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

16- Visit The Idaho Falls Zoo

The Idaho Falls Zoo is perhaps one of Idaho Falls’ most popular attractions for kids, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy it.

The zoo has seven exhibits: Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia and New Guinea, and the Children’s Zoo exhibits.

It’s home to roughly 130 international species of animals, from African lions to red pandas to red-necked wallabies.

The zoo also organises public events, such as picnics, concerts and masquerades.

The Idaho Falls Zoo is at 2925 Rollandet Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

17- Swim At Wes Deist Aquatic Center

The Wes Deist Aquatic Center is Idaho Falls’ main swimming centre.

The indoor swimming facility is open to the public year-round.

The vast pool has lanes and offers public lap swim hours. Plus, there’s a water slide for kids.

The Wes Deist Aquatic Center is at 149 7th St, Idaho Falls, ID 83401.

18- Play Disc Golf At Russ Freeman Park

Covering 61 acres (25 ha) of land, Russ Freeman Park offers fun for the whole family and has activity facilities, such as a playground, picnic areas, and baseball diamonds.

There’s even a war memorial to educate eager-to-learn visitors. But, what makes Russ Freeman Park unique is its disc golf course.

The course includes 18 holes spread out throughout the park, ensuring adequate space for throwing.

Just remember to bring a disc or a frisbee.

Russ Freeman Park is at 1290 Science Center Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.

19- Visit Grand Teton National Park

things to do in idaho falls id On the prairie looking at the mountain range of the Grand Tetons
Exploring Grand Teton National Park is one of the memorable things to do in Idaho Falls.

In addition to being close to Yellowstone National Park, Idaho Falls is relatively close to Grand Teton National Park.

This park offers picture-perfect views of remarkable landscapes filled with snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and mirror-like water.

You can hike the mountains in the park, fish for trout in alpine lakes, and climb in the Teton Range.

Kayak on several small lakes, take scenic drives and view wildlife such as moose, grizzly bears and pronghorn.

Although there’s more than enough to do in Grand Teton National Park for days, it’s still worth making a day trip from Idaho Falls to get a taste of its natural beauty.

To reach Grand Teton National Park from Idaho Falls, take US-26 E for approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes until you reach the southern entrance.

20- Ski Or Snowboard At Kelly Canyon Resort

things to do in idaho falls in the winter Young man rides snowboard and enjoying a frozen winter day on mountain slopes.
Going skiing or snowboarding is one of the things to do near Idaho Falls in winter.

Kelly Canyon Resort is a must-visit in Idaho Falls during ski season.

There are plenty of groomed runs for downhill skiing and cross-country terrain for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing.

The ski area is open daily and has 26 runs, so there’s sure to be something for all levels. 

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, schedule private or group ski or snowboard lessons at Kelly Canyon.

Kelly Canyon Resort is at 5488 Kelly Canyon Rd, Ririe, ID 83443.

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