How to choose the best travel pants

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When it comes to choosing what to wear when traveling, comfort should be the most important thing on anyone’s checklist. One item you should have as part of your staple wardrobe is the best travel pants you can afford. You’d be surprised at how a well-fitted, comfortable pair of travel pants can make a difference to your entire trip, especially when you’re on the go.

Travel Pants Reviews

Why should you buy travel pants?

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You’re probably wondering if you need travel pants, after all,  you probably have several different styles of trousers, pants, jeans and leggings stacked up in your wardrobe.

Actually, there are plenty of good reasons to go for a pair of pants designed for traveling.

Deep pockets – Most travel pants have deeper pockets to provide extra space to keep your frequently used travel items within easy reach rather than having a bag to keep them.

Secret pockets – The main advantage of secret pockets is that you won’t lose any valuables when you are traveling, either by mistake or theft. It saves you from the quick fingers of potential pickpockets, as these pockets have zippers that are pretty much pickpocket-proof.

Quick-drying – Travel pants also come in easy to dry materials that is a real advantage if you’re visiting rainy places. Some types of travel pants are made from stain-proof, easy to wash material that and also comes handy when you might need to pack lightly, for example on an African safari.

Comfort – Travel pants are usually more comfortable and durable. They are designed to be dust, stain and water-resistant. Travel pants are usually made from high tech moisture-wicking material that stops you from getting drenched in sweat, perfect for adventure travel or visits to countries where the temperatures are high.

Easy to pack – These pants are lightweight easy to pack. They come in handy in circumstances where you might have limited baggage allowance.

Wrinkle-free – Many brands use innovative fabric that are wrinkle-free, which is a huge advantage if you’re on the move.

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When do travel pants really make a difference?

A convertible pair of travel pants can make a huge difference if you’re going on a trekking vacation.

It’s essential to choose the right clothes if you’re planning a multi-day hike but even if you only intend to go on day hikes, it’s still worth choosing the best hiking pants for you.

Fortunately, for fashion-conscious travelers, there are some designs that look smart enough to use for roaming around a city.

The best travel pants can be used as shorts or pants with just one quick zip and are versatile enough to keep you cool when from the heat and other harsh climatic conditions during a trek.

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How to choose the best travel pants?

Fit and style are two considerations when selecting the best travel pants for your circumstances.

It’s easier to buy casual pants but we’ve also included smarter travel pants that you can get away with at a restaurant, as sometimes there may not be enough time to change.

It’s really important to choose travel pants that are not too tight, but not too loose either.

Take the time to measure your waist and make sure to get the length right too. Travel pants come in a range of styles, from casual to semi-formal to formal

Best travel pants for women

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When it comes to women travel pants, it is fashion meets function.

They not only have to be useful but also look good on the wearer.

Brands have designed travel pants that exemplify femininity and full of fun and freedom that today’s women love.

Being made from soft fabric, these pants are comfortable for extended travel.

Here are our picks of the top six travel pants for women.

Comparison Table Between Top Brands for Women Travel Pants

 Travel pantsSpecial FeaturesRating 
LOLE Women's 33-Inch Travel PantHighly flexible, smooth material4.7
Nonwe Women's Cargo PantsLightweight, quick dry technology4.6
Royal Robbins Women's Classic Zip N' Go PantBest for sports activity, highly customizable4.5
SCOTTeVEST Travel Cargo Pants4.3
Danskin Now Women's Regular Dri-More Core Relaxed Pants Fits perfectly, the fabric is very soft4.5
Unitop Women's pantsMultifunctional, best for gym and yoga4.6

LOLE Women’s Travel Pant

Although these look like standard trousers, the Lole Women’s Travel Pant has some excellent features in their travel pants. With a snap button, the pants fit perfectly to the body.

The fabric is nylon, elastane and polyester materials which feels soft on the skin. Its lightweight design uses Nanocarbon light fabric, making it easy to pack.

These travel pants are both comfortable and stylish and wrinkle-free. They are great for hiking, outdoor activities, and workouts. The slimline, classic cut makes them wearable for any occasion.

The chic design makes it suitable for both business meetings or wandering around. One of the advantages is that the four-way stretch fabric dries quickly freeing you from sweat and uncomfortable moistness all through the day.


  • Trendy and updated style
  • Four-way stretch has great flexibility
  • Lightweight and wrinkle-free fabric makes packing convenient
  • Works well even on sweaty days
  • Versatile or activities such as outdoor hiking, walking, then going straight to dinner in a restaurant.


  • It may be fiddly to get the size right and you might need to re-order if it does not fit you.
  • They wear better with handwashing vs machine washing.
  • These travel pants are an ideal selection for trips where you’re likely to do a combination of city sightseeing as well as hiking.

Nonwe Women’s Cargo Pants

Nonwe Women’s Cargo Pants is a women’s travel pant loaded with features. They are comfortable, with quick-dry functionality and an uber-cool city hip look.

