20 Best Restaurants in Porto

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If you are planning to visit Porto, you are about to have an unforgettable experience. This city in Portugal’s north has a charm you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Porto is beautifully rustic and full of vibrant energy. Portuguese gastronomy is unique and, in my opinion, underrated. Porto has amazing restaurants, cafes, bars and taverns, which are easily accessible, and there are so many places that I cannot shut up about when it comes to eating in Porto. 

The best way to discover Porto is by walking. The city is full of gorgeous, tiny, cobbled streets; every street holds something interesting. You’ll find a lot of fantastic restaurants throughout these streets. So, wear comfortable walking shoes and discover the best cafes, bakeries and restaurants in Porto. Here are some suggestions:

Where To Eat In Porto

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The Ribeira District has some excellent restaurants in Porto, Portugal.

Bakeries In Porto 

Succulent Portuguese Pastries Displayed In Porto
Tasty Portuguese pastries displayed in a bakery in Porto.

1- Confeitaria Do Bolhão

It is your first morning in a new city, what do you do? If you are like me, you’ll want to follow the aroma of fresh bread to the best bakery you can find.

In Portuguese, ‘confectionery’ means ‘confeitaria’ and you will find amazing confeitarias all around Porto.

One of the finest is Confeitaria Do Bolhão, which is more than 100 years old and has maintained it’s original setting.

Being in one of the best neighbourhoods of the city, it is easily one of the best places to visit to satisfy a craving for fresh bread and great pastry.

They also bake for many amazing restaurants around, so you can imagine how good the bread here is.

While admiring the old-school facade, I suggest you try a ‘Lanche’ or a ‘Combinado’.

I love both of these pastries and Confeitaria Do Bolhão does them really well.

Address – Rua Formosa, 339, Porto.

2- Masseira

When it comes to modern bakeries or bakeries that just focus on bread, there aren’t many in Porto.

The ones that do exist are often completely unnoticed.

I am crazy about bread, so after trying many places, I can safely say that Masseira is my favourite.

It is a simple, small, artisanal bakery with amazing bread.

They don’t have a massive array of breads but everything they bake is gorgeous and pretty cheap too.

The fig and walnut loaf and the brioche with chocolate chips are a must.

Now, why am I recommending an artisanal bakery for your trip?

Porto is famous for the sunsets and the best way to enjoy them is a sunset picnic in one of the gardens overlooking the river.

Unbeatable views, good music, good wine, good food and a fresh baked bread only adds to it.

There are a ton of picnics and barbecues taking place on sunny days, you can join the locals for that too.

My favourite spot is the Parque das Virtudes.

Address – Rua de Diogo Brandão 69, Porto.

Where To Eat In Porto For Lunch

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Traditional Portuguese snack food – Francesinha, beer and French fries.

3- Swallow Brunch

Let’s talk a bit about brunch first.

A few years ago there weren’t many places that would fit the description of a “brunch” place.

With the growth in tourism I see a new brunch-focused cafe popping up every other week.

It is easy to get confused or find yourself in an extremely touristic spot because of all these options.

Swallow is an often unnoticed restaurant in downtown Porto and it is perfect (specially to beat the crowds).

Their menu is simple, direct and decadent.

It is short, the menu is straightforward and everything on the menu is delicious. 

I normally go for their ‘Like A Boss’ option; fried chicken with waffle wedges with a side of maple bacon.

Add more maple syrup and you are fending off the Sunday hangover like a boss.

Address – Rua Dos Caldeireiros, 144, Porto.

4- Early

This is a place that I have never really been able to categorise into a type.

It is a café but not a traditional one and they serve dishes like you would find in a high-end restaurant.

What I can say surely though, is that they are one of the best in the city.

Their menu is extremely creative and easily caters to the masses.

The aesthetic is that of a really chic café, offering the space for the people to do their own thing with a partially open kitchen.

The gastronomy they serve is complicated because it is the culmination of tastes of all the people who work there but all the dishes are mind-blowing.

Everything is done in house and with seasonal produce.

You will find a type of Rillete on the menu at all times, it is served with freshly baked sourdough and it is a must have.

Otherwise, I suggest you to order anything that catches your eye because it won’t disappoint you.

Address – Rua Dos Bragas 374, Porto.

5- Fábrica de Nata

If you enjoy lively places, you can head to Fábrica de Nata on the famous shopping street of Porto, Santa Catarina.

The ambience in and around this café is fantastic; the gothic, neoclassical architecture and some great busking really amps up the experience.

