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best time visit Croatia woman in white dress and white hat looking down at Dubrovnik view
The breakup of Yugoslavia, itself only a single state since 1918, saw the creation of seven new states, one of which is Croatia which declared independence in 1991. There were still some years of struggle before Croatia could be confident about its future. Croatia quickly joined both NATO and...
croatia things to do autumn colours at Plitvice
A crescent-shaped country on the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is known for its stunning nature, crystal blue Adriatic Sea, rich culture and fascinating history. This small country has around four million people spread across three regions and 78 islands. The regions are Slavonia in the northeast, Istria in the northwest,...
Dubrovnik landmarks
Croatia sits at a crossroads between central and southeastern Europe. Bordering the Adriatic Sea offers Croatia incredible stretches of coastline and a Mediterranean atmosphere close to the water's edge. There are many incredible natural landmarks in Croatia, a country of spectacular lakes, waterfalls and coves. But Croatia is also...

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