They feel light on the skin and are comfortable. The ultra-thin fabric makes them easy to pack if you lack space.

Made of nylon and spandex, these pants offer a great deal of flexibility and movement needed for mountaineering, hiking, fishing, and climbing.

The unpretentious style makes it ideal for casual occasions.


  • Deeper pockets in the front to enable secure storage of passport
  • Its water-resistant material is ideal for trekking
  • Quick-dry technology allows easy washing
  • Multipurpose uses for daily wearing and outdoor sports activities
  • It can be machine washed without damaging the fabric


  • Costlier than other products in the market
  • The baggy look may not suit everyone

Royal Robbins Women’s Classic Zip N’ Go Pant

The design of Royal Robbins Women’s Classic Zip N’ Go Pant travel pants is a hybrid of casual and outdoor. Its best feature is it can be converted from long pants to shorts with the pull of two zippers.

Another benefit of this pair of travel pants is its soft fabric is gentle on the skin. Its air breathable cloth design enables you to be odor free all day long.

This is a good choice of women’s lightweight summer pants, especially if you’re looking for travel pants with multiple pockets to stash your passport and other valuables.

This fabric will keep you cool with its heat convection technology. It’s 100% nylon and worth considering for its functional design and comfort.

It’s my pick of the best hiking pants for women, especially when you’re trying to jam a lot of diverse activities into a trip.


  • Multiple pockets come in handy during airport travel and outdoor activities
  • It can be converted to shorts, making it versatile for various types of weather


  • Some people have faced sizing issues while ordering online
  • The zippers are just a little short

SCOTTeVEST Travel Cargo Pants

SCOTTeVEST Travel Cargo Pants are as versatile as travel pants can get. It has lots of pockets and lots of storage capacity close to your body.

After all, what other travel pants have an 11 pocket system? The reason why we think these are the best cargo pants is the number of items you can stuff in them. Think of all those gadgets you’ll be able to walk around with! It also has a weight management system that is designed to balance the weight and reduce back pain.

The sleek design is a nice fit and its wrinkle-free material keeps you cool all day long, reflecting heat. With ankle ties, you can convert these full pants into capris too!

This travel pant gives you the flexibility of accessing your essentials without having to rummage through your bag.


  • These pants come in multiple colors
  • With its 11-pocket design, this pant has combined form and function very well
  • It is chiropractor tested, and designed to minimize back pain
  • A mix of cotton and polyester makes the pants soft and silky


  • Pant legs are baggy and may not suit some people
  • The waistband might loosen up over time

Danskin Now Women’s Regular Dri-More Core Relaxed Pants

Danskin Now Women’s Regular Dri-More Core Relaxed Pants is an impressive multipurpose travel pants and especially good for yoga. Made of soft cotton, it’s exceptionally comfortable.

It dries fast so you won’t be soaking in sweat and the relaxed fit this travel pant allows for excellent flexibility and movement.

The high-quality stretch cotton is soft and gentle on the skin. These are the kind of travel pants you’ll want to live in and wear all week! They’re great for long-haul flights too.


  • It’s a yoga pant with a relaxed cut
  • Comfortable and soft on the skin


  • Size runs smaller than usual
  • These pants are wide and loose at the bottom and can drag on the floor

Unitop Women’s pants

Unitop Women’s pants look like tailored pants but they are comfortable and the elastic waistband will come in really handy if you’ve eaten too much.

The quick-dry technology makes this travel pants a good choice if you’re planning on being active and water-resistant material is perfect for travel.

The fit is flattering for travelers yet they give you the freedom of movement. They look smart enough to use in the workplace and has three zipper pockets allowing you to store essential stuff.

Another attractive feature is its stretchable and light material.


  • Entirely comfortable and made up of top-notch fabric
  • Adjustable rise enables you to wear it as you wish
  • Can be converted into capri pants and hence useful during summers


  • They are slightly bulky
  • They are costly compared to other travel pants available in the market

There are many more brands which you can explore as per your comfort, preference, and budget. We have listed the top ones to help you out in selecting the best women’s travel pants. Now let’s have a look at the best travel pants for men.

Best men’s travel pants

travel pants for men

Travel pants for men share a common theme – they need to be functional and comfortable. Here are the best men’s travel pants we could find.

Comparison Table of Men Travel Pants

 Travel pantsSpecial FeaturesRating 
CQR Men's Tactical PantsAn innovative combination of various materials4.7
WenVen Men's Quick Dry Lightweight Sports Pants With Zip PocketsWear-resistant, gives unlimited freedom4.7
UNIONBAY Men's Comfort Travel PantsUnrestricted movement, protects from UV rays4.7
UBTECH Unionbay UB Tech Men's Expandable Comfort Waist Travel Chino PantUFO 50 certified and stain resistant material.4.6
Clothin Elastic Wasted Travel Pant100% nylon material, gives smooth touch on skin4.5
Columbia Silver Ridge Tall Cargo PantPerfect for rugged use, multiple color options4.7

CQR Men’s Tactical Pants

CQR Men’s Tactical Pants are inspired by military uniforms and have a design that would suit active wearers.

