Art Macao (June to October 2019)

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With a rich cultural legacy that blends Portuguese and Chinese history and heritage, Macao is the perfect destination in Asia to inspire art and culture. In 2019, Art Macao will turn this compact city into a living art gallery when major works from European and Chinese masters will be exhibited across Macao.

Art Macao is a showcase of events and international exhibits at the Macao Museum of Art, luxury hotels and foreign consulates in Macao. So, a trip to Macao between June and October is a fantastic opportunity to add these world-class exhibitions to your Macao itinerary.

The main venue for Art Macao is the Macao Museum of Art, which will kick off with an impressive showcase of the British Museum’s series of Italian Renaissance drawings (on loan to the Macao Museum of Art).

Macao is also celebrating its 20th anniversary as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China with an exhibition highlighting the development of Chinese fine art over the past 100 years.

While in Macao, you will definitely want to explore the World Heritage Historic Centre of Macao and stay a bit longer to tick a few of these places in Macao off your list. 

Art Macao Events 


Italian Renaissance Drawings from the British Museum Exhibition

An exhibition of 52 drawings by 42 Italian Renaissance masters on loan from the British Museum, highlights works produced by famous artists created between 1470 and 1580.

As this year is the 500th anniversary since the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the kicked off a couple of days before Da Vinci’s birthday (15 April) by introducing 3D printing art in Macao.

Drawings of famous Italian artists Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael are on display along with works by Mantegna, Correggio, Titian and Ross Fiorentino.

The exhibition is organised into six sessions: The Human Figure, Movement, Light, Costume and Drapery, The Natural World and Storytelling.

It explores the main themes of Renaissance art, from the study of the human form through to exploring how the artists brought life to their compositions through the study of movement and shade.

Where: Macao Museum of Art

When: 12 April to 30 June 2019

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Beauty in the New Era – Masterpieces from the collection of the National Art Museum of China

This collection celebrates two major milestone – the 70th anniversary since the creation of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary since Macao was returned to China – with a display of masterpieces from the National Art Museum of China.

90 masterpieces including works of art by Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, Liu Haisu, Lin Fengmian, Fu Baoshi and Li Keran showcases the development of Chinese art over the last 100 years.

Where: Macao Museum of Art

When: 4 May to 28 July 2019

Art Macao: International Art Exhibition

The Macao Museum of Art is the main venue for Art Macao and there will also be concerts and activities by the Macao Orchestra, the Macao Chinese Orchestra and Macao Cultural Centre.

Macao Higher Education Institutions will ramp up the focus on encouraging an exchange platform for culture and arts through International music, dance and drama festivals.

Where: Macao Museum of Art

When: 6 June to 8 October 2019

All That’s Gold Does Glitter – An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics

This exhibition is a display of the talent of the best ceramic artists in the world. 

90 ceramic works created by contemporary artists from 13 countries and regions are a curated showcase by internationally renowned ceramic artist Caroline Cheng.

2019 is the 15th anniversary of Sands China, which is the largest operator of integrated resorts in Macao, so it’s great to see Sands China supporting the arts in a substantial way in Macao.

It’s fitting that ceramics was chosen as the art form to feature in the Sands China exhibition.

China was the birthplace of porcelain and Macao was a major hub for ceramics trading on the Maritime Silk Route, which connected China to Europe via Southeast Asia.

16th and 17th-century Kraak porcelain can be found buried along the coast.

When: 8 June (opening ceremony at Venetian Macao) to 9 October.

Where: Exhibitions are at Venetian Macao, Parisian Macao, Four Seasons Hotel Macao Cotai Strip and Sands® Macao.

Grace Kelly from Hollywood to Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco (GFM) and Macau’s Galaxy Entertainment Group join forces to bring an exhibition about the life of Grace Kelly, who died in 1982 in a car accident, to Macao.

The exhibition follows the story of the legendary movie star, showcasing artworks featuring Grace Kelly such as Andy Warhol’s pop art image of Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock’s famous films starring the actress.

Famous photographers, sculptors, jewellers and fashion houses have created numerous versions of the “Grace Kelly look”.

On loan from the collection of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the exhibits include photographs and moving images of Grace Kelly, her Oscar award, wedding gown, the eponymous Kelly bag, designer jewellery and a rare portrait by Andy Warhol.

Where: Crystal Lobby, Galaxy Macau

When: 15 May to 28 August

Garden of Earthly Delights

This is a contemporary art journey into a world of innovation and creativity through various media forms such as paintings, installations and digital art pieces.

Artists share a medley of rich cultural diversity and the exhibition displays works by Robert Indiana, Refik Anadol, Jennifer Steinkamp, Sam Francis and Edoardo Tresoldi.

Where: Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace

When: 6 June to 6 September.

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art macao

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