They serve a ham and cheese quiche which is divine, give that a try as well as the Pasteis de Natas.

Address: Porto Fábrica de Nata – Rua de Santa Catarina 331, Porto.

6- Mercado do Bolhão

Mercado Do Bolhao Porto
Mercado Do Bolhao is an open-air market with several must-try restaurants in Porto.

Mercado do Bolhão is one of the most famous attractions of Porto.

This open-air market dates back to 1837, making it among the oldest in Europe.

This national heritage site boasts amazing neoclassical architecture but it was closed for renovation for a few years and during that time you could sense a huge part of Porto missing.

In 2022, it opened up again and this ‘farmer’s market’ has a lot to offer.

There is something for everyone here as you can go about trying local eats, international eats and try the best wines in Porto.

Obviously, it is the best place to get your hands on your fresh produce too and everything is priced at a great value.

There are few restaurants that have been a part of this market for a long time and the ones to stand out are:

  • O Pintainho 36, where you can try classic dishes such as ‘Filetes de Pescada com arroz de Feijão’ or ‘Bacalhau à Braga’.
  • Nelson dos Leitões, where you can devour different dishes made from an entire slow-roasted pork. It is a festive thing for families to get together and enjoy. 

If you decide to try a bunch of these places, Mercado do Bolhão is easily going to take up your day.

Address – Rua Formosa 322, Porto.

Where To Eat In Porto For A Sweet Treat

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7- O Diplomata

I love pancakes and I am sure many of you reading this, love them as well.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to make amazing pancakes.

Usually, I would whip out a batch of dark chocolate and blueberry pancakes on my days off but when I am feeling extremely lazy (happens a lot), my easiest choice is to head to O Diplomata.

It is a small, humble breakfast joint with a jam packed, slightly overwhelming menu.

I suggest you focus on the pancakes because they are soul satisfying.

The flavours are great but the texture is the king.

You can make your own combinations, try some weird pairings and really feel this place out.

Can you really go wrong with any kind of pancakes though? Yes, you can.

Address – Rua De José Falcão 32, Porto.

8- Duh! Vegan Donuts

While not a proper restaurant, this doughnut shop has the best location in Porto.

It is in a cute alley next to a famous vintage store that is delightful to visit. 

If you are out discovering the city and come across this place, you should definitely pop in.

I am a big sucker for places that only sell one food item because it means that they are prepared with a lot of effort.

The owner had worked on the recipe for a few years before opening this place.

The donuts are made fresh every morning and are sold in this cute little shop.

They are vegan but you won’t be able to tell. 

An espresso and a lemon doughnut with chocolate chips is the perfect in-between meal snack for me.

After this nice snack break you can continue exploring the city with gusto.

Address – Largo de Alberto Pimentel 38, Porto.

9- Castro

Originating before the 18th century, Pasteis de Natas is a dessert that is the crown jewel of Portugal.

While you will find the original ones in Lisbon, Pasteis de Natas are fantastic all over the country.

Every place has their own recipe and the most famous ones are now being sold at chain cafés based around this dessert.

In my opinion, the best bet to try good ones are at the famous cafés because you can never go wrong with the tested places.

It ultimately comes down to the location of the café.

Castro is one fantastic option by the Douro river in a small space that is really fancy.

You can grab a box of three, walk down to the river and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Address: Castro – Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 61.

Best Restaurants In Porto For Portuguese Cuisine

10- Musa

This is not my favourite place in Porto but it is definitely the one that is most frequented by me.

I forgot to mention but drinking is a huge part of the Northern Portuguese culture, so you will find great food at any local bar.

Musa is essentially a bar too but their kitchen team is impeccable.

They are based in one of the best places in Porto, right across the Garden of Virtudes and the area is always jam-packed.

There are other bars across the strip but if you want good food with good beer, Musa is your friend.

Their menu is small but ever-changing.

There is also a lunch menu which is different everyday and it is so fun trying the new stuff their chef is experimenting with.

I am pretty certain that they serve the best Fried Chicken Sandwich in Porto and if you get a cold beer with it (or two), you have the perfect evening.

Address – Passeio das Virtudes 28, Porto.

11- Casa Dos Presuntos

You are about to travel through time because this place is as Portuguese as it gets and everything belongs to a different era.

The name translates to “House of Presunto”, opened 30 years ago with the aim of serving the most traditional dishes and celebrating Portuguese gastronomy.

