20 Beaches In Ohio

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Ohio is a prosperous and ever-present Midwest state with large urban centres such as Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. You can find the state’s best attractions on the shores of Lake Erie, which is dotted with cal beachside resort towns and some of the best beaches in the Midwest.

Most popular beaches in Ohio are in the northeast region, along Lake Erie, with destinations such as Cedar Point, Geneva-on-the-Lake, and even Cleveland coming to mind. If you enjoy visiting inland beaches, Ohio has more than enough to pick from. Here are some Ohio beaches to check out.

20 Beaches In Ohio

Beaches in Cleveland Area

best beaches in ohio
Looking for beaches in Ohio? Here are 20 for your next summer vacation.

1- Euclid Beach

Euclid Beach is one of Ohio’s most famous and most visited beaches thanks to its proximity to Cleveland and the annually held Euclid Beach Live, a series of live entertainment along the beach’s pier during the summer.

Euclid Beach became a popular Ohio beach destination long before Euclid Beach Live existed due to its ties with the Euclid Beach Amusement Park during the early-to-mid-20th-century.

While the amusement park closed down in 1969, the 650-foot (198 m) beach remained popular and provides beachgoers with unbeatable views and sunset vistas of the Cleveland skyline and Lake Erie.

Euclid Beach is at 16301 Lakeshore Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44110.

2- Huntington Beach

beaches in ohio huntington
Huntington beach in Ohio is a great beach for swimming.

Huntington Beach is situated in northern Ohio’s Bay Village, near Cleveland, and forms part of the Huntington Reservation and the broader Cleveland Metroparks network.

Huntington Beach is a fantastic swimming spot during the summer, thanks to its location next to Lake Erie, and it has all the beachside amenities one needs to have a great day at the beach.

The beach’s concession stand rents out beach chairs and cabanas for the day, and the surrounding public park provides beachgoers with ample hiking opportunities.

Huntington Beach is at 28649 Lake Road, Bay Village, OH 44140.

3- Headlands Beach

beaches in ohio headlands
Headlands Beach is a natural beach in Ohio.

In the Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor, Headlands Beach is the largest natural beach in the state and one of the most popular.

Stretching for one mile (1.6 km), the beach straddles the coast of Lake Erie and attracts over two million visitors annually.

Headlands Beach has some of the most picturesque views in Ohio, thanks to the adjacent Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve and the famous Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light.

The beach’s proximity to Downtown Cleveland makes accessing the beach simple, and the nearby Quail Hollow Resort provides travellers with excellent accommodation and dining options.

Headlands Beach is at 9601 Headlands Road, Mentor, OH 44060.

4- Edgewater Beach

ohio beaches on lake erie
The shores of Lake Erie is where you will find some of the best beaches in Ohio.

Edgewater Beach is in the westernmost part of the scenic Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservation and treats beachgoers to over 9,000 feet (2,743 m) of total shoreline along Lake Erie.

Because it’s so close to Cleveland, Edgewater Beach is popular for day-trippers and it’s not far from Cleveland’s shops, restaurants and attractions.

The beach itself provides amenities such as cabanas, picnic areas, grills, on-duty lifeguards, boat ramps and concession stands, making it one of Ohio’s most popular urban beaches.

Edgewater Beach is at 6500 Cleveland Memorial Shoreway, Cleveland, OH 44102.

5- Geneva State Park Beach

beaches ohio lake eerie rubes landing
Rube’s Landing in Saybrook on the Lake is another Lake Erie beach in Ohio.

Geneva-on-the-Lake and the Geneva State Park Beach in northeast Ohio are two of the most popular beachside destinations along the shores of Lake Erie.

With a pristine sandy beach, all the beachside amenities beachgoers could want, and ample opportunities to explore the surrounding shops, restaurants and nature, the Geneva State Park Beach is a real treat.

The lakeside town of Geneva-on-the-Lake is an authentic old-school resort town that appears to be stuck in a time warp 60 years in the past.

The town has top-notch shops, dining options, attractions, and lodging options, plus the 1-mile-long (1.6 km) main tourist area makes the overall experience of visiting Geneva State Park Beach much better.

Geneva State Park Beach is at 4499 Padanarum Road, Geneva, OH 44041.

6- Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park

ohio beaches lake erie
On a sunny day, people flock to the Ohio beaches on Lake Erie.

Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park has been voted as Ohio’s best public beach on numerous occasions due to its sand, great amenities, on-duty lifeguards and proximity to just about every attraction you need to have a fantastic beachside experience.

Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park sits just across from the popular Headlands Beach and boasts scenic views across Lake Erie, a boardwalk filled with concession stands, and tons of nature trails all around the beach area.

Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park is at 301 Huntington Beach Dr, Fairport Harbor, OH 44077.

7- Conneaut Township Park Beach

Situated in Ohio’s far northeast, the Conneaut Township Park Beach sits right on the Ohio-Pennsylvania state border and is a popular beach destination for residents of both states.

The beach is within the Conneaut Township Park, providing beachgoers with many outdoor activities, including the park’s picture-perfect beach.

The beach has a boardwalk, a gazebo, concession stands, and even volleyball courts, making it one of Ohio’s best beaches to visit with family.

Conneaut Township Park Beach is at 480 Lake Rd, Conneaut, OH 44030.

8- Lakeview Park

beaches in ohio lorain harbor
Lorain Harbor in the Cleveland area is another place where you will find some great beaches in Ohio.

Lakeview Park, situated in Ohio’s Lorain County, is the Lorain County Metro Parks’ first recreational lakeside park and features several attractions to keep visitors entertained, including the park’s serene beach.

The park provides beachgoers with scenic views across Lake Erie and access to the mighty lake for kayaking, swimming, boating and paddleboarding, with lifeguards on duty to keep everyone safe.

The park also features volleyball and lawn bowling courts which visitors can access for free, plus a playground for kids to use if they’re all beached out.

Lakeview Park is at 1800 W. Erie Ave., Lorain, OH 44052.

Beaches In Sandusky Area

9- Cedar Point Beach

beaches in ohio cedar point
If you’re looking for beaches in Ohio, try looking in Cedar Point.

Cedar Point is famous throughout Ohio for its death-defying rollercoasters and amusement rides on the shores of Lake Erie, however, Cedar Point Beach was what first attracted visitors to this resort town some 150 years ago.

The beach stretches for over a mile (1.6 km) and is popular with swimmers, kayakers, and casual volleyball players during the daytime.

When the sun sets over the horizon, this Ohio beach transforms into a lively place with beach parties, fireworks, and extended park hours attracting party animals across the state during summer.

Cedar Point Beach is at 1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, OH 44870.

10- East Harbor State Park Beach

The East Harbor State Park Beach is situated inside the sizeable East Harbor State Park along Lake Erie, near the town of Marblehead.

The 1,500-foot (457 m) stretch of golden sandy beach attracts Ohioans from across the state and features all the comfort amenities one desires whilst at the beach.

The beach and the surrounding park provide visitors with ample opportunities to spot some wildlife, such as the waterfowl, and the park is accessible to campers wanting to stay overnight.

When you’re done at the beach, check out some of East Harbor State Park’s many nature trails and activities or the Marblehead Lighthouse perched on the park’s eastern edge.

East Harbor State Park Beach is at 1169 N. Buck Rd., Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 43440.

11- Kelleys Island State Park Beach

The tiny Kelleys Island State Park Beach might only be about 100 feet long (30 m), however, it is one of Ohio’s most popular public beaches thanks to its cleanliness, scenery and surrounding nature preserves.

Situated along the banks of Lake Erie, Kelleys Island State Park Beach features a gradual slope and is perfect for kids and non-swimmers.

Plus, you can rent a kayak to explore the lake. 

The park features yurts for visitors to glamp at, making the Kelleys Island State Park and its beach one of Ohio’s best outdoor attractions.

Kelleys Island State Park Beach is at 920 Division St., Kelley Island, OH 43438.

12- Nickel Plate Beach

The 12-acre (5 ha) Nickel Plate Beach is one of the biggest public beaches in northern Ohio’s Huron region and is located east of the Huron River.

The beach features silky smooth sand, volleyball courts, a picnic site, and grills, and it is one of northern Ohio’s most popular beaches.

Pack a pair of ping-pong paddles and bean bags to take advantage of the public ping-pong tables and cornhole boards set up at the beach.

You can rent kayaks or paddleboards between Memorial Day and Labor Day or bring your own.

Nickel Plate Beach is at 1 Nickel Plate Dr, Huron, OH 44839.

13- Catawba Island State Park

Catawba Island State Park is one of five island state parks along the shores of Lake Erie and is famed for its low-key feel and broad cobblestone beach that’s perfect for boating, fishing or kayaking.

The state park is significantly less crowded than Ohio’s touristy beaches, making it a heaven for travellers seeking solace and a more private beach experience.

The beach has plenty of amenities to make your beach experience as enjoyable as possible and features boat launching ramps, a fishing pier, and a picnic area.

