20 Things To Do In Vienna At Night

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The capital of Austria is well-known for its beautiful architecture, history and food. While there are sights to see during the day, there are also many things to do in Vienna at night. Austria’s largest city’s spectacular architecture turns into a twinkling fairyland after dark.

Whether you’re keen to party, see a show or explore the city’s historic streets after dark, you can do all these things and much more while visiting this wonderful city. Here are our top things to do at night in Vienna.

Vienna At Night

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20 Things To Do In Vienna At Night

1- Explore The Weltmuseum

things to do in vienna at night
Votivkirche in Vienna at night.

Weltmuseum Wien, one of the world’s most important ethnographic museums and a major Vienna attraction, is housed in the Hofburg Imperial Palace on the Ringstrasse.

Visitors can explore the museum’s 14 distinct exhibition galleries, each showcasing unique cultural treasures from around the world, and admire a vast collection that provides a deep insight into times long past.

The museum’s collections include over 400,000 anthropological and archaeological artifacts from around the world.

Mexican artifacts are among the museum’s most famous exhibits, such as a unique Aztec feathered headdress, collections from the Austrian Brazil Expedition, and two of the remaining rongorongo tablets.

Book your ticket here to see its extensive collections from all over the world and learn about the museum’s highlights.

The Weltmuseum is at Heldenplatz, Hofburg 1010 Vienna Austria. It is open until 6 pm on Mondays, 9 pm on Tuesdays, and 6 pm from Thursday to Sunday. Skip the line and reserve your ticket here.

2- View The Exhibits At The Leopold Museum

vienna night at the museum hours
The Natural History Museum in Vienna at night.

The Leopold Museum is a strikingly modern building that contrasts sharply with the Baroque architectural style of Imperial Vienna.

Admire the largest collections of modern Austrian art from the early 20th century at this magnificent museum.

The museum also houses over 5,000 exhibits collected by Elisabeth and Rudolf Leopold over 50 years and several works by Wiener Werkstätte artists, ranging from Josef Hoffmann to Kolo Moser.

Visitors may admire these impressive artworks and embark on a journey to a time when artists like Gustav Klimt, Richard Gerstl and Oskar Kokoschka deviated from the norm and brought about revolutionary changes in the history of international design.

The Leopold Museum is a must-see for fans of modern art, and with an entry ticket, you may view the permanent collections and special exhibitions here.

The museum’s Cafe Leopold hosts weekend events with live bands and DJs and a classic café, restaurant and bar, where you can relax at night after taking a tour of the museum.

The Leopold Museum is open daily until 6 pm and the Cafe until 9.30 pm at Museumsplatz 1, 1070, Vienna, Austria. The Vienna PASS will get you into the Leopold Museum and other attractions.

3- Admire The Hofburg Imperial Palace

best instagrammable places in vienna austria at night
Neue Burg (New Castle) in Hofburg Palace was completed in 1913 and is a stately building to see in Vienna at night when it’s all lit up.

Hofburg Imperial Palace is one of Vienna’s most magnificent baroque palaces, as well as one of the largest palace complexes in the world.

This work of architectural art served as the Habsburg Empire’s residence for many years and is now the seat of the Austrian government.

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is so enormous that it occupies a combined area of 59 acres (24 ha).

The palace has 13 wings, including the Treasury, which houses the Austrian Crown Jewels, and the Swiss Wing, which includes the oldest parts of the Hofburg Palace.

The most legendary treasures on display include one of the world’s largest emeralds, the Holy Lance from the 8th century, and the world’s largest agate bowl, also known as the Holy Grail or a unicorn horn.

You’ll be enchanted by past treasures on display and can skip the line to access all this with an entry ticket to the palace.

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is open daily until 6 pm at Michaelerkuppel 1010 Vienna, Austria. Join the Empress Sisi Walking Tour and visit the Imperial Apartments.

4- Enjoy Dinner At The Top Of The Danube Tower

what to do at night in vienna
Night scene of Vienna’s Donauturm (Danube Tower).

