20 Things To Do In Nashua

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Located in the state’s south on the banks of the Nashua and Merrimack rivers, Nashua is the second-largest city in New Hampshire. It was named “Best Place to Live in America” by Money Magazine twice and is an exciting city with a liveable suburban area in addition to its vibrant city centre.

The city’s origins centred around the textile industry, utilizing the power of the Nashua River for mills. With the departure of the textile industry, Nashua has become a thriving city of businesses and outdoor adventure options close to the Massachusetts border. Even though it is close enough to do a day trip to the rest of the state as well as Massachusetts highlights, Nashua provides plenty to do without even leaving the city. What are 20 of the best things to do in Nashua? Check them out here:

Nashua, New Hampshire

20 Things To Do In Nashua

1- Explore Nature In The Heart of Downtown At Mine Falls Park

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Exploring Mine Falls Park is one of the best things to do in Nashua for nature lovers.

The park was named after a period during the 1700s when lead was mined from an island below the falls before the canal and dam were built to power the mills.

Mine Falls Park spreads over 325 acres (131.5 ha) of forest, fields, and wetlands in the heart of downtown.

The Nashua River dominates the northern part of the park, while the southern part focuses on the pond and canal system from the 1800s that powered the cotton mills of the Nashua Manufacturing Company.

The park features under 10 miles (16 km) of nature trails, dense foliage in the forest, by the river, and even a waterfall for hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing.

In addition to the nature trails, there are sports fields and water activities such as kayaking and fishing, making it an excellent hub of outdoor options.

Mine Falls Park is located in the heart of the city on Whipple Street, Nashua, 03060.

2- Relax At Greeley Park

Greeley Park covers 125 acres (50.6 ha) purchased in 1801 by Joseph Greeley and then gifted to the city by Greeley’s son after Joseph passed in 1896.

The park features manicured gardens and lawns, nature trails, a fountain, a community garden, and a flower bed.

There are also tennis courts, sports fields, horseshoe pits, a wading pool, and a boat ramp providing access to Merrimack River.

Greeley Park is a great location for the whole family, with picnic areas, a playground, and even a sledding hill.

Check for art shows, Halloween parties, concerts, festivals and more.

Greeley Park is at 100 Concord Street, Nashua, 03064.

3- Take In Some Sights On The Nashua River Rail Trail

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Stetching your legs along the Nashua River trail is one of the outdoorsy things to do in Nashua NH.

One of many rail trails in NH that run parallel to former railroads, this one also crawls along the Nashua River.

The trail covers over 12.5 miles (20 km) from Nashua to Ayer Mass, going through Pepperell and Groton.

The Nashua Rail Trail features lush forests, wetlands, swamps, and ponds that feature multiple types of wildlife.

Biking, rollerskating, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding are all allowed on parts of the trail and you can fish in several ponds or the river.

Maps and other information about the trail are easily found online, but the Nashua trailhead begins at Country Side Drive in Southern Nashua.

4- Explore Local History At The Nashua Historical Society

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Looking for things to do in Nashua NH? Here’s our list of the top 20.

Founded in 1870, this volunteer-run nonprofit “collects, preserves and interprets materials pertaining to Nashua history”.

The Florence H. Speare Memorial Museum is open for self-guided tours 10 am to 3 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to the public, by appointment, or for guided tours during special events.

The Frank B. Clancy Research Library provides several historical documents available for research and acts as a temporary exhibit space.

There is also a small gift shop featuring a variety of historical souvenirs to help fund their mission.

The Nashua Historical Society is housed at 5 Abbott St, Nashua, 03064.

5- Step Back In Time At Abbot-Spalding House Museum

As the second collection site for the Nashua Historical Society, this Historic House Museum tells the story of its many famous residents, including Daniel Abbot (the city’s founder), George Perham and William Spalding.

The Federal period house was built in 1804 with Colonial Revival influences added at the beginning of the 20th century.

The house belonged to the Spalding Family for 73 years and the Nashua Historical Society bought it in the late 1970s.

Arrange appointments with the Nashua Historical Society, located at 5 Abbott Street, Nashua, 03064, to see the Abbot-Spalding House Museum at 1 Abbott Street, Nashua, 03064.

6- Pause And Reflect At New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial

Unveiled on June 1, 2014, the New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial was created by John Weidman with no religious symbols nor symbols of any one race or nation to honour people of all backgrounds who died during the Holocaust, providing a moving experience and a place of remembrance for the victims.

The Reflection Garden and Labyrinth was created by local artist Marty Kermeen and based on the labyrinth found in Chartres Cathedral in France, featuring marble seats, sculptures and coloured tiles with inspirational messages with plaques that tell the history of Nashua.

Walk the circular path to guide you on a reflective journey inward and provides a moment of quiet reflection after the Holocaust Memorial or just when you need some calm in your day.