You might want to buckle up because you will see a ton of weird dishes on the menu.

Every dish is served tapas style, so you can try a bunch of small plates and get a real taste of the flavours of the north.

The menu includes dishes like; fried and stuffed tripe, stewed chicken feet, slow cooked gizzards and the like.

Trust me, it sounds off putting but the food tastes so good.

They are famous for their presunto but also for ‘Papas De Sarrabulho’.

It is a dish made with dried pig blood and a load of cumin.

This place is loved by the locals and you are going to enjoy it too (hopefully).

Address – Rua do Heroísmo 191, Porto.

12- Casa Expresso

This restaurant is most definitely an institution now.

The owner has added more to the space but there is a part of the restaurant which is kept exactly the same since it first opened up in 1946.

All the recipes are the same too, so this is the place to have the most authentic experience.

Casa Expresso is based in the heart of Porto and I cannot stress enough about why it is so important for you to dine here.

I want you to focus on one dish, Rojões (my favourite Portuguese dish) and without a doubt Casa Expresso has the best traditional recipe for it.

This pork dish is slow cooked the entire day to achieve the perfect texture.

The pork has a buttery texture but never falls apart and along with it you are served fried potatoes and rice drenched in the reduced meat jus.

This dish is so good that even thinking about it makes me hungry.

(And you should finish your meal with a shot of Bagaço, trust me on this)

Address – Praça de Carlos Alberto 73, Porto.

13- Luca

The best thing to experience in Porto actually lies a bit off-centre and next to the coastline.

Luca is a boutique restaurant hidden among the hilly streets next to the beach.

The restaurant used to be an art gallery before and you can feel that while dining here.

The kind of food they serve is really simple and rustic.

You could be enjoying stuffed Aubergine with a side of pea soup or pan seared fish with baked potatoes in their quaint little backyard, but it is not the food that makes them special.

Every Tuesday night is Fado night; Fado is traditional Portuguese music that is hauntingly beautiful and extremely sentimental.

Honestly, even if you don’t understand the language, it is hypnotic.

Witnessing the locals of Porto taking turns to sing their favourite songs and celebrating life is something you need to do on your trip.

You do this while eating good food and drinking amazing wine.

Just remember to reserve for it as early as you can because they run out of tables quick.

Address – Rua do Teatro 133, Porto. 

14- Jardineiro

You must have noticed from my recommendations that Portuguese gastronomy is extremely meat heavy and that usually puts many people off.

If you vegetarian/vegan, fret not because there have been a massive rise in plant-based restaurants in Porto.

Jardineiro is a fantastic plant-based restaurant for you to try some classic Portuguese dishes.

They have their own creations but many times they also re-create traditional dishes with their own twist on them.

“Chicken” Yakisoba and Tofu Wellington are easy options but if you want to try something Portuguese, go for the vegan Tripas à Moda do Porto.

Their space is gorgeous and it is fancy but it is all because they work with ingredients of the highest quality.

I can safely say that even meat-eaters won’t be disappointed after dining here.

Address – Rua do Almada 609, Porto.

15- Langerica Bodega

Based in a tiny-tiny street of Porto, easily overlooked, this restaurant is definitely one of a kind.

It started off as a project to serve the neighbourhood but now it has a community of its own.

Langerica Bodega is actually a grocery store which is then rearranged to host private dinners during the evening.

There is a beautiful story about how this place came to exist but I cannot get into that.

What I can say, is that this place is extremely special as it presents a dining experience which cannot be easily found.

You pay 20€ per person for a night of unlimited food and alcohol and the food is unbelievably good.

The idea is to bring people together.

Due to the small space, you end up dining and sharing stories with new people.

Usually, the menu is a surprise but you can ask for specific dishes while making the reservation.

The best part is that the chef accommodates everyone.

No matter what your dietary preferences are, you are bound to enjoy the food.

Address – Rua do Vitória 384, Porto.

16- Rei dos Galos do Amarante

This restaurant is full of history and it can very well serve you one of the best meals of your life.

I am not exaggerating, this is a hidden treasure of Porto and many locals don’t even know about this place.

Miguel, the owner, opens it twice a week and it only has a few seats available.

This place is completely run by him and the way he uses his ingredients is magnificent.

He is an avid spear-fisher, so he is well versed with the sea life and you notice that in the seafood dishes he serves.

The fish soup here is the best I have ever had and don’t get me started on the quality of the Octopus, you have to taste it yourself.