One of the fun things to do in Vienna at night is to eat a delicious meal in the restaurant at the top of the Danube Tower.

The observation deck of Austria’s tallest building, the 252 m (820 ft) high Danube Tower, offers breathtaking panoramic views of Vienna’s beautiful cityscape.

Another attraction of the Danube Tower is the Turm Restaurant, which rotates at 170 m and provides a 360-degree panoramic view of Vienna.

Enjoy a fantastic experience at the Danube Tower restaurant with delicious traditional cuisine and wine on the menu. Skip the line and prebook your entrance ticket here.

5- Attend A Concert At Schönbrunn Palace

best things to do in vienna at night
Admire the lovely architecture of Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna at night.

Schönbrunn Palace is a magnificent Baroque structure built in the 1600s by the Habsburgs royal family and preserved over time.

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular attraction in Vienna.

You can go on a guided tour of the palace to see its grand chambers and ceremonial rooms, and at night, listen to the Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra playing the works by Strauss and Mozart, listen to opera and watch a ballet.

The palace’s interior and exterior are impressive, and if you want to do some sightseeing in Vienna at night, the Schönbrunn Palace gardens are great for a stroll.

The area appears even more beautiful at night due to the many lights that illuminate the place. You can take an after-hours tour of the palace and enjoy dinner and a concert. If you’re visiting during the day, see the Strudel Show in the court bakery to learn how Viennese apple strudel is made and visit Schonbrunn Palace.

6- Enjoy A Ride At Wiener Riesenrad

fun things to do at night in vienna
Have a fun night in Vienna and enjoy the view from the giant Ferris wheel in Prater.

Visitors to the Wurstelprater Amusement Park, also known as Prater, can ride the famous Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel or Wiener Riesenrad.

65 m (2,500 ft) above the city, this enduring landmark was built in 1897 for Emperor Josef I’s Golden Jubilee, and today, it is a well-known attraction for visitors.

Ride this historic architectural construction to take in breathtaking views of Vienna and its surroundings, including the hills of the Vienna Woods, the Danube, the Marchfeld and the Pannonian Basin.

This massive Ferris wheel not only takes you up to enjoy the views, but it also has private cabins, candlelight dinners and cocktails in the sky to celebrate a special occasion.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Vienna, book your ticket here to enjoy this iconic Viennese experience.

7- Explore The Museum Of Illusions In Vienna

vienna at night
Aerial panorama of Vienna at night.

The Museum Of Illusions offers a unique experience with over 70 exhibition pieces to be enjoyed by children and adults.

Defy gravity in an inclined room, grow and shrink your family and friends in the Ames room and feel what it’s like to lose your feet in the vortex tunnel.

There are also holograms, photographic illusions, optical illusions, and other mind-bending tricks available, as well as games and perplexing puzzles that give you the chance to exercise your brain and trick your mind.

Touching the exhibits and taking photographs with a camera is also permitted, so bring your phone or camera when you visit this museum because there are numerous photo opportunities.

The Museum of Illusion is open until 6 pm from Monday to Friday and 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays at Wallnerstraße 4 1010 Vienna, Austria. Skip the line and order your ticket before you go.

8- Enjoy Dinner At Restaurant Stefanie

things to do in vienna austria at night
Eating Vienna schnitzel in Vienna at night is one of the things to do you’ll always remember.

Sampling local cuisine is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any vacation.

When deciding where to have dinner in Vienna, you will have no trouble finding a restaurant as, throughout the city, there are several where you can sample diverse cuisine.

Stefanie restaurant, in Vienna’s oldest hotel, is one of the best places to dine and marvel at antique collections.

The luxurious ballroom has a historical ambience and hosts murder mystery dinners. To experience a culinary journey at Stefanie restaurant, book your ticket here.

9- Visit The Haus Der Musik (House Of Music)

world of darkness wiener blut vienna at night
Johann Strauss statue at Stadtpark in Vienna at night.

At Haus der Musik, various high-tech multimedia presentations introduce you to the world of music, from the earliest human use of instruments to modern music.