The pant is suitable for outdoor activities such as river rafting, navigating through the woods, and mountaineering. An attractive feature is that it is resistant to dirt and liquids, so you don’t need to worry about getting grubby spots while on the move.

It’s constructed from wear-resistant fabric that is super comfortable and fade resistant. Its multipurpose pockets enable packing of your travel items in the pants itself. Despite rough use, these pants will last and they are one of the best travel pants around.


  • Highly functional design and cool looking
  • Withstand a good number of washes maintaining fabric quality
  • Zero problems with the zippers
  • Durable and has a long life


  • They are quite costly
  • Some snaps might pop open at times

WenVen Men’s Sports Pants With Zip Pockets

WenVen Men’s Sports Pants With Zip Pockets travel pants come with preshaped knee sections enabling unlimited freedom of movement. With Ultraviolet rays protection, these pants are useful for hiking even in hot summers.

It folds up well and fits comfortably in a small travel suitcase. It comes with zipper pockets enabling storage of essentials without fear of theft and there’s the added benefit of not leaving anything behind.

Its nylon and spandex combination gives much-desired wear resistance, making it very suitable for rough use. Its four-way stretch design makes it extremely comfortable, allowing excellent freedom of movement.

It is water-resistant and ideal for extended travel.


  • Easy to pack
  • Zippered pockets are advantageous on a long trip
  • Suitable for casual social wear and also outdoor sports
  • Good quality and long-lasting
  • Snap buttons work great
  • The pants fit well and look good


  • Leg length is quite long compared to the waist size
  • These pants do not come in multicolor options

UNIONBAY Men’s Comfort Travel Pants

UNIONBAY Men’s Comfort Travel Pants is a comfortable travel pant that is UPF 50 certified and efficiently blocks sun’s rays. It keeps you cool while outdoors and is stain resistant. Think about the coffee, wine, and food stains your clothes end up getting when you travel!

It comes with a functional stretch fabric made mostly made from Nylon and is perfect for casual outings. There are deep front pockets and security zippers.


  • Deep pockets protect your valuables
  • The stain-proof fabric enables long-lasting use
  • Its material does not get damaged due to repeated washes
  • Comfortable design with great looks
  • Waterproof quality comes handy during skiing


  • It does not have as good wrinkle resistance as advertised
  • It is not lightweight, making it harder to squeeze into a small backpack

UBTECH Unionbay UB Tech Men’s Expandable Comfort Waist Travel Chino Pant

UBTECH Unionbay UB Tech Men’s Expandable Comfort Waist Travel Chino Pant looks cool and have a hidden Velcro feature with an expandable waist to help keep you comfortable while traveling.

It is water repellent, making it ideal for light trekking and rainy destinations. It is perfect for carry-on bags, as it can be packed with ease in smaller size bags.

It provides top-notch comfort where other brands struggle to find the perfect balance between abrasion resistance, comfort and temperature regulation. These cotton pants feel great on the skin.

The pant color is not likely to fade, even after hundreds of washing cycles. It comes with a money return guarantee and is affordable to buy.


  • Highly comfortable cotton fabric
  • A good number of pockets
  • Slim streamline design that fits nicely
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant, giving it a long life


  • Upper thigh stitching is not comfortable for some

White Sierra Inseam Convertible Pant

White Sierra Inseam Convertible Pant are coated with DWR, allowing the pants to handle mud, rain, and spilled wine. They come with a variety of pockets and roll-up cuffs with snap closures, and inseam options, such as a regular open pocket, zippered cargo pocket and rear pockets with flap closure.

They are a convertible pant and can be changed into shorts whenever you like. Its sun protection fabric keeps harmful radiation away and cools the fabric down. With its water-repellent fabric, you don’t have to worry about accidental stains. The pant’s colors are likely to remain intact even after repeated washes.


  • The manufacturer provides excellent customer service and prompt delivery
  • It has excellent breathability and wicking for sweat
  • The quick-dry feature works well
  • Easy to clean
  • Choice of colors


  • When you keep something in the front pockets, it hits your knees
  • It does not have a coin pouch

Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Pant

After a lot of experimentation on fabric quality, Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Pant brought these pants to the market.

It has Omni-wick moisture management that enables it to dry quickly. Its two-way elastic waistband allows a comfortable fit. With nylon and polyester combination, the blend works well.

The UPF 50 sun protection is a brilliant feature and the material breathes well, keeping you cool and comfortable.

These pants fit well and are durable. They are adaptable to all climates and have good weave quality. One of the attractive qualities of these pants is the stylish cut.


  • Smart aesthetics with use in formal and casual settings
  • The breathable cloth design makes it ideal for trekking
  • Protects against radiations


  • Pockets are shallow
  • More expensive than some other brands
How to choose the best travel pants

How to choose the best travel pants