It is like going to your Grandma’s house on the weekend and being awestruck by the taste of the food.

This is what real kitchens should be about, nothing fancy, nothing superficial, just hearty and inspiring food.

Address – Rua das Taipas 121, Porto.

17- Chama

This is another one of those restaurants that just focus on good food.

I am a little biased because the head chef is a close friend and I have worked here intermittently but the food speaks for itself.

Many people who dine here would tell you that it is their favourite restaurant.

Fair warning, they are usually booked over a month in advance because a concept like this doesn’t exist anywhere else in Porto.

The menu is different every night because the chef believes in seasonal and sustainable cooking, and everything is cooked with fire in an open kitchen.

You pay around 38€ and get a tasting menu of five to eight dishes.

You cannot really call it a tasting menu because the portions are quite big.

The environment of this place is super dynamic, the customers are having fun but the staff is also enjoying their time.

I cannot recommend specific dishes because there are none but you will be surprised with every course presented before you.

Address – Rua dos Caldeireiros 111, Porto.

18- Afurada

Porto city itself is small but Porto district comprises of many different cities.

It is time to cross the Dom Luis bridge and head to Gaia.

There is no doubt that there is amazing seafood in Porto but when it comes to the fisherman style dishes it is best to head to the source.

Afurada is just a 15-minute drive away from Porto and when it comes to fresh seafood at cheap prices, there is no better place.

Upon entering this area you will be hit with the aroma of fresh fish being grilled.

Every restaurant has a grill set up in front of them to grill the catch of the day.

No matter which restaurant you choose, you will have a similar experience because they work as a strong community.

This is one of the few places that is not affected by the growing tourism.

Grilled sea bass with a glass of chilled white wine is my usual order and “Arroz de Marisco” (Seafood rice) is a must.

Just to give you a place to head to, Taberna São Pedro is a good option.

Address – Rua Costa Goodolfim 42, Gaia.

19- Veleiros

This restaurant is based in Perafita, which is a municipality along the coast of Porto.

This is farthest than all the places that I have recommended until now but even then it is just a 20-minute drive away.

It is important that you know this area because if you are visiting during the summer months, it can get really crowded in the city centre and no one enjoys overcrowded beaches.

So, you can head to Perafita and then enjoy a fantastic lunch at Veleiros.

Again, it is a classic Portuguese restaurant overlooking the ocean but what sets them apart is a single dish.

Their fried octopus with octopus rice is perfection.

They have a special way of doing this dish because I haven’t found similar flavours in other restaurants.

The combination of crispy fried octopus that is buttery on the inside served with oven baked octopus rice, done with a red wine base is worth a visit.

Address – Rua de Almeiriga Norte 2520, Perafita.

20- Escama

Normally, I am not a big fan of extremely fine dining but the team at Escama is crazy about serving good food which naturally makes it a good restaurant.

Escama means fish scales and their menu is almost entirely based around seafood.

I have worked for them a little, so I know how their kitchen functions.

A lot of care goes into the selection and preparation of their ingredients.

The menu is straightforward and the dishes, while they have a lot of elements, the main focus is always to put forth the natural flavours.

My favourite is to start with the in- house smoked fish and then to have the Grilled Turbot as the main.

This place can get a bit pricey but they also have a set menu during lunch which is more affordable.

Address – Rua de Mouzinho de Silveira 203, Porto.

21- Yuko

It’s time to recommend a place for you to try the most hyped dish of Porto; Francensinha.

This seemingly easy dish is actually quite complex because of the sauce it uses and it all comes down to the flavour of the sauce.

Let’s do a quick intro to Francensinha.

It is a ton of meat and cheese smushed between white bread, then the whole things gets covered in cheese, it is then broiled and doused in a special sauce, and served with fries.

It sounds a lot but the locals are crazy about it and I am too.

Yuko is an easy winner when it comes to this sandwich.

They are even connected to the origin of Francensinha (nothing factual though).

Yuko is essentially a tavern with beautiful wooden interiors and they have truly perfected the sauce.

The dish is served piping hot, straight out of the oven with unbeatable fries.

You definitely need a beer to drink along with it and feel free to keep asking for more sauce so you can keep lathering it on top of these beast.

Address – Rua de Costa Cabral 2331, Porto.

There is a lot more to discover in Porto when it comes to eating and you are definitely going to do that. This list is just a starting point for everyone to get an idea of what they would like to go for. And don’t worry about the calories. All the walking you are going to be doing is going to take care of that.


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