This modern interactive experimental museum was once the home of Otto Nicolai, the founder of the Vienna Philharmonic, one of the world’s best orchestras.

The scientific documentation of this renowned orchestra is preserved and made available to the public through the museum.

Visitors today can enjoy musical and acoustic phenomena while learning everything they can about the great masters of the Wiener Klassik, such as Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven.

In addition to the permanent exhibition and scientific documentation, the Haus der Musik hosts temporary exhibitions in the inner courtyard that highlight notable musicians or specific musical historical themes such as Viennese Modernism.

Visit the Haus der Musik to fully immerse yourself in the history of Viennese Classical music and the science of sound.

The House of Music is open daily until 10 pm at Seilerstätte 30 1010 Vienna, Austria.

10- Go Barhopping on Schwedenplatz

vienna austria at night
Skyline of Vienna at night.

A self-guided walking tour of Vienna is another way to enjoy a night in Vienna and drink at various bars.

There are many bars and nightclubs on Schwedenplatz in Vienna’s 1st district.

Most clubs and bars also offer happy hour, so with some planning, you could hop from one happy hour to the next.

Explore Vienna’s vibrant nightlife on this pub crawl, where you can go to different bars and clubs, meet other like-minded people, and get a feel of the nightlife in Vienna.

11- Relax On The Danube Canal

wiener blut vienna at night world of darkness
The Danube Canal in Vienna at night is a lovely sight.

The Danube Canal, or Donaukanal, is a fantastic place to spend a night on the riverfront in Vienna.

There are lovely cafés along the Donaukanal, some with barstools and beaches, giving off a vacation vibe.

One of the most popular is the Badeschiff, which is made up of two barges and has multiple decks, including a floating swimming pool.

Drink on the sand at the Strandbar Herrman.

You can also take a boat trip along the Danube Canal through Vienna’s historical and modern city. On this tour, you can see important buildings and learn about Vienna from the water.

12- Guided Tour of Vienna Nightlife

world of darkness vienna at night long exposure.
A tram at night in Vienna.

Taking a nighttime walking tour of Vienna’s hidden wine cellars is a fun experience.

Visit nightclubs, wine bars or centuries-old wineries to enjoy the taste of Viennese wine while learning about the history of Austrian wine.

Another way to explore is to cruise through Vienna at night in an open-top bus or go on this panoramic night bus tour with fun and interesting people to see the city from a different perspective.

Live commentary is available to help you learn about the fascinating history and architecture of Vienna’s most iconic attractions.

13- Have At Flutter At Casino Wien

vienna buildings at night
St. Charles’s Church (Karlskirche) in Vienna at night. Enjoy a performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Casino Wien in Palais Esterhazy is Vienna’s largest and most established casino.

Part of Casinos Austria, the four levels of Esterhazy Palace combine grandeur and a relaxed atmosphere while providing a variety of games.

The main casino is on the top floor and has a poker room, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and slots.

This casino is also a popular spot for dinner and drinks and after dinner, you can try your luck at the roulette wheel.

14- Grab A Coffee At Cafe Central

vienna streets at night
St. Francis of Assisi Church in Vienna at night.

Café Central in the Palais Ferstel building is one of Vienna’s most popular spots for an evening coffee.

Founded in 1876, it became a haven for intellectuals and poets in the late 19th century and a regular haunt for well-known figures like Adolf Loos and Sigmund Freud.

Café Central serves a range of Viennese delights, aromatic coffee specialties, sweets from the on-site patisserie and traditional Vienna cuisine, which are only available to Vienna residents.

Sit back, unwind and take in the architectural style and historical settings of Café Central while indulging in the café’s tempting selection of sweet treats. You may like this guided tour of Vienna’s coffee houses.

15- Watch A Movie At The Film Casino

Film casino is an old-school theatre that provides a unique cinematic experience.

While the theatre was built in 1911, a thorough renovation performed many years later has preserved its vintage furnishings, including the seats, ticket counter and snack bar.

This historic theatre still retains the charm of the 1950s and 1960s, transporting visitors to a different era.