Catawba Island State Park is at 4049 E. Moore’s Dock Rd., Port Clinton, OH 43452.

14- South Bass Island State Park

The scenic South Bass Island State Park overlooks Lake Erie from atop white cliffs, providing visitors with a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere unmatched elsewhere in Ohio.

The park is a short trip from the popular Put-In-Bay, one of Ohio’s most visited attractions, and treats beachgoers to a peaceful stretch of beach perfect for boating, swimming or fishing.

South Bass Island State Park is also a premier camping destination, with visitors choosing between a campground, a couple of cabins, or a more upscale glamping cabin.

South Bass Island State Park is at 1523 Catawba Ave, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456.

Beaches In Columbus Area

15- Alum Creek

Alum Creek is Ohio’s largest inland beach in the state park system and one of central Ohio’s most popular public beaches.

Alum Creek features a 3,000-foot (914 m) beachfront area near amenities such as volleyball courts, snack vendors and picnic spots.

The beach is just a couple of miles from Columbus and Delaware, providing beachgoers with accommodation options and great spots to grab a bite.

Alum Creek is especially busy during the summer when families and students from nearby Columbus flock to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and nature.

Alum Creek is at 3305 S. Old State Road, Delaware, OH 43015.

16- Old Field Beach

Old Field Beach is one of two beaches along Indian Lake and is very clean, with amenities to make your beach experience comfortable.

The beach provides beachgoers access to Indian Lake, an excellent swimming, boating and fishing spot.

Old Field Beach is conveniently located near restaurants and is less than an hour’s drive from Columbus.

Old Field Beach is at 13156 State Route 235 N., Lakeview, OH 43331.

17- Burr Oak Lake

Burr Oak Lake is a man-made freshwater lake in Glouster, Ohio, and features a small 500-foot (152 m) stretch of beach surrounded by the stunning natural surroundings of the Burr Oak State Park.

Due to its size, the beach is visited far less frequently than the larger beaches on Lake Erie, however, its intimate feel is precisely what makes Burr Oak Lake’s beach so special.

Complete with peaceful waters, migratory birds and colourful trees, the Burr Oak Lake sets the scene for one of Ohio’s best beaches and is a lovely place to visit.

Burr Oak Lake is at 10220 Burr Oak Lodge Road, Glouster, OH 45732.

18- Salt Fork

Salt Fork is a sprawling 2,500-foot (762 m) inland beach in the Salt Fork State Park in southern Ohio.

It’s one of the largest beaches in Ohio and the surrounding Salt Fork State Park is the largest of its kind in the state, providing visitors with almost unlimited amounts of outdoor activities to enjoy.

The beach is popular for its hiking, boating and fishing opportunities.

It features multiple designated swimming areas, so the beach never seems overcrowded despite being one of the most popular in the state.

It has a bathhouse with showers and lockers, and the beach snack bar serves up meals and drinks for beachgoers to savour.

If you’d like to spend the night at the Salt Fork State Park, the Salt Fork Lodge enables visitors to do just that, with comfortable and spacious accommodation options right in the heart of the state park.

Salt Fork is at 14755 Cadiz Road, Lore City, OH 43755.

Beaches In Toledo Area

19- Maumee Bay State Park Beaches

Maumee Bay State Park features two public beaches close to the Maumee Bay Lodge & Conference Center in Oregon, Ohio.

The two beaches are in different sections of the park: one straddling the shores of Lake Erie and the other situated inland.

Both beaches feature showers and changing rooms, and both provide visitors with access to pristine water and all of the nature trails dotting the Maumee Bay State Park, making it one of Ohio’s best beaches for families.

Maumee Bay State Park Beaches are at 1400 State Park Rd, Oregon, OH 43616.

Beaches In Cincinnati Area

20- Turkey Creek Lake

Turkey Creek Lake is an inland beach in Shawnee State Park in southern Ohio, not far from the banks of the Ohio River.

Turkey Creek Lake Beach is popular for its excellent swimming and boating opportunities and is famed for its superb scenery many deem as some of the greatest in the state.

Turkey Creek is located at the foothills of the mighty Appalachian Mountains and is, therefore, far removed from the big cities of central and northern Ohio.

This seclusion and remoteness make Turkey Creek Lake a favourite destination for travellers preferring off-the-beaten-path beaches instead of busy urban ones.

The scenic beauty of the surrounding Shawnee State Park makes it a picturesque place to visit too.

Turkey Creek Lake is at 4404 State Route 125, Portsmouth, OH 45663.