Both are located in Rotary Common Park at 315 Main Street, Nashua, 03060.

7- Walk Through The Nashua Historic District

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Wandering around town on foot is one of the best things to do in Nashua to get your bearings.

Like many of the cities in New England, Nashua features an easily accessible rich historical district that is a joy to experience during walking tours.

Just north of downtown and close to the Holman Stadium, the Nashua River, and the Merrimack River, take a walk and enjoy the view of the rivers and the historical 19th-century buildings.

A must-see event if you are here during the holiday, the Winter Holiday Stroll features a variety of fun events to kick off the holiday season, including Santa, delicious food, exciting vendors, live performances, and rides.

Held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it begins with a candlelit Main Street procession from City Hall south to Library Hill to light the City’s Holiday Tree.

8- Catch A Game At Holman Stadium

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Watching an ice hockey match is another of the things to do in Nashua.

Currently home to the Nashua Silver Knights Collegiate baseball team, Holman Stadium continues to be an exciting venue.

Opened in 1937, Holman Stadium can accommodate just under 3,000 visitors and hosts regional high school baseball and football games.

The occasional music concert, food truck, beer festivals, and annual fireworks on the 4th of July can also be found here.

Holman Stadium is at 67 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03064.

9- Experience Winter Fun At Roby Park

Another outdoor adventure experience is a must if you are travelling to Nashua during the Winter.

While Roby Park features softball fields, nature trails, picnic areas, and a playground for summer fun, it comes alive during the winter.

During the winter, Roby Park has great options for snowshoeing, a rink for ice skating, a sledding hill, and skiing areas.

Roby Park is at 126 Spit Brook Road, Nashua, 03062.

10- Explore Yudicky Farm

Also known as Southwest Park, Yudicky Farm features miles of trails, Lovewell Pond, the Beaver Dam, swamps, open fields and a dog park. 

The Yudicky Farm Conservation Loop is a moderately challenging 5.5-mile (8.85 km) loop trail that takes about an hour and 45 minutes to complete.

While the trail is popular for hikers, runners, and walkers exploring nature, it is particularly loved for mountain biking.

The Lowell Pond Yudicky Conservation Area is at 9 Jenny Hill Lane, Nashua, 03062.

11- Check Out Local Wildlife At The Nashua National Fish Hatchery

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One of the things to do in Nashua for nature lovers is to visit the Nashua National Fish Hatchery, where you can also see birds.

The Nashua National Fish Hatchery aims to conserve endangered and threatened local wildlife species, particularly fish.

The land for the Hatchery was first purchased in January of 1898 and immediately began producing rainbow, brook, and brown trout for state and federal waters within New England, as well as trout and salmon eggs for national distribution.

Since then, they have expanded their efforts to include outreach, with several educational programs such as fish viewing in their various aquariums, tanks, and streams.

A pollinator garden supports local pollinators such as ruby-throated hummingbirds, bumblebees, monarch butterflies, and the hummingbird moth, and wildlife viewing includes birding thanks to their refuges.

They also have picnic areas and hiking trails, making it a fun all-day adventure for the whole family, but don’t forget to book your appointment.

The Nashua National Fish Hatchery is located at 151 Broad Street, Nashua, 03063.

12- Experience Gothic Revival at Hunt Memorial Library Building

Designed by architect Ralph Adams Cram and built in 1903, Hunt Memorial Library was Nashua’s first modern public library.

A library until 1971, the Hunt Memorial Building stands today as a historic building and event rental space, particularly for arts and cultural activities like intimate poetry readings, jazz performances, and more.

Check out the Gothic Revival architecture of Ralph Adams Cram by pursuing the outside of the building and consider reaching out about an appointment to view the interior or seeing if there is an event being held there.

The Hunt Memorial Library Building is at 6 Main Street, Nashua, 03064.

13- Get Scared At Fright Kingdom

If you enjoy being terrified, Nashua has just the place for you.

Featuring ghoulish characters and entertainment, Fright Kingdom hosts several haunted house attractions based on different premises:

  • Broodmare Manor: a haunted Victorian manor with a sordid family history
  • Apocalypse Z: a zombie apocalypse scenario
  • The Abandoned: an abandoned old farm sits at the center of mysterious disappearances
  • Grim: a labyrinth of pure darkness
  • Psycho Circus 3D: a madhouse of crazy clowns and illusions

While the spooky season is the obvious time to visit them, they also feature special events around holidays, such as creepy winter wonderlands in Fright Before Christmas and a Valentine’s Day event, adapting their houses to fit the theme better.

Fright Kingdom is located at 12 Simon Street, Nashua, 03060.

14- Enjoy Tax-Free Shopping At Pheasant Lane Mall

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Going shopping is a fun thing to do in Nashua.