Besides its striking décor, the theatre is well-known for screening a wide range of films that are difficult to find at other theatres.

Classical films, documentaries, short films, and indie productions from Europe and Asia are frequently included in the program, usually in their original versions with subtitles.

Seeing a movie at the Film Casino is a great idea for movie lovers looking for a low-key activity at night.

16- Visit The Burgtheater

vienna at night sinsiter
Attending a performance at the Burgtheater (Austrian National Theatre) is one of the fantastic things to do in Vienna at night.

The magnificent Burgtheater (Austrian National Theatre) is an ornate structure that evokes the glamour of yesteryear.

The distinctive ceilings and magnificent staircases of the Burgtheater, designed by renowned Austrian artists, are included in many guided tours.

The 1,200-seat venue also hosts screenings of classical, contemporary and experimental films.

This theatre is a fantastic place to see a dramatic performance that will elicit various emotions in you.

Acclaimed contemporary plays and Shakespearean classics are frequently performed on the program by actors of exceptional talent.

17- Enjoy A Concert At The Vienna State Opera

things to do at night in vienna reddit
Going to a performance at the Vienna State Opera is one of the classic things to do at night in Vienna.

Since 1869, opera fans have been treated to a nightly performance at the Wiener Staatsoper, also known as the Vienna State Opera.

The 1,709-seat opera house, one of the best in the world, hosts up to 350 performances of 60 different operatic styles each year.

With amazing performers appearing almost every night of the year, finding a fantastic performance to see at night is never a challenge.

The members of the Vienna Philharmonic are recruited from the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, and the structure also houses the Vienna State Ballet.

In addition to these acclaimed performances, you can go on guided tours that explore the intriguing past of the building. Book your tickets to listen to Mozart and Strauss at the VSO here.

18- Visit Wiener Prater Public Park

images of christmas village in vienna austria at night
If you’re visiting during the holiday season, wandering around Vienna’s night Christmas market at Vienna City Hall (Rathausplatz) is one of the activities to tick off our to-do list.

Another entertaining thing to do in Vienna at night is to visit the large Wiener Prater public park.

In a corner of the Wiener Prater is the Wurstelprater, an amusement park that is jam-packed with thrilling rides and nerve-wracking games and houses the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel.

Whether you’re an adult who enjoys reliving your childhood on occasion or a child trying to persuade your parents to do something with you, there’s something for everyone.

The fact that you can enter for free and only pay for the attractions you want to use adds to the appeal of this Vienna nightlife experience.

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy this park, and some of the rides are not even appropriate for children.

A visit to the Wiener Prater will undoubtedly provide you with some of the best thrills you’ve ever had.

19- Dance to Live Music at Jazzland

Jazzland, open since 1972, is located in an old cellar beneath the ancient Ruprechtskirche, or St. Rupert’s Church.

The church is more than a thousand years old and features a stunning Romanesque design.

This club is Vienna’s oldest and most popular jazz club, hosting established international jazz stars and up-and-coming musicians regularly.

Given Vienna’s strong connection to classical music, it may come as a surprise that the city ranks first in the world relative to the number of seats available in jazz clubs relative to population.

At this club, you may listen to some true masters of music and sample traditional Austrian dishes with some international influence.

20- Enjoy A Sachertorte At Café Sacher

things to do at night in vienna Traditional Austrian layered sponge cake Sachertorte with dark chocolate ganache served on stand on rustic wooden background.
Visiting cafes to eat traditional Austrian sachertorte is one of the fun things to do in Vienna at night to refuel.

There are numerous dining options in Vienna, which you can discover by walking around, however, visiting Vienna would be incomplete without having a meal at Café Sacher.

Despite its location within the upscale hotel Sacher Wein, the acclaimed café is well-known among locals for its Sacher torte, a rich chocolate cake with thin layers of apricot jam inside.

The Café Sacher is an ideal place to experience a Viennese coffee house’s distinct and traditional atmosphere while enjoying a slice of the original Sachertorte.

Café Sacher also serves delicious traditional Viennese foods and coffee specialties.

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