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best beaches to visit in mykonos woman on a road trip, Mini car on the beach

20 Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos, one of the Greek Cycladic islands, is a top party destination in the Mediterranean. With bars and clubs open all day and into the early hours, A-list celebrities to be seen and spectacular sandy beaches, it is the place for fun. However, that's not to say it isn't...
Cottesloe Beach Perth

20 Beaches in Perth

While Perth might be the most isolated capital in the world, it has some of the best beaches - think sugary sand and crystal clear, blue waters. Not only do these beaches seem to stretch on forever, but they're also highly accessible. Most beaches are less than a 20-minute...
beaches of alabama sexy woman in white bikini spread out on the sand with feet pointing towards the sea.

20 Alabama Beaches

Alabama probably doesn't top the list of all the states you'd think of for beaches. But with over 60 miles of coastline along its southern border, it has plenty of spots for you to stretch out on the sand. That's not even counting the hundreds of miles of shoreline...
san francisco beaches open
San Francisco is one of California's most iconic cities, home to Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, historic trams and excellent clam chowder. Being on the coast, San Francisco naturally has many beaches, impressive ocean views and golden sand that you'll find along the Pacific Coast Highway, throughout LA and...
beaches french riviera Girl sitting on stone enjoying landscape of French Riviera on sunny day,
The French Riviera is where holidaymakers, celebrities, couples and families go to see and be seen. Much like its Italian counterpart, French Riviera beaches are beautiful, with sparkling blue waters, easily distinguished by rows of pretty striped beach umbrellas and brightly coloured deck chairs. Combining classic French elegance, delectable cuisine...
new jersey beaches 2022

20 New Jersey Beaches

New Jersey has more than 130 miles (209 km) of beautiful, pristine coastline stretching along the Atlantic. Sometimes referred to as Jersey Shore, the beaches of New Jersey begin in Perth Amboy in the north of the state and run down to Cape May Point in the south. There...

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