While you can enjoy no sales tax at any retail location, Pheasant Lane Mall provides an easy location with plenty of options for gifts, souvenirs, and everyday shopping.

Pheasant Lane Mall is a two-story super-regional mall with more than 135 retailers, easily accessible off the Daniel Webster Highway.

In addition to the food court, it also features full-service restaurants, including Burton’s Grill and Bar, one of the most popular dinner spots in the city, as a “scratch kitchen” meaning any meal is customisable.

The Pheasant Lane Mall is located at 310 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, 03060.

15- Take A Fanciful Adventure At Fun World

Fun World is an indoor amusement park for all ages with carousels, a roller coaster, pinball machines, motion theatres, a playground, a bowling alley, and over 250 arcade-style games.

Ride the two-story Venetian Carousel or the spinning Himalaya.

Set the kids loose on the three-story indoor playground featuring lots of climbing, slides, and a ball pit.

And if you are travelling with toddlers, they offer a toddler room for the playground and over 30 arcade games specifically designed for small children.

Fun World is located at 200 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua, 03060.

16- Go To A Performance At The Court Street Theatre

Opened in 1971, the Court Street Theatre is a historic location that incorporates the former 1870 Central Firehouse, seating approximately 150 people for an intimate atmosphere during live performances.

It has housed various theatre companies and the Nashua Symphony Orchestra, featuring various live performances, including musicals, improv comedy and informative lectures.

Check out the Peacock Players, a young talented theatre group that has been performing theatre productions for southern NH for 40 years.

The Court Street Theatre is located at 14 Court Street, Nashua, 03060.

17- Throw A Strike At Leda Lanes Candlepin Bowling

Play a game of the predecessor to standard bowling using pins that look like candlesticks and a smaller ball.

Famous in Eastern Canada and New England, this variation of bowling is great fun for players of all ages and a true New England treat.

Leda Lanes also has glow-in-the-dark candlepins in its Light House, with rooms available for private rental. In addition to their snack bar, adults can stop by Kegler’s Den, a sports bar and lounge which features karaoke, poker, cornhole, and other games.

Leda Lanes is located at 340 Amherst Street, Nashua, 03063.

18- Hit The Ice At Conway Arena

Conway Arena is the place for skating and ice hockey, featuring public freestyle times, lessons, and competitions.

There are also adult and junior hockey leagues to watch or participate in, so check ahead of time what games are playing or when you can schedule time on the ice.

In addition to its many lessons, workshops, games, and family activities, Conway Arena also features an arcade and pro shop.

Conway Arena is located at 5 Stadium Drive, Nashua, 03062.

19- Explore Local Bars

things to do in nashua at night
Going on a bar crawl is one of the fun things to do in Nashua at night.

Nashua is home to several unique alcohol destinations with fun environments and experiences.

Millyard Brewery features a tasting room Wednesday through Sunday with sandwiches and New Zealand savoury pies available as tasty pairings and regular events, including live music every Saturday evening and comedy events once a month.

Millyard Brewery is at 25 East Otterson Street, Nashua, 03060.

Djinn Spirits is a family-owned and operated distillery specialising in whiskey and gin, free samples in the tasting room, virtual and in-person tours, and even a monthly whiskey class.

Djinn Spirits is located at 2 Townsend West, #9, Nashua, NH 03063.

CodeX B.A.R. is a 1920s-inspired speakeasy disguised as a bookstore, featuring old-fashioned cocktails and tapas with ingredients sourced from local NH businesses on the backdrop of Books, Antiques, and Rareties, giving CodeX its acronym B.A.R.

The CodeX B.A.R. is located at 1 Elm Street, Nashua, 03060.

Riverwalk Cafe is an award-winning bakery and cafe, but on the weekends and for weekday special events, they stay open a little later, providing craft cocktails and live music.

Riverwalk Cafe is located at 35 Railroad Square, Nashua, 03064.

20- Explore Local Eateries

Being a cultural hub close to the Massachusetts border, Nashua features several award-winning restaurants in its downtown area.

MT’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar originally opened as Michael Timothy’s Urban Bistro in 1995 and have continually focused more on sourcing ingredients from local producers, with the menu changing based on what’s in season.

MT’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar is at 212 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060.

Martha’s Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company was the first brewpub in Nashua and the second in NH, but it actually originally opened in 1936 as a candy shop.

Its Greek and American menu pairs wonderfully with the brewery’s beers and even pays homage to its origins with a wonderful chocolate shop.

Martha’s Exchange Restaurant and Brewing Company is located at 185 Main Street, Nashua, 03060.

Surf specializes in fresh, creatively prepared seafood, including raw options like sushi, oyster shooters, raw clams, and smoked fish.

Surf is located at 207 Main Street, #2963, Nashua, 